NHS Dentists Have Ruined My Teeth

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I'm currently suffering with both of my upper right premolars which are badly broken and literally rotting in my mouth thanks to the handy work of two NHS dental practices, which in the space of a year have between themselves managed to completely ruine my teeth.

I originally went to the first dental practice following the fillings dropping out of both teeth. The treatment plan devised at the time was for both teeth to be root cancelled and then crowned (band two NHS). The root canal was completed and temporary fillings placed. However I was promptly deregistered after having to cancel an appointment on short notice due to sick children. I then had to wait over four months to see another dentist by which time the temporary fillings that the first dentist put in had degraded and fallen out leaving me with exposed root cavities which became infected.

The second dentist that I saw informed me that the first dentist was simply trying to make money off of me and that I only needed both teeth to have the root canals repeated and then filled (band one NHS). I’d agreed to this course of treatment on the principle that this dentist seemed honest and reputable. However the fillings continued to fall out over the course of the next few months, they must have refilled the teeth around five times per tooth, each time more and more of the original tooth was destroyed until my second premolar had completely shattered and sheared right off at the gum line. Following this my first premolar became reinfected yet again i.e. the second root canal had failed and I had an acute infection around the apex of one of the roots. The dentist treated this with medicated dressings which also continued to fall out.

I'd simply had enough of this and decided to go to a third dentist which I had to wait another month to see. This one was highly recommended by family, friends and colleagues. However upon arriving I was made to wait one hour and twenty minutes for the appointment. When finally meeting the dentist he was rude, arrogant and patronising. Upon concluding a very heavy handed examination he thrust a pamphlet at me detailing private fees and proceed to try to coerce me into paying them.

The gist of his 'advice' was that I'd waste my time with the NHS treatment as they would choose substandard materials and techniques which would ultimately fail. He tried to hard sell me on either private root canal therapy followed by private crowns or 'for a better foundation' as he put it, private implants; all carried out within their group practice/s of course! Needless to say that I walked out and refused to pay the £35 XRay fee and the £20 'checkup' fee they tried to demand...

At this point I am sitting here despairing, as mentioned previously, literally with a mouthful of broken and rotting teeth. Moreover I have no clear plan on what to do next. It occurs to me that NHS dentists are either not capable of undertaking the work or they simply don't want to due to the potential cost based on risk of failures.

I cannot afford to pay thousands for the treatment yet equally so I cannot afford to loose the teeth due to them being a highly visible part of my smile line.

So far I have raised all of this to the GDC and the NHS. The GDC didn't want to know unless the NHS escalated a case up to them and the NHS have a very slow turnaround time apparently; and time is most definitely not a factor that is on my side with this kind of problem.

Unfortunately there are no dental universities in my region or in the immediate vicinity of it and moreover they traditionally have a long turnaround time and compounding eligibility criteria.

I am wondering if there is anything that I am missing/not aware of that I can be proactively doing right now? What advice can you offer me? Should I simply find a fourth dentist to pull the teeth and then try to manage the physiological and professional implications before sepsis occurs...

I honestly find it incredible that in this day and age and especially in the west that one can be left in such a state...

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. And horrified too. I knew dentistry was in a bad state in the UK, but didn't realise just how bad. I can't give you any advice (other than to move to continental Europe, where we have much better versions of the NHS!) but wondered if you'd heard that Which magazine has recently published a report on a "Rogue Traders" type survey of British dentists. I can't publish a link here but you can find it on their site, together with some tips on choosing a dentist etc.

    I do realise, however, that it's rather late in the day in your case, and hope you can find a solution. You say there are no dental universities in your region, but it's my understanding that all major teaching hospitals have a dental department. Have you tried one of these?

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    Hello Nuluvius

    This is so awful!

    The teeth should have been crowned in the first place!

    I had one of my back teeth done due to a cracked tooth. You can only keep filling it for so long as temporary measure but it doesn't solve it in the long run.

    They should have done your crowns before infection had a chance to infest your gums.

    I think you should complain to the health authority in your area report and name and shame these dentists. I went through this with my ex. Similar complaints he was epileptic and had a seizure when the dentist was drilling his mouth!! And then found out that the dentist wasn't one and came from Australia claiming he was one!!

    He ran for his life!

    Anyway you can also report these dentists to the British dental association. They need to be struck off practising.

    Something needs to be done.

    And yes report it to which and they will investigate. As they do with nucisance calls.

    But definitley do theses things.

    You could also find a legal aid lawyer Aswell to look for compensation or even go to your local citizens advice office if you have one close by.

    Anyway you definitley have a case

    All the best liz😬

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    I had much the same with a useless NHS dentist who would fill my teeth the filling wouldn't remain in situ beery long so then it would be more drilling then a bigger filling that wouldn't stay in either next would come a crown that would also come loose and out back and fire until in the end " I can no longer put it back have to remove root " why I ask myself was this happening after all I visited my dentist every 6 months for 50 years nothing deteriorates that quickly ie in 6 months , or they shouldn't have allowed it to , I am really finding myself in fear of dentists now and the latest news has. Really depressed me , I can't have dentures because my tongue has grown bigger because it had the space too without my own teeth or the awful dentures that were on offer years ago , huge plate that made me so ill I just couldn't tolerate it at all , what next I just don't know but I do lose sleep over the thought of losing the rest and not being able to tolerate dentures 

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    Find no win no fee solicitors as soon as you can ( 3 year limitation), or you will regret. You will still have to deal with this problem, pay for the treatment,  but dentists will get away, stay unpunished and  continue to damage people's teeth. I have had a terrible experience with private dentists in the UK. I lost my tooth due to a lousy root canal work 7 years ago. An orthodontic treatment at Harley street (finished 2 years ago) damaged my teeth, worsened my bite and left me with chronic pain... My husband never had any problems with NHS dentists though...

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      Thank you all for your advice and for sharing your experiences. Just an update on this; finding a solicitor is exactly what I did. There were multiple cases for negligence found concerning both NHS dental practices and a legal battle is currently ongoing involving both practices. Hopefully I shall have my teeth back at the end (in the form of implants of course).
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