No doctor can tell me what is wrong, just want answers!

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I am 28 years old, I have been dealing with these issues since I was 21. They all started in 2010 when I was deployed in Kuwait, I began feeling a rapid heartbeat and went to the medical center on base, they found that my resting heartbeat was 160 BPM. Long story short they boiled it down to stress. A few months later I had the same issues, I was then hooked up to an EKG.. results were negative.. then a 24 hour monitor.. everything was normal.. In April of 2012 I had just started my first civilian job.. I was working over nights and had about 45 mins left on my shift ( I did have 2 energy drinks and snacks that evening) I began to feel a numbness coming from the top of my head all the way down to my toes.. it felt as if my heart had stopped then it started pounding.. this lasted about 10 mins then stopped.. but I could feel the after effects .. my heart didn't feel the same and there was an itchy feeling around it.. I went to the ER I was again set up to do an EKG and holter monitor.. both came back negative.. I dealt with these issues as well as shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, pain and numbness on the left side of my neck, collar bone and arm. The "attacks" seemed to stop early in 2014 and I went about 2 1/2 years without one, but still dealt with chest pain, numbness, shortness of breath, arm pain.. etc. This February I was awoken from my sleep with what felt like very bad heartburn (heartburn is also something I have been dealing with). My body then went into a panic and I had another "attack" for the first time in years.. this last for 15 mins or so and I once again had all the feelings and symptoms of a heart attack. I felt tired and pain in my chest as well as numbing and an itchiness as well as a cramping tight feeling on my left rib. I went to the VA and had another EKG and Holter monitor.. all clear again.. this time they did an ECG and a chest X-ray.. the ECG was all clear everything was normal.. The chest X-Ray showed a curve in the right side valve of my aorta but the doctor wasn't worried as it hasn't changed since the chest X-ray that was done 3 years prior. I have dealt with these "attacks" almost every day since February and it's really effecting my life.. I'm always afraid of when the next one will come on.. every doctor thinks they are panic attacks.. but that doesn't explain to me why I am having these symptoms and feelings when I'm not having an "attack".. the tightness, numbness, dizziness, chest pain, stomach pains, left arm pains and numbness, my hands turning ice cold just before an attack begins is beggining to become too much to bear..if anyone has any idea of what this could be.. or is experiencing the same I would love to hear from you!!

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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear you feel this way, I'm 37 and have recently been having pain in my chest, arm, shoulder all left side, heart palutations and a electric type pain and can't breathe when it happens In my chest for 3 weeks, I keep thinking I'm going to have a heart attack, I've been to AE twice and the first time I had blood tested and it came back normal and so did the ECG, second visit had a ECG which also came back normal, they put it down to stress and panic attacks which I'm still struggling to believe, but when it happens I just slowly breathe myself through it, I have been under a lot of stress recently and have spoken to someone else who suffers from panic attacks and they said it's the same thing it sounds like I'm having them, then funny enough about a hr ago my teenage daughters bullys started sending her messages and I suddenly felt it all the pain, difficulties breathing and the weird sensation in my arms neck, and I panicked and made it worse, I seen a email come thou about your problem and felt really bad and had to reply bcos my son is serving in the army and hes always down and stressed andI think that's were your problem might of started then the negative ECG and valve problems have constantly been at the back of your mind and that February when u had one you have lived in fear Scine which causes you to have them everyday panic attacks thrive on fear I've been told and I'm starting to believe it, when it happens try and breathe through it by a open window, and drink water hope u start to feel better x

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    Zachary I'm sorry I wasn't very clear before, I to feel the symptoms all the time even when I'm not having a attack it's the anxiety u feel all the time as your waiting for the attack to happen I've been told by doctors and people who have panic attacks so this could be the reason you feel like this, x

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    Did you get all these injections they gave to members of the armed forces that resulted in Gulf War Syndrome and some very real and strange after effects?, If so, you might want to hunt down support and advice groups.


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    If every doctor believes that what you are having are panic attacks, considering the

    fact your ekgs and other tests, with the exception of the aorta, are negative, maybe

    they're right.  You say you have these symptoms when you're not having an attack,

    but they may very well be an attack.  Have you ever been evaluated for PTSD, especially where you were deployed to Kuwait?  My son's father-in-law suffers from that after having served in the Viet Nam war.  Being involved with killing a lot

    of the Viet Cong really got to him.  I'm sure he's had plenty of panic attacks.  He did suffer a heart attack last year, but he's also in his 60's, and he smoked for a 

    number of years.  I'm sure all the symptoms you experience are real to you, but in

    the absence of any positive tests, which are what doctors look for, it's not cardiac

    related.  I know, I've had 3 heart attacks, and my ekgs always came back abnormal, as well as laboratory tests on my blood.  I wish you the best going forward, and hope that you get the help you need.

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    Hi Zach

    Just a few suggestions

    First it is good news that all the tests are coming back normal, however to put your mind at ease go see a good Cardiologist and discuss this with the Dr.

    Do you have a support group that you can meet with in person, with others that have PTSD.

    It would really help you to speak with others who can relate to what you've been through.

    Have you tried the medication, Ativan ?  It is for Anxiety, and panic attacks.  It does help, I take it.

    One other thing I'm wondering with the symptoms, of tightness, dizziness, numbness, it may be worthwhile to see a neurologist. There could be a chance that you could have MS.  One very important note >> Stop the energy drinks.  The high dose of caffeine does have an adverse effect on your heart.  In fact, stop all caffeine, even in sodas.  See if this will calm your heart down.

    So look into seeing a support group for PTSD, seeing a Cardiologist, seeing a Neurologist.

    Look into getting some medication for Anxiety/Panic Attacks.  Don't give up, get a second or third opinion.  It's your body, your health.  Best wishes to You Zach

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