No one can find the problem and I'm going nuts.

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It can start up at any time but it tends to show up late evenings or even late night/ early morning.

Stomach contents do not appear to play a role at all. I can have eaten a large spicy meal or I could have not eaten for hours.

It begins with a slight burning feeling in the center of my upper stomach. I will take some antacids with gas relief (simeithicone--spelling?) or some charcoal pills. Sometimes I try a Carafate pill and/or metroclopromide pill to move the stomach contents along. Sometimes one of many of these work and the pain or burning feeling subsides. Other times this doesn't help at all.

The pain will slowly get worse. And I will begin to feel belchy (although I NEVER burp).....but it burbles and gurgles up my throat. Little bubbles of frog croak sounding air rolling up my throat but never escaping.

So now I consider. Is this gas? If I make myself throw up will it help (it didn't the one time I tried it) or is this gassy, gurgling from the anxiety of the fear of the pain getting worse?

I will suddenly need to poop. I am often constipated so a sudden need to poop is strange. Especially because I will often poop again pretty soon after the first poop.

I will try squatting to work up the air but it just bubbles up and never escapes.

Lying down flat on back or left or right side is no help at all.

The pain is meanwhile climbing and climbing.

It is now extreme pain and it feels most painful under lower ribs on both sides. I often feel like I want to press on the area. It is directly at the root of each breast and in the middle of that same level of breast roots.

Pain is a 10. If there is pain past a 10 it is really that. You can't sit still or be quiet. I begin moaning and trying to sway as I stand. I try walking to make my digestive organs move things along. It doesn't help.

The pain is so bad that it is now in my back. Just at the same level as the front except across my back. The pain is a level that makes me break out in a sweat. I can't concentrate. I can barely even speak. Breaths become shallow. Movement hurts. The mind cannot be moved about to try and not pay attention to the pain. It is simply the worst pain I have ever known.

Heating pad sometimes takes the edge off. But doesn't last long. This will go on for hours. Hours and hours when 1 minute feels like it will kill you.

And then after a few hours it stops and doesn't return for a few weeks. A day or two after an attack my stomach feels achy and tender.

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    Have you had tests and was IBS ever mentioned?  Your symptoms sound like IBS especially since you have come and go pain, acid, gas and change of bowel habit and back pain. Does your pain move abour your stomach or does it stay in one area?
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      It stays in one place.  Across the very top of my stomach area.  Sometimes I will have a dull ache on the left upper side behind my bottom ribs for a few days.  I go for an upper GI cam tomorrow morning and I am scared it is something horrible.
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    Hi bethiebeth, I was having all this simptomps you are describing countless visit to the emergency room no visit numerous doctors no one found anything wrong with me my doctor was treading me for anxiety I was felling like I was going crazy. I did not give up try another doctor she sent me to the lab stool sample and I was positive for H pylori bacteria.

    Now I'm suffering and being treated for H pylori gastritist. On the plus side I finally got an answer and treading the condition. Anxiety is also a problem

    Best of luck

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    Sounds horrid!

    You really need to be checked well (ultrasound, scan, blood).

    Gallbladder first? Is it a colic? ER?

    I don't get the pain scale though since there is no past 10 where I come from.

    ? Do you have a different point 'system'?

    I am in Australia and use a 0-10 scale.

    A 10/10 pain description is reserved for pain, that makes you unconscious.

    9/10 is pain like late stage child labour pain, when you can't talk or type anymore.

    8/10 is horrendous pain, but you can still talk and describe it, but can't participate in normal life anymore at all, pain is taking your life over and disabling. terrible pain.

    Clinicians instantly do not take one serious if one tries to tell them how bad it is by using the worst number possible, which as soon as it can be articulated or has not passed out and brought by ambulance, can't be the case..... you will find clinicians rolling their eyes and brushing you off much more quickly if you use a too high number since the pain is very very bad, but not really a 10 in the clinicians eyes, maybe a 8.5 or 9 or 9.5?

    I mean well, I just want to warn you since I have seen that so many times before and being counterproductive.

    (I have read a book 'the pain ancetode' and it had the description of the 10 point pain scale very well listed over two pages, honestly no one before told it that much in detail! e.g. when my child was rolled up in a ball and scratching her skin open in abdominal pain and unable to listen or talk or walk, this was considered a 9/10.)

    No matter if 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, it's horrid and you need to be checked since exclusions are also diagnostic and peace of mind. 

    ALL all the best

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      Thank you got the info, sanya11314, I didn't know what the 1-10 scale specifics were. I'd say it's a 9.5 only because at the absolute worst I do drift in and out of being alert.

      I just had the upper gi cam: called at edge or something? That was all good. So now I'm waiting on an ultrasound of my gallbladder.

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      Hi dear Bethiebeth,

      oh good, you are undergoing imaging!!!!!!! Yipee gallbladder first basic imaging.

      So you had an endoscopy. What does 'called at edge' mean?

      All all the best!

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      Auto correct! Upper scope called an EGD smile

      That was clear so they ordered an ultrasound of my pancreas/liver/gallbladder and kidneys. Turns out I have many small stones in my gallbladder.

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      many people have gallbladder stones, next step: do they cause any trouble. (inflammation, blocking duct?)

      Good luck!

      And don't we love autocorrect!! haha

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