Night Sweats for 2 months- Any ideas??

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I have posted here before prior to going to the doctor.

My symptoms:

Night sweats- every night varying from severe (waking up at 2am completely drenched) to light where there are a few wet spots on my pajamas. This has been going on since around Christmas time.

Cold symptoms- I have had this cold (cough, stuff/runny nose, sinus headaches) since Christmas. I went on an antibiotic but it never really went away.

Bloating- Abnormally. I get bloated easily with certain foods and on/right before my period. This bloating is constant.

Dizzy Spells- This is has been going on for around two weeks consistently, but off and on before that. I will feel dizzy and nauseous where I need to sit down or minimum close my eyes for a minute to ten minutes. When they are really bad I get blurry vision.

Uncomfortable when pressed- My upper abdomen feels very uncomfortable when pressed on. I don't want to go as far as pain, but feels like way more pressure is being applied than actually is. I only really noticed it when they doctor pressed on it.

I went to my general physician and they did a CBC, thyroid test, celiac test, and autoimmune tests (via checking my blood). Everything has come back totally normal. My blood pressure, heart rate, etc. all totally normal. No STD's either.

They have scheduled me for a sonogram of my upper and lower abdomen. I think this is because of the pressure "pain" I felt when the doctor pressed on me, but I am not sure how that would relate to any of my other symptoms.

If anyone has felt any of this or have any suggestions, let me know!

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    Some of your symptoms are similar to what i experience. Night sweats, rib discomfort, bloating, gassy, abdominal discomfort, feeling like ive strained my lower abdomen, occasional itchy skin, constipation, the list is pretty extensive. I have had a number of tests, blood work, ultrasound, stool test and everything has come back clear so they've basically put it down to IBS and i little bit of a question mark??????? I dont have anyswers but just know its not just you.

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      Oh, wow! Very similar symptoms. Did they give you anything that helped with any of your symptoms? This makes me second guess even getting the ultrasound since you have similar symptoms and nothing came back. Thanks for commenting!

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      they didnt give me anything no, i just started cutting certain things out of my diet that ive noticed trigger it off. what has helped me though is taking inulin and probiotics, i went to the health shop and bought it all, ive noticed a difference as its all based around the gut and if your gut is off it has so many other knock on effects throughout your body. if youre scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound i would still go and get it, even if its just for peace of mind that everything is clear. ive noticed that mine had also eased off since ive stopped worrying about it less. i still have to consciously tell myself to stop googling symptoms and worrying, its a working process but im trying. have you had any tests yet?

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      I will definitely try that out if my ultrasounds come back clear! That would make a lot of sense. Thanks for your input! So helpful!!

      My test isn't until February 26th, which is pretty annoying. It is what it is though!

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    Could be IBS if nothing else shows up. Are you getting close to the menopause since you are having night sweats?

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      I am 25, so I don't think menopause is a possibility at this point. IBS could make sense then. I need to ask what they can do for it though. I don't want to have night sweats, itch, and get dizzy randomly for the rest my life! Thank you for responding!

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      If it turns out you have IBS, there isn't a lot that can be done because there is no cure. and everyone is different, so you have to find your own triggers and treatments that suit you. .Your best hope is symptom management. My doctor didn't do anything for me other than diagnosis IBS. I had to find my own anti spasmodics because another doctor prescribed medication that made me worse. At least I was told that stress caused my IBS and that helped me to learn to avoid stress.

      I would go back to your doctor for further testing until you get a diagnosis. Maybe try a food diary to to see if you are intolerant to a food(s) and that is making you itch. Have you noticed if the sweating follows your abdominal pain or if you are stressing about your symptoms? Are these sweats worse before or during your period?

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      The sweating is only at night so I haven't noticed it being associated with my abdominal issues.

      The other persistent an annoying symptom that I realize now I didn't mention above is itchy skin. I feel like I am constantly itching all over, but there are not visible rashes or bumps anywhere. Is that an IBS symptom as well? I have had them since right after New Years and it seems to get worse week to week.

      I am definitely starting to stress more about my symptoms because they are affecting my sleep pretty intensely. So, that could definitely be playing a factor in them worsening over time since it started.

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      Itching can be caused by stress or something in your diet that isn't agreeing with you.Try distraction techniques such as light exercise or a hobby to see if the it itching goes away. If it goes away when you're mind is focused on thing else, it maybe stress causing it. Try a food diary to see if the itching begins after a certain food (s) Some people break out in sweat with the intensity of their IBS pain. This may correlate if you are having abdominal pain at night that wakes you up. I haven't heard of itching being an IBS symptom.

      If none of these tips show up any patten with food or stress, go back to your doctor again for more help.

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      I will go to the ultrasound appointment on the 26th, and if that comes back clear I will start a food journal to work through IBS triggers.

      It seems when I get hot (like when I do my yoga) the itching gets worse. I might need to try something else.

