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So where do I start.... 

Back in the summer, while I was completing my last term at school, I started getting little pains in my stomach above the navel and blow the ribs, right in the middle and I was also super bloated. I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor brushed it off as Anxiety, Stress, and possible ulcer/acid reflux. Put me on Tecta and that didn't really help. 

I went to another walk in clinic to see what was wrong and doctor said it was muscle pain. 

I started having more pain and went to an urgent care clinic where they did ultrasounds on my gallbladder, apendix, kidneys, and did a vaginal ultrasound. They only found a cyst on my ovary. 

The pains started getting worse so I went to my family doctor where he prescribed me more Tecta and an antibiotic. That did not help. 

The pain gets worse to the point where when I eat, I feel nauseous, bloated, and can not pass any soft stools. I am constipated for a few days and need help in relieving myself with Chinese herbal teas (the skinny ones that pretty much make you poop). The pain in my abdominal area intensifies. I went to emerge because I was in so much pain. The doctor gave me this drug that numbs your stomach, he said since my stomach still hurts after I had taken the drug, that I don't have ulcers.... he said it is most likely a hernia, IBS, or something with my digestive track...

so I went to my family doctor today for a routine physical so he will be sending me for ultrasounds, took more blood (I have had soooo much blood work done and all normal)

I am going to ultrasounds for my pelvic and stomach soon (which sucks because I can not afford to take off any time at work right now)

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    u r very young to be having this problem. It is a common problem that gets written off as IBS. I dont' think it  is IBS. i have suffered this for 7 years.

    Firstly; i can reassure you tht help is at hand; it is not a complete solution to the problem 

    I would like you to go on a 'fluid fast'- but check with your mum that she is happy for you to do this (this means cutting out tea/ alcohol?/and limiting water/juice drinks for a day or two; eat tomato soup and eat redgrapes and other anti-oxidant foods(Turmreic/ onions /radishes/ beetroot etc)  that have water in them.. for pain; you may have some pain killers - you should continue to take these with a little water. Drink a small (half) cup of coffee if you have to. Coffe is good for the liver and inflammation- however too much and your abdomen /rib cage may swell.. ifyou have pain across the middle of your rib cage; drink coffee to assist.

    Whatyou are doing is reducing the filtering required by your 'digestive system' and introducing fluids to your digestive tracts that can do your body 'good' and help it to a) repair itself and b)introduce anti inflammatories and anti - oxidant foods whilst it is 'struggling'.

    Pain killers (and which i think you are taking quite a few for the pain because the pain can be bad) build up toxins; so these foods will help your body clear them,pain killers can also make you constipated - coffee can be a natural laxative.

    In addition; i would like you to get some garlic capsules; these have similar properties to penicillen ; and they are antioxidant/ antiinflammatory etc.  take 3 capsules and then 3 more.. (make sure that is in keeping with the instructions on the tub)..

    Please google anti-oxidant/ anti-inflammatory foods ;and you will see a variety.

    If you are hving issues digesting fat or foods/ you can get some digestive enzymes from the health food shop which will assist your body in digesting foods and getting themost out of the food you can manage to eat.

    Vitamin suplements should also be taken- ensuring not to overdo iron.

    Also introduce foods like pro-biotics/ yoghurts - with the aim of balancing your PH levels.  Cheese with garlic and herbs is a good one too.

    Whatever you do; do the garlic capsules and also tomato juice witha bit of turmeric or red grapes.

    I wish you the best with this. if you do try it ; let me know if any of the above works/ doesn't work and how long it takes to work.

    I have done this myself; fluid fast worked great ;and so did the garlic.. smile

    wishing you a speedy recovery..

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      Oh I'm 28 lol not that young. I've tried everything that you mentioned
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      lolol; thx for the reply; good to know. ifyou find out what it is ; would u be able to let me know please.. smile..
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    Does your stomach hurt a lot more when you press on it(I mean with your hand, above the navel and bellow the ribs)? Also do you have any other symptoms like a occasional bad taste in your mouth?
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      Yes bad taste in my mouth when I wake up in the morning. It occasionally hurts if I touch but mostly it just hurts on its own
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      Did not do aby testing other than blood testing. He prescribed me an antibiotic just in case it was bacterial. I went back to inform him that I am now worse and he made an appointment for ultrasounds to be done.
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      I am in my mid 20s and have been having the same pains as you for a long time now.

      I have gone and done every test there is possible including the h pylori test to see if there is an infection and everything has come back clear.

      I am now going to go for an endoscopy so that the doctors can have a look from the inside.

      I have had so many ultrasound scans done too... Abdominal... Lower pelvis.. All came back fine. But the only thing is the ultrasound scan can only see the main organs.... It cannot see through some parts of the stomach and digestive system... As a result I am getting the endoscopy done so the doctors can see from the inside.

      I would recommend that you ask your doctor to get a referral to get an endoscopy done which may help.

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      i have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and this found nothing. The colonoscopy wasn't successful as i woke up during the 'op' ; my guess is i had taken so much pain killers (over the prescription recommendation) to try to cope with the pain that the anasthetic didn't work as it should.... as a result i had to have an MRI; still nothing found.

      I think that this doesn't have a test to diagnose; i can FEEL the lump/organ / area which is the CAUSE of the pain; and after 7 years the docs have still failed to identify this/name this to me.. and they haven't found out wht it is;only  yesterday did they say that  i would have to live with it (and keep wanting me to take anti-depressants).. They simply do not care.. some days i can be minimal pain; some days i can walk and move.. i wish you luck with your tests and hope that if they do find something out that you can share this with me.. i have a feeling it is kidney related....but i have no other options left as my GP(s) are sick of me!!!!

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