No idea what it is, but it's worrisome

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Hi everyone,

I think I've got some kind of flu after my holiday in Greece, last week. When I arrived home last Friday in the morning, everything was fine. By the end of the day, I've got very tired but it didn't concerned me too much as this usual for me after having too much sun.

Saturday morning when I woke up, all the typical flu symptoms were present: sore throat, muscle pain, joint pain, headache, pain behind the eyes (especially when moving them). The symptoms evolved in the next days, and I've started to cough compulsively especially during the night and to have fever.

Now the cough is still there, but very manageable. At least I can sleep. The fever seems to be gone as well. The thing I'm most concern about is my heart rate and my blood pressure.

For some 2-3 days in a row now, my blood pressure is elevated but my heart rate seems to be too low. 

Here are some readings.

Before having the flu:

10/06/2018 - 124/80 78HR

12/06/2018 - 122/71 87HR

When flu present:


18:23 - 182/108 61HR (I was feeling weird; like something was pumping in my stomach and very sleepy; multiple measurements were done to confirm) 

18:34 - 161/94 64HR

19:21 - 149/95 56HR

20:04 - 128/86 65HR

20:30 - 133/91 68HR

20:55 - 143/94 58HR

21:21 - 148/89 58HR


02:10 - 127/81 63HR

13:39 - 144/93 71HR

15:35 - 146/93 62HR

17:36 - 144/89 59HR

18:18 - 146/91 56HR

19:54 - 138/85 64HR


01:52 - 126/83 61HR

11:20 - 153/100 62HR

12:06 - 154/102 63HR

The reason I keep an eye on my blood pressure is because I'm a diabetic type 1 for some 30 years now. In time, I've developed kidney complications that lead to higher than normal blood pressure. Normally, I use Irbesartan to treat this, but it's an on and off thing, as I'm not very consistent. The reading you see there before my holiday, is my normal blood pressure without medication of any sort.

What I could see is, the higher the blood pressure goes, the lower the heart rate goes. My normal heart rate when resting and fully awake and alert never goes below 70. Only when I'm about to fall asleep, it drops below 70.

So any idea what this can be? It isn't anxiety or anything like that. Most probably that would involve an elevated heart rate. Actually I'm quite calm, even too calm. I'm always sleepy, and sometimes even a bit confused. I feel this pressure in my skull somehow. Weird stuff.  

Another weird thing is the fact that most of the day, I can hear my blood flow through my ears, pumping, but not like percussion. It's slower than that

I've read a lot of scary things about Legionella. Could this be the case? Any idea people?

The GP is the UK is pretty much useless.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.


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    If you traveled out of the country I would have blood work done. Flu is really not present so mucheck currently due to warmer climate. Sounds like you may have picked up some type of virus. If ur running any fever then it could be infection. I would for sure go see MD with ur symptoms and let them know you traveled out of state . Good luck
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      Hi Lisagal,

      I've seen the people at the surgery two times this week. First time they looked into may throat and that was pretty much it. They told me to stay home, to rest and to drink a lot of fluids. The second time, because my blood pressure was way higher than normal, they said that I should wait for the flu to clear and everything would go back to normal. It's just UK "standard" NHS approach. If you don't bleed from some major artery, you're fine. 

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      Okay if that's the case give it a few days drink lots and lots of fluids because if it is viral it will flush out of your system quicker than normal as long as you drink lots of fluids. I would give it no more than 3 full days tops. At that point I would request if you still do not feel good request for them to take blood work from you to make sure you are not carrying any viral disease inside of your body. I was sick not too long ago for many weeks and doctor kept telling me it's just a virus it's just a virus. I visited Alabama and I brought back with me some type of viral infection from their water. The only way they were able to detect was from doing a series of blood tests that I insisted on. You know when something is serious with your body. Give it a few days rest drink lots of fluids if it's still there I would insist on further testing. Especially if you receive any fever at all that means your body is trying to fight an infection.

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      Thanks a lot for your advice, Lisagal.

      Today there are already 7 days since all started. On Monday, I was planning to go back to work (I'm on sick leave now). If nothing changes till Monday morning, for sure I'll visit again these people. I do not experience fever anymore, but mu blood pressure is constantly higher than normal and my heart rate barely goes above 60, even if a I move around and do stuff. 

      Thanks a lot once again!

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      When u get blood work that should show if u need to be on a low dose of BP pills or if the virus truly comes out of you with no antivirals pills needed that may also lower ur Bp. At this point keep track of what's going on the more details a good Dr has the better to help diagnose you. Give it 3 more days or until Monday. If you start to see improve then good if still same or worse then insist on blood, urine and stool sample for further testing. I have seen virus last 8 days with first few days fever puking and diarrhea. Virus including flu can last sometimes 10 12 days. Fluids is kept to flush out and keep hydrated. Good luck stay calm and keep us updated

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      Well, my blood pressure seems to be alright now, sort of. Yesterday I went to the office, and due to the AC that was constantly blowing over my head, today I'm home again. Eye pain, if that makes sense smile

      Anyway. It's clearly a nasty flu I would assume. Once again, thanks a lot for your advice.

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      Sounds like no worse which is good. Keep eye on Bp. You should be good in next few days. We had people with flu b last well over two weeks. It's possible its a strain of the flu and just taking longer. Just make sure you don't get a bad cough or any fevers and you should be on the up. Good lucl

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