      I am not having any abdominal pain when I wake up. The abdominal pain generally only comes when I press directly under my ribs in the center and to the right. Besides eating something crappy, but that is normal I feel like to get a stomach ache after eating bad food.

      The itching may be stress related though, for sure.

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    Get your hormone, vitamin and glucose levels tested. Vitamin b12 and D deficiency can cause some of your symptoms. Also ask for an upper endoscopy if your sonogram comes back clear.

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      Thank you! I am looking at my tests and they did do a TSH test for my thyroid and a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (which looks like it includes glucose).

      Is there a specific other hormone text or vitamin test that is outside the two above?

      Thank you for the upper endoscopy suggestion! What would that be looking for?

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      Ask for a glucose tolerance test it tests for insulin resistance. Also I mention the hormone levels because if you have an imbalance of oestrogen and androgen it may make you more likely to have insulin resistance but also cause symptoms like sweating. Vitamin B12 and D are the deficiencies I know about, having had them myself, but it may be you are deficient in something else which could cause your symptoms. It is something to ask your doctor about because if something as simple as a vitamin tablet or spray every day may not only help your symptoms, but could prevent further health problems in the future.

      The endoscopy could show up inflammation, h pylori or possibly other issues that a scan may miss.

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      That is something I will definitley look into. Others have noted IBS too, so maybe watching what I eat will help. I have my ultrasound on the 26th of this month, so if that comes back clear I will look into glucose and food related things.

      I went to the gynecologist because my mom read the same thing about estrogen and night sweats. He was VERY adamant that due to my age, that I am on a birth control that regulates my levels, I am not having any irregular periods and thyroid test came back clear, he does not think this is hormone related at all.

      Definitely worth asking, especially since this isn't something they have offered as a possibility. I hope it is that honestly! Seems like a simple fix.

      That is also something I will ask about! Maybe I get the ultrasound done and if all comes back good, I will work through seeing if this is IBS and finding any triggers for a month or two? If I am still having symptoms after a few months I can go back for more tests.

      Just trying to get rid of these dang annoying symptoms, without spending my whole savings if possible!

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      Being on birth control can interfere with your hormonal balance and be another reason for your sweats.

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      perhaps try taking a multivitamin and mineral tablet every day see if it helps with your symptoms. I know when I forget to take my vitamins for a few days my stomach gets really messed up and I feel tired, dizzy and run down. You can still be symptomatic at the lower end of normal for vitamin level charts. Lack of vitamin B12 really can mess up your stomach and lack of vitamin d can make you really dizzy. Also vit d is very important for your immune system if you seem to be getting colds a lot this could help. Your night sweats could also be due to a deficiency in some vitamin or mineral.

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      Strangely enough, I have always been susceptible to colds and was particularly bad a a child. I was above average for infections after a tonsilectomy. This is a known cause. I was also run down because of stress and anxiety with struggling at school so I was very open to bugs in that way. I still get a lot of colds even now. My Vitamin D levels were tested for a different reason some years back and were found to be fine.

      However, I seriously regret having this blood test because the nurse caused me permanent neuralgia and I am now unable to have these tests because I was advised by a doctor to avoid it as much as possible in case further damage is done. The only place that is relatively safe for me to have them done at hospital but even then I have to tell them all the complications I have and I discovered two possible allergies during the test: one to the needle and the other to the antiseptic used. I also had trouble with the elastoplast they used which was too tight and triggered my dodgy nerve conduction. I was warned this could happen and they could change the plaster in that event.

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      Some nurses just can't take blood. I have had numerous needles and cannulas put in my arm in the last couple of years, some I didn't even feel going in and had no bruising even on blood thinners and some caused me excruciating pain for a couple of days and horrendous bruising and swelling. The nurses that were bad would blame me for having small veins but when I would warn doctors and nurses about my veins, the better ones would say my veins were fine and they didn't know what I was talking about!

      I'm sorry to hear what happened you, that sounds terrible. Could they have used a needle that was the wrong size maybe or were they just really clumsy?

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      The same nurse couldn't do my mum's blood test and claimed it was her small veins that were hard to see, so my dad stopped her before she could do any damage. . A doctor agreed to do it and said her veins were able to be seen and not small!

      I have no idea how this nurse damaged me; All I can think of is lack of training and incompetence. I couldn't see what she was doing. I think she thought the needle was a bayonet. The pain was terrible immediately after she took the needle out. She told me it would be a sharp scratch but it was significantly more than that. The swelling and bruising was extensive straight afterwards. I complained when I saw it but she said nothing. My doctor apologised on her behalf which was inadequate because it wasn't his fault. He should have made her phone me to apologise but he didn't and she didn't have the decency to do it herself. Five years on, it feels like the blood test is being done over and over again and if I ever see her I will have no trouble demanding an aopology and if necessary I will do it in front of everyone in the waiting area to humiliate her so everyone will know what she did and will have the sense to avoid her.

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