Newly diagnosed with high blood pressure and scared..

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Hey there everybody. I just joined and can use some advice. I know this isn't medical advice, but I can just use some advice in general.

So for the past month or so, I just haven't been feeling right. Been dizzy and whatnot. My boyfriend actually thought maybe I should be tested for diabetes because I eat A LOT of sugar. Even he's noticed, and he's told me in all honesty that I need to cut the sugar...  I know this isn't good, but I have never been tested for diabests, cholesteral or anything like that. I haven't even had a physical in a good 3 years rolleyes. After he told me he had some concerns about my sugar, I called my doctors office and made an appt. for a physical but they said they were booking into December and would call me a month or so before hand to make the actual appointment. Well anyway, one day while I was at his house, we were all talking with my boyfriends mom and she has some health issues, one of them being diabetes, so she has a sugar checker. So I asked if she would be able to check my sugar, and she did, and it came up 93, which she said is a good blood sugar. I was fine with everything after that but I was still so dizzy.. And I got to thinking about my blood pressure. The last time I was at my doctor's office for a sinus infection, my blood sugar was on the higher side but nothing too bad. The nurse that knows me fairly well told me that it was higher than normal for me, but still was in the "okay range". She said it could be due to my body fighting off an infection and she didn't think much of it.. I took it one other time at my gym, and it came up kinda high (don't remember the exact numbers) but I know those things have to be calibrated and I was excersisiing so I shrugged it off again (which now I know I probably shouldn't have). So anyway, my boyfriends mom did have a blood pressure cuff and brought it out and took my blood pressure and the first reading came up 158/118. Needless to say I was freaked out.. So she took it in the other arm, and it came up 156/105. Still freaking out at this time. So she tells me to relax a bit and takes everybody elses blood pressure....which all come out fine. Afterwards she checks mine again and it comes up 167/115. By this point, I'm freaking out but trying to stay as calm as I can...

So after a few more tries, they all come up around those numbers and I take myself to urgent care. I know they can't really do anything, but I needed them to check to make sure #1 it was accurate and advise me what I should do next. When I got there and got into the room, the nurse checked my blood pressure and the first reading came up at 177/122. She told me there's no doubt my blood pressure is high but she will check it again in a few minutes, and she did and it came up 174/108, so she confirmed that my blood pressure was high but that the doctor will be in soon.

So anyway, the doctor took a look at me, told me that I needed to make an appointment with my doctor within 2 weeks. When I went to urgent care it was around 7pm and my doctors office was closed so I called first thing the next morning. The receptionist told me that she had to get the reports from urgent care and give them to my doctor to look over and that they'll call me back soon to tell me what the plan was going to be. So she did and told me that he said the last time I was seen, my blood pressure was normal (which was 3 months ago or so), so it hasn't been high for too awful long, and that I needed to be seen within 1-3 weeks. Well the earliest appointment they had was 3 weeks away.. And to be honest, I'm not medical professional, but numbers that high, I feel like I should be seen sooner... I'm REALLY worried with those numbers but I'm trying not to worry too much. I bought a blood pressure cuff for myself and have taken it at least once a day and they are all coming up with 160's over 110's or in that range of some sort. I think the lowest I got was 138/105.

To be completely honest, I don't eat right, I don't excersise, I've put on a good amount of weight in the last few years, and my job is very stressful. My job changed around the time my blood pressure has (maybe) started to go up to where I had to be up for work around 3am to get there by 4am. I'm 35 years old, and the mom of 2 boys, so the earliest I was getting to bed was 10pm (sometimes later), so I was usually going off only a few hours of sleep every night.

So anyway, I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice about what to do rolleyes. Idk if I should push to get in sooner? or wait the 3 weeks?. Idk, I'm just really scared rolleyes. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    *sorry my blood pressure was high, not sugar*
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    You have two options. 1) carry on as you are and go on BP tablets for the rest of your life.

    2) Eat well, drop the takeaways, all te boxed microwave/oven ready meal food and start eating home prepared food, that includes salad and fruit, plus lose a bit of weight and exercise, or refer to option 1).

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    Oh yeah, that's already started. My boyfriend is getting annoyed with me because I'm not wanting anything processed, fried, etc... (not really ACTUALLY annoyed with he does understand). But nothing but healthy stuff. No more sugary desserts and whatnot. Eating a lot of oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, etc.. since I found out about this. I know it's only been a couple days but I refuse to have anything bad for me again. This was definitely my wake up call...

    I don't want to be on bp medicine for the rest of my life. I'm wanting to make lifestyle changes too, but until then, I'm worried about it still being so high

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    The more you worry about it the higher your blood pressure is going to be. 

    OK I hear from you easier said than done.

    You have had your scare, and from what I read you are on the right track to getting yourself under control, sugar craving does disappear with a good healtly diet but it does take a few weeks to get past the cravings stage.

    Can I suggest go for a walk around the block, daily, even a short walk for a start with boyfriend and kids and then add distance to that walk say every 3 - 4 days for a change.

    You will be surprised at just how quickly you will change your readings, don;t take immediatly after exercise, they will be naturally higher, as you have stirred your system with that walk.

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    Hi Linz,You have been given all the answers with the replies,

    Do this for your boys and yourself, Ditch the sugar, prepare your own food, it's cheaper, and if you prepare in advance in batches, you can do a whole weeks worth of meals in a few hours, dump them in the freezer, eat well, reduce the salt as much as possible. Get out and walk, enjoy the fresh air, and your stress will ease. How do I know, because I have just done it at 77 yrs of age when my wife developed dementia,  dig in, dig deep, and the very best of luck.

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    Hi Linz682,

    Was wondering how you're doing now. I've also been recently receiving high pressure readings as similar to yours and am wondering if you've started getting better readings with your lifestyle changes. I've had a stressful last 6 months which reared anxiety, insomnia, headaches, body aches. And lately I've had these BP readings. I've contracted the flu virus twice during this time as I guess my body is low on resistance. I'm 36, weight is fine, married, no kids. Never had this issue before then so it's a bit concerning. Please share. Thank you.

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