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  • Jeessgb 2

    Are Night sweats normal 3 weeks after flu-like symptoms?

    On October I got the flu vaccine at Costco. However on January 12 I started having flu-like symptoms: severe sore throat and dry cough that lasted for 10 days, 2-3 days of mild fever, extremely week and sore joints for about 4 days, no runny nose but felt congested and post-nasal drip, and swollen lymph...

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  • tom14738 1

    Has an old illness changed my brain chemistry?

    I have been feeling sensations ever since i was 11 after i had, what i consider, a bad flu episode. I have never hilucinated at all before or since in my life, nor have i knowingly had flu or even know that this is what it was. When i was younger i was struck down for 12 hours with shivers, shaking,...

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  • rachel90529 3


    Does anybody else get weakness at the start of a cold or flu, or even a sore throat. Anyway to help the weakness ? Thanks

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  • jTH074 1

    Constant Flu/Sinus Issues

    I'm a 22 year old, male, 186cm/80kg, healthy, fit, active, student. Ever since I was 19, I've had serious problems which seem to be like reccurent Flu / Sinus infections.It's like I always have the flu, it never really goes away but just abates gradually before it flares back up. I've...

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  • Meshelanium 1

    Caught the flu Wednesday morning, 3rd day of diarrhea

    I caught what I think is the flu Wednesday at 7am (it woke me up) I had to quickly get to the bathroom to use the toilet, diarrhea of course. I was shivering, getting hot flashes, and was nauseous. As soon as I was done pooping I flushed and my mouth started watering and immediately I had to vomit. At...

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  • jamila 67067 1

    Unknown illness

    Hello my name is Jamila i'm 21. During a long day as a community carer. A few months back. I started to become dizzy while walking home. After the dizzy/lightheadness I would vomit then feel fine and then have another dizzy spell and vomit. This was consently happening it took ne about 45 mins to...

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  • shaun84335 1

    Influenza A

    This week my son was diagnosed with influenza a! I believe I ended up giving it to him but I'm not for sure because the doctor did not test me and only check my ears and nose and saw that I had a sinus infection and third behind my ear but a coworker of mine had mentioned he was diagnosed with it...

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  • mavra13751 1

    Recurring cold - really need help

    Hi. I am a 26 years old female. I have been having recurring cold since the last year. Usually it starts with a scratchy throat which leads to fever and then accompanied by nasal congestion, headache and excess phlegm. It takes around 10 days. Leaves me weakened, exhausted and causes absenteeism from...

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  • anon private 3

    Flu Vaccine and Syptoms

    If someone contract flu they become ill. This makes sense to me. If someone is vaccinated against flu they cannot become infected with the virus because it is de-activated. The vaccine simply allows the body to be tricked into creating antibodies againt the flu strains associated with the vaccination....

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  • anon private 3
  • Lyppy 1

    Flu jab reaction - adult?

    i had the flu jab about 6 weeks ago (free from work, not for medical issues). Since then I have had either a constant runny nose or a completely blocked up nose. I've tried cold remedies which, surprise, haven't worked. I don't suffer from hay fever or any other allergies so could this be...

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  • dee102 3
  • MsM81 3

    Flu recovery

    I suppose you could say that I've had my fill of it for the last month or so. At the beginning of March I had a mild case of shingles which didn't keep me off work but made me exhausted. Just when I thought I was back to my old self, I was struck down last week with the flu. It started on the...

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  • adam84525 2

    Can someone please help me

    I've been ill since Christmas - 4 weeks now. I don't think it's actually flu just recurrent colds but it won't go away. From Xmas I came down with a dry cough and general malaise which went away after 10 days or so. I had already booked a doctors appointment so went anyway and she said...

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  • markus674 2

    Post viral symptoms won't go away

    I was wondering if anyone has dealt with anything similar or possibly has any advice. I had some symptoms of some kind of viral infection around 3 weeks ago, strange cold sensation in my inner ear, waking up with night sweats and burning up sometimes during the day. This then developed into a horrid...

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  • Hannxm 2

    Who's had this year's flu jab?

    I had mine on Monday and I'm starting to think I'm having side effects. I never get migraines but I've had one for the past two days since having my flu jab and I've been extremely tired. Was wondering if anyone's had similar?

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  • Tymaster23 1

    Ive been sick for 2 weeks with flu symptoms?

    I've been sick with my sinuses and my head killing me and they are extremely inflamed where ive already gone through 3 boxes of tissues and its been going on for about two weeks and it just keeps getting worse and it just started today where i am getting nauseous and throwing up and every day i have...

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  • becky96 3

    How to avoid Stomach Flu?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice. There's a very bad vomiting bug going around at the moment. I have just started university and there have been multiple bugs since starting but this one seems nasty! I have a phobia of being sick so this is a nightmare for me...does anyone have...

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  • Fernieboy 1

    Severe muscle pain when I wake up?

    5 days ago I rapidly developed the symptoms of flu, namely fever, headache, severe muscle pains, exhaustion etc. I spent a couple of days unable to move from my bed, sweated and shivered and ate very little. I did not go to the doctor because I understand that this virus is highly contagious and I...

