No pain...but other symptoms...any other people experience these symptoms? could this be IBS?

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Hi Guys,

To make it easier, I will just list my timeline of events/symptoms in bullet form. It'd be great to hear if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms to know if it will just pass or if I should seek further medical advice.

5 years ago I became extremely stressed and experienced anxiety attacks due to a life changing event. Gut has never been the same again since then (generally ok, but seemed more sensitive to foods like gluten and sugary carbonated drinks causing bloating/discomfort and tiredness).

Recently moved house which was quite stressful. Then all of a sudden one night after eating pasta (gluten...normally I would eat gluten free pasta) my stomach just went into chaos where I had to constantly go to the bathroom (formed not watery...but seemed constant...was quite scary). Then I experienced shivers, headaches, lethargy and generally worn out all the time for several weeks after that event (felt like I was being poisoned).

Went to the doctor and he ordered blood test/samples and it came back positive for parasites (dientamoeba/camphylobater) so he put me on strong antibitoics. Negative to coeliacs.

Fast forward a month (to the present) and still whenever I have anything in my gut/bowel I feel like I need to get it out otherwise it tends to cause inflamation (headachy, causes me to get emotional/depressed, dizziness, nausea, lethargy). However, once completely cleared from my gut, I begin to feel 'normal' again!

Could this be IBS? do you think it will pass?

My doctor asked if I wished to have an edoscopy. However, as I am trying to restore my gut's balance I didn't wish to go down that road just yet.  What do you think?! do you need to be in pain to have IBS? any advice or suggestions from someone that has/had similar symptoms that will be greatly appreciated. 


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    One of the major symptoms of IBS is pain.  When you have had your bowel disturbances do you get cramps?   Food intolerance is also common. What has your doctor diagnosed?

    Sometimes after infections, IBS begins; stress is also a big factor.  I got stomach pain, nausea, loose stools and constipation after a lot of stress and was diagnosed with IBS.  I would have the endoscopy, an ultrasound, stool samples taken if you have not done so and possibly a colonoscopy.  Some of your symptoms could be IBS but I would go back to your doctor.

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      Thank you very much for your email Philippa. 

      I feel quite uncomfortable but not really ever in pain whenever I have my bowel disturbances. It feels like the lining of my gut has been aggrovated (potentially with acid build up from my stress) at the moment does not seem to tolerate any foods other than bland boring food. 

      I have had ultrasound, blood tests and stool sample (sample came back for the parasites which I believe now have been cleared) it just feels like I'm dealing with the aftermath of the strong antibiotcs and stress. 

      I'm reluctant to get a endoscopy at this stage as they tend to be quite invasive/intense (with regard to clearing out your gut) the doctor has left it to me to decide on next steps. 

      I will give it a few more weeks to see if it calms down...then if they continue I will go back to the doctor. 

      I am interested to know if anyone else experiences dizziness, headachy, lethargy, hightened emotions whenever there is food in lower gut?

      Thanks again.


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      When you have been on antibiotics, you should take yoghurt to replenish the good bacteria in your gut which may have been killed off when you were on medication.  Try a probiotic variety and perhaps get another stool sample taken to make sure the parasites have cleared up.

      I don't get dizziness, lethargy, headaches or heightened emotions as a result of food.  My anxiety was bad before diagnosis but once the doctor recognised my symptoms, I calmed down.  In general, I am an anxious person because of Asperger Syndrome.

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      Thank you Philippa,

      Yes