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Hello all,

So currently where I live it's a little past 3 am, and I am having trouble sleeping. It had gotten better (my sleeping) but in the past few nights it's gotten worse again, tonight being the worse. I am laying here, and I feel some symptoms I have not really felt in the daytime, while a lot of the regular symptoms such as burning skin is not as prominent.

1. Headache, but more like light shooting pains that come and go

2. Sensation that my scalp briefly tingles in spots but then goes away

3. More muscle twitches in my legs/ arms than I have had usually, as well as a strange sort of light tightening sensation that is brief in legs, comes and goes

4. Some aches and pains that kind of come and go

5. Heartbeat seems a tad bit more strong and faster than it should be at times for just laying in bed

Is this normal? I have not slept much at all tonight and maybe this is just what can happen when insomnia and anxiety combines? sad I also have taken a couple anxiety tests and it says my stress and anxiety levels are quite high rolleyes

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    Yeah these sound like some of the symptoms I have when trying to sleep. Just last night I led down and started worrying about my heart and boom out of no where I start having a mini panic attack, but luckily I was able to calm myself down. It's evil what the mind can do when we want to sleep. Try mindfulness mediation before bed or any other breathing exercise or routines that will try to relax you.

    Best of lucksmile

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    It sounds as if you definetly have an anxiety disorder. But don't worry, this can be cured completely and many people find that overcoming anxiety disorders gives them a real strength to their character.

    Its not that at nighttime you develop new symtoms, its just that in a quiet, dark room without much stimulation you are much more likely to notice the annoying and sometimes scary symptoms of anxiety. You need to combat the source of your anxiety - which is most likely your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

    You should see a councelling psychologist in order to help you with this. The sooner you start the better. Many people go to the doctors and are prescribed anti anxiety medication - personally I would aviod this and go through therapy to help you beat this. Its pretty easy once you get the right help.

    As for the insomnia- basically as human beings with have 2 types of nervous systems. The parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. When you are anxious you are in the sympathetic nervous system- the one that gives you adrenaline and keeps you alert and active- It is impossible to get to sleep when in this nervous system. You need to make sure you are relaxed and in the parasypathetic in order to sleep. Once the sypathetic nervous system is activated- and you are worked up and stressed and worried and twitching and have all these symptoms....... it takes at least an hour to get out of your system, so trying to sleep through it will not work. 

    My advise would be to cut your losses- accept that it will be at least an hour before you get to sleep, and watch a film or read a book or something and try again a little later. If you try to sleep when worked up you wont be able to, as the sympathetic nervous system has no chance to slow down as it is powered by negative thoughts!!

    So, in short! once you feel all that twitching and adrenaline in your body, get a few press ups, settle down and distract yourself for a while before trying to get to sleep- never try to sleep through the adrenaline and twitching, it will just stress you out to much.

    I hope I haven't confused you with all this, I just know it helped me when I understood a bit more about the science behind it all.

    One more reccomendation- look into learning Trancendental Meditation. It is such an effective way of combatting anxiety- especially the physical symptoms you are describing! You tube celebraties and TM to learn more about it.

    Good luck 

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    Have had insomnia and sleep walking since young childhood.  There are so many people who go through this. I can tell you after about 72 hours without sleep in the night is when I would begin to hallucinate things, such as hearing music or voices through the air vents. I'm sure others will have wonderful ideas on how to fall asleep or what could be causing your night time super awareness of all bodily functions and how to deal with those, I however will just tell you that your body demands rest. Your mind demands it in order to deal with all the input of the day and where to sort and file it, otherwise it doesn't know what to do with all the new imput of the next day. Over the years I have found that even though it is not sleep it does help my body and mind(more so the body) to learn how to lie down in a comfortable position not expecting at all to sleep (expecting it just adds to the stress) and to lie still for as long as I possibly can. I would have hard jerking muscle spasms as if in stead of gradually relaxing everything inside me was thinking "finally I can relax" and they all want to do it at the same time. Not exactly comfortable especially in the beginning, but gradually I found that my body did find some relief through this even if I didn't actually sleep.
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    So, currently you are suffering from anxiety and insomnia and the anxiety can be the cause of the insomnia. Have you been to your GP? It strikes me that maybe not as you say you have taken a couple of anxiety tests but you don't say where. At a clinic? At the end of the day you need to discuss your issues with your GP. As for asking if your problems are normal.......of course they're not so all the reason to go and see your GP a.s.a.p.
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    Have you had a virus recently at all? Three years ago I caught a serious virus that coursed me to to have all of your symptoms it was horrible. I'm still under investigation because I've found my ovaries are now playing me up, it's kind if been an on going problem that's created more.But the twitching muscles,headaches, etc sound very like me and palpitations. If you are female Are you up to date with smear tests and have they said to you about tests for hormone imbalances? Obviously im not a doctor and a lot of Illnesses can have the same symptoms. I agree with you doctor in though stress can cause many problems with health, I definitely know about that. But if it persists usually means your bodies trying to tell you something. Sleep can cause a lot of problems to. Have you though about meditation? I wasn't keen on the idea until I tried it and noticed a difference and I was really impressed. There are plenty on u tube to choose from and I like it listen in bed and in relaxibv places. The symptoms I now have with my ovaries have gone on for eleven months. It's always best covering other illnesses sometimes. I hope everything improves and I hope you start to get better if it has been down to stress and lack if sleep. You might just be having a time in Your life that your body is just saying I'm tired And stressed. Fingers crossed for you.
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    Have you had a test for Hyperthyroidism? It probably isn't - I've got thyroid problems, so it is naturally the first thing I think of. But it is still worth getting tested.
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