Newly diagnosed with Costo - anyone have similar symptoms?

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Hi all,

Diagnosed with costo last week after 6 months of pain in the cartilage attaching to my lowest ribs on my right rib cage.

It hurts when I lean onto my thighs (squat down etc) when I lean over to the right, when I rotate my rib cage and if I lie on my left side and laugh it hurts in the right rib too. Today it hurt when I went for a brisk walk! (I have been sat down all day at work)

My Dr felt my liver and said it was smooth and perfect, I had blood tests couple month ago which checked liver and everything else which were all perfect. She felt my ribs and when she pressed the costal junction I think she called it. (The bit where the floaty ribs at the bottom attach to cartilage. ) I must have leapt two foot off the bed and actually grabbed her!

Does this sound right?? It only hurts through movement.

Before this started, I went and seen a private physio for a shoulder impingement who cracked my back!! Completely unexpected. He inflamed a nerve in my back in the process. I was face down when he did it.

The doc thinks maybe this action has damaged the cartilage at the very bottom. I am doing exercises for my shoulder at the moment which I don't think are helping particularly.

Has anyone had any experience of this at the bottom ribs?

My anxious mind makes me wonder if it's something else?

Reading what I've written now it sure does look like costo!!

Any experiences?

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    Sorry you had such a bad experience with a physio. Go see an osteopath. 


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    I saw my Cardiologist 3 weeks ago for review.  I also mentioned that for six months I have been complaining to my GP about chest pain but he had no idea what it could be. He did order CT chest and upper abdomen which were normal.  However the Cardiologist examined me and prodded my chest in different areas and I jumped off my chair and he immediately said I had Tieztze syndrome which is similar to Costochronditis but there is swelling as well which can take time to go once the condition has resolved of its own accord.  My pain is like wearing a bra that is far too tight and I have it 24/7 and do not take any kind of pain relief as I cannot tolerate them.   So my Cardiologist has referred me to the Chronic Pain Clinic at a local hospital but when I rang up the other day I was told there is a long waiting list for the steroid injection which I am going to be having and I will probably not get seen til Jan or Feb, making it a year since my first symptom.   I am worse in the evenings when I am lying down on my sofa watching tv, I notice it less when I am moving.   My Cardiologist said it can be caused by a virus and I did have a nasty cough in January so it could have started after this.   I am hoping it disappears of its own accord as I am not looking forward to steroid injection and can only have two as the steroid can damage the cartilage.  I had two stents put in my right coronary artery which was blocked 99% having angina up to six times a night , admitted to A & E by ambo and every time they sent me home saying I had gastric reflux.  I insisted on an angiogram and eventaully they did one after months of this severe angina and was rushed into hospital for the stents 48 hours later!!!   Anyway I was concerned my chest pain may have been cardiac again, but it was completely different to the angina that I had had prior to my stents. My Cardiologist has discharged me now, so one less thing to worry about.  It's been a bad year for my health so far, also diagnosed with hypothyroidism in March and am also seeing a liver surgeon at  a London hospital for possible surgery!   Up until this year (I am now 72) I was in good health except for hypertension/cholesterol issues but since January it has been all downhill ......................I hope you get well soon and do not have costochondritis for too long as it can last up to two years apparently.  


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    Hi katie ...I have the exact symptoms.. the very lower rib on the right side ... when moving when taking deep breath . Damn when couphing is so so painful.. mine is chronic .. since 5 years ago it comes and goes every couple months ...I have couphing too with the rib pain .. allxray and ct scan normal ... i hate this painsome times is better but sometimes is horrible  
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