Newly diagnosed with EBV

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Hello all,

I have been struggling with this since past 6-8 weeks. It all started with severe bloating followed by unexplained fatigue/tiredness. The bloating episode lasted for about 3 weeks and resolved on its own. After about 4 weeks I had a really good week and decided to go for a 25km hike (stupidest thing I ever did) Things went back to ground zero for 2 weeks after that. All this while I was not sure what was wrong with me! Last week I visited my GP and he diagnosed me with ebv virus and the report says that I might have contacted it in the last 6-8 weeks. 

Fast forward. I have been feeling better from the last 4 days. I can cook now and go to University(3-4 km walk) and feel little tired at the end of the day (no the kind of fatigue I felt during my first few weeks). 

Can anyone help me with some tips to continue my progress...



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    Rest, rest, rest. This has an uncanny habit of recurring, certainly over the next 2 years.

    Did you have throat ulcers, temp., etc ? 

    I hope you are lucky and have only mild symptoms. My granddaughter has Chronic Fatigue from it and is medically unfit for school for over a year SO please rest, fluids and don’t overdo things, at least for a while. Xx

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      Thank you Krys,

      I will try to rest as much as possible and update my recovery status here.

      Thanks you,


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    Hi Rd, sorry to hear that you have Ebv and that you've had a rough 8 weeks. I remember when I was first diagnosed I didn't feel that bad and was still able to do most day to day things. I also remember thinking I'm going to beat this quickly and there is no way it's going to last months. Well, I was very wrong and I completely under estimated this virus. Everyone is different of course and some people do make quicker recoveries, but what you choose to do now, will ultimately affect how long your recovery will be. 

    This virus plays a nasty trick where it gives you 'days off from feeling sick' in between where you think you are getting better, and then it strikes a few days later putting you straight back in bed. It is VITALLY important that on the days you feel good that you don't change your behaviour- continue to rest, continue to do as little as you can, because the ups and downs are just a normal part of the virus' course, and feeling good in the first few months does not mean that the virus is going away.

    The reality probably is that you will be affected by this for at least six months. I know that seems like a really long time, but it could get a whole lot longer if you don't take it easy now. 

    Imagine normal life is like driving a car in fifth gear- right now you need to shift into first gear and take things slow, even if you are having good days.

    Also some other advice that I found helpful was people mentioning some of the more obscure symptoms of the virus, that I had, but didn't link to the virus at the time- I just thought I was going a bit crazy. Other symptoms you might experience include sensitivity to sound and smell, anxiety and panic attacks, sore scalp, night sweats waking up drenched, sore spleen (under the left ribcage), ringing in the ears, pins and needles and burning feet.

    Make sure you get regular blood tests because the virus depletes you of vitamins, especially iron. It's important you support your system with lots of immune boosting supplements.

    I really hope you have a mild dose of this virus and recover a lot quicker than most, but please take our advice on here and rest rest rest. You will be so thankful for it later on.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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      Hi KS,

      Thank you very much for your reply. My GP had done some other tests like Iron and B12 etc all came back good. I will follow all your suggestions and rest as much as possible and see how it goes.

      Thank you,


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      Great advice KS, I was similar to you how I first thought I was going to be quick because I could go to school back then! And I recovered well for the first 3 months and then it all crashed down and for the past 2 months I have been real bad and it isn’t improving. Recently it is getting even worse and won’t settle and I’m worried it is now CFS or I’m worried it’s becoming CFS. 

      At month 6 I feel worse than I did in month 1 and it’s only getting worse! It’s not getting better so I’m really worried and don’t know what’s going on. 

      I’m wondering how are you feeling though? Have you been improving if so how well are you? 

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      Hi young boy, sorry to hear that you're struggling at the moment. I remember feeling the same, where at six months I just took a dive and felt really awful. It's easy to become anxious about it turning into cfs, but I think the thing to remember is this virus is a marathon, and recovery does take a long time. 

      I am currently in month eleven and am feeling so much better than those awful acute months but am still having my ups and downs. I've become really good at limiting my activities and resting lots though, so I try to just take it one day at a time and keep focused on the fact that I will make a full recovery eventually just like you will too.

      Hoping you see an improvement in your symptoms soon young boy!

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      Hi KS, 

      Thanks for the encouragement, it really worries me that I have only gotten worse from the past 2 months though, when I first crashed down, I was at a certain point much lower than how I was when I was improving, and over the next two months after the initial crash I haven’t seen progress, and now I am worried I triggered something that made it even worse because now I am even worse than I was for the past 2 months. I don’t know why I have sunk so low but it’s not bouncing back and there is no improvement. 

      Right now I feel worse than I was in month 1 which is really worrying to me. And I’m 6 months in so far.

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    Hi RD,

    So sorry to hear you've been going through mono, really empathising having went through the virus a number of years ago. Absolutely agreeing with the advice of the guys, rest is definitely important, and taking vitamins / herbs also helped me too - a good strong multi-vitamin per day, B complex (great for energy levels / nervous system), high doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day) and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng / echinichea.

    Really want to reassure you that this virus does get better, it can take a little bit of time though which is the frustrating thing, and when you push yourself too hard it can bite and it's horrible I know. It does get better though and remember just don't overdo it, the shorter walks sound more sensible than the long hikes at the moment (3-4km is still a great walk by anyone's standards). Often it can be a zig-zag and up and down road to full recovery with this, but absolutely want you to know that it does come and you do get better, if it still takes a bit of time don't panic that can be normal but you will get there, truly I believe that and trusting God with that!

    Hang in there and just take things at a sensible pace for now.


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      Hi Craig,

      Thanks a lot for reassurance. Last 5 days have been better compared to those initial days of awful fatigue. Had I known that I had this virus I would have not pushed my self and rested from the beginning. Unfortunately I did not develop any fever or sore throat except for the fatigue, bloating and lots of growling sound in stomach otherwise would have know this virus problem in the beginning itself. Anyways, Now I decided to take a week break from Uni and rest as much as possible. 

      Thank you all.

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      Hey RD,

      Oh don't beat yourself up about doing too much or anything like that, everyone is wise with this virus in hindsight, but at the initial stage you don't know how badly it could affect. That's good you have been able to take a week's rest, and remember to put your health first at this time that's really important, if you need more time to rest definitely take that. Hang in there and remember you will get through this!


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