Newly diagnosed with hyperthyroidism

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I have been to docs tonight and was told I have hyperthyroidism and have to see a consultant at the hospital.  My Tsh level was 0.22.but my symptoms are strange  I do feel tired a lot can't seem to lose weight easily have pins and needles in my feet and tingling feeling in my legs.  I do have a goitre though are these symptoms what being hyperthyroid is about ? 

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    Hello Jane:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease since 1987 but know both ends of the thyroid well.

    So normal TSH is 0.45 to 4.50 and anything on the low end under 0.45 is considered HYPER and high end is HYPO.

    Hyper symptoms are: Jittery, anxious, insomnia, heart races or palpitations, feeling  HOT and sweating a lot, Thyroid eye, fast pulse, losing weight despite good intake in diet.

    Some people may have 1 symptom or all of them and then some people have an autoimmune problems which can make you swing back and forth from Hyper to Hypo.

    Hypo symptoms are: sleepy despite rest, low body temp, bruising, gains weight, feels achy or muscle aches, low energy, headaches, low pulse, feels COLD, brain is foggy, lack of periods and a Goiter around the neck.

    So you need more blood work, like a T3 level and T4 level & ESR (sed. rate) also a good idea just incase you have Hashi's which can make you swing back & forth a TPOA and TGab test.   Also a mineral panel to include, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, ferritin and iron.

    To me it sounds like you should have the antibodies tests  to make sure you are not wrongly diagnosed.  I had swings in my early days and a goiter and at one point they thought it was Hyper in my early days.

    Any questions just ask,



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      I was wondering what happened to alert you to the fact that you had Hasimoto's ?

      It all sounds horrific. I was wondering how you coped with these swings, how long did each swing last for. How were they treated?

      How did you manage to function in these states?

      What tests were done or should have been done to reach an earlier diagnosis?

      Did you have a fever, headache etc or feel out of sorts generally?

      Hope you don't mind my questions. 

      Take care

      How do drs treat such swings?

      Were you being treated at this time or is it on reflection

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      whoops. Sent before completion. Should read was it only on reflection of your swings that drs reached a diagnosis ?

      In other words how was Hashi's diagnosed?

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      Hello Cindy:

      I was 12 when I started feeling unwell.   I was cold, hated snow, refused to go out in it,  and could not warm up. I was having constipation badly and I had brusies from nothing.  I saw a doctor but was never tested for the thyroid. This in in the 1970's and kids were not tested back in the day.  They test  teens now.  I was told to take iron and sent on my way. I had no idea as a kid what was wrong and my parents were not medical at all. My Mom or Dad had no idea what was wrong.

      As I got older my periods went to a 34 day cycle which was weird.  I was thin and other than that I felt okay.  I moved away from a colder climate to a state that was warm since I always was cold.  That helped a bit.

      When I was in college,(early 20's),  I looked Hyper and was thin, seemed to be awake a lot, felt jittery at times, and my I sweated a lot. Then at age 27, I started to feel sleepy all the time, hair loss happened, I had  headaches, and I still had some other symptoms from before. 

      So I saw my doctor and he felt my neck and said he wanted blood NOW.  This doctor is a good at being right on with the diagnosis, even though he is a GP and not an Endocrinologist.    He called me the next day and he said it was Hashimoto's. He ordered a lot of blood work and found I had the antibodies at a high level.

      I am a nurse but when he said that I cried, and asked him how I got it.  He said it could run in my family.  So I started to become a detective and I found my father's sister (my aunt) had it. She had it after pregnancy but did not have it as bad.

      I was placed on Levothyroxine, and that did not work on me too well.  Then I went onto Thyrolar (Liotrix) a combo of T3 and T4, that too hardly worked. Then I went onto Armour Thyroid ) a natural thyroid med, made from a pig's gland),  and things got better in the 1990's..

      In 1988,  I started to gain weight, and was having trouble still with fatigue.  I gained weight slowly but then it seemed to come on faster.

      Then in 2009, I went onto T3 alone and have been good ever since and watching my diet and walking I lost 32 pounds.

      Hashimoto's can come from a family trait and also from a nasty virus called MONO or Epstein-Barr.  It can trigger the antibodies to attack the gland. So can gluten but we did not know that back in the day.

      Swings can be treated by being on thyroid medication early and it will help control the antibodies.  Blood work has to be done more frequently to keep a check on you.

      I hope this helps you. 



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      Hello Cindy:

      Hashimoto's is diagnosed by TPOA antibodies test or ESR (sed arte test or Tgab antibodies test.  Alos if you know of a family history then that helps. Also a TSH level is done.


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