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  • angelina1956 3

    Flu Shot

    On August 10, 2016 I decided to get the Flu shot but was due until next month nonetheless, I had gotten this shot, in a few hours not only did my arm hurt but I started have bad muscle/back pains, and now it's the 23rd of August and I still am feeling these back pains. What the heck is this? I've...

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  • austin57243 1

    H1N1 for a month...still going...

    Hello so i contarcted H1N1 on september 1st...was sick as anthing..coughed up green fleghm..those severe symptoms left...a week later i felt ill agian..since then...i have post nasal drip can hardley smell sometimes...i cough up clear phleghm now..and havent seen green for weeks..a Dr took a blood test...

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  • Lizzie46881 5

    42º C

    I felt absolutely like death on Wednesday and managed to get an emergency dr.s appt who found that I had a temperature of 42ºC, is thisa very high? he gave me the impression that it was.  I had all sorts of aches and paimns, headache, disaturbed vsion, dizziness etc etc.  They didn't...

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  • Cammy9483 2

    A few issues now for a few days, what should I do?

    Good evening, For the last few days now, I thought that I had been suffering from toothache, however, it seems to be my jaw/gums that are the problem. Symptoms: - Stiff/uncomfortable jaw all on the left side of my face. Not painful, but more like a dull kind of ache? My gum inside my mouth on the left...

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  • stephanie 84096 1

    H1N1 Flu Shot side effects! Please help

    Hi. Let me tell you a bit about my current situation and background. All my neurological symptoms began after my flu shot this September. The day after I developed a sever headache that lasted for 5 days ( I never get headaches, knew it was strange to). As soon as the headaches stopped 5 days later I...

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  • Smark67 1

    swollen cheeks inside

     Hi there, I'm currentlyin the middle of the flu and one of the symptoms I have noticed (which I presume must be connected as it hasn't happened before) is that my back teeth are rubbing against my inside cheeks, which is really painful, because they feel swollen. Would it just be swollen...

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  • JJWALSH75 1

    Constant Chest Infections and Sore Throats and Fever, HELP!!

    Hi, I am a 52 year old Male. Was fit and Healthy until a year ago. I was going to Pump and Tone, Spinning Classes, Cycling and was really enjoying life. I haven't daink or smoked for a long time. Suddenly over a year ago I got a Flu or bad cold anyway, fought it off myself at home. Returned to normal...

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  • kenneth19138 1


    I have been taking Doxazosin 2 mg tablet from Mid Sept 2013 to Mid November and all ok until the first week in November I started having shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing. Plus about 10 other small side effects which are listed in their pamphlet. In the middle of November I awoke with severe...

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  • vijay17514 1
  • ashokreddy256 1

    Cough, Cold, Back Pain after H1N1 infection

    Hi my name is Ashok, I had H1N1 25 days back, I am recovered but I still have Cough, Cold, Dry Mouth, Back pain(upper right side) and some weakness in my body, will it take some more time for complete recovery ? or Do I need to go to Doctor ? Please Suggest.. Regards, Ashok

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  • lacoste1985 1

    Had flu for 8 days, what else can I do?

    I started coughing the evening of 5th March, by the time morning came I had a sore throat, sneezing and was experiencing general aches. I came home that evening and my symptoms gradually worsened, I became hot, feverish, had a decreased appetite and overall just felt absolutely awful. I now have a productive...

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  • ketan98816 2

    Cough / sweats

    So i have had a cough, night sweats, weight loss, of appetite for around 1.5 weeks. I had been given a 5 day amoxicillin course, which i finished.  This improved by symptoms but not massively. Now i am on co-amoxiclav day 3 of a 7 day course.  I am still brining up green phlegm, seems...

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  • niall94924 2

    Vomiting and temperature

    I had a fever on Friday night with a high temperature. It's 4 days now and my appetite still isn't right. I am drinking plenty of fluids. How long more will it take for virus to wash out of my system?

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  • jacqueline54906 1

    Has my son had reactions to the flu jab?

    2011 my son had the flu jab. Within a month suffered occassions of headache, dizziness, loss of balance, blurred vision and sensitivity to light, which continued for 8 months.In 2013 had a flu jab and within a week suffered confusion, loss of balance,headaches, blurred vision, sensitivity to light,...

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  • jessica71157 1

    Have I got the flu or Tonsillitis or anything other illness?

    Before I start ticking off symptoms I just want to add the point that a lot of the Flu and Tonsillitis have been going around. I used to get a lot of stomach aches after recovering from HSP but they stopped a couple years ago, they came back for a few weeks last year and this past month they've...

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  • kayleigh1990 1

    could i be having a reaction to the flu jab?

    About a week and half ago i had the flu jab as asthmatic but the pain usually goes within a few days. Iv had the jab for about 8 years and no problems but the pain in my arm has not subsided. I have been dizzy, going white, head aches, and feeling sick. Today about an hour ago i looked at my arm as banged...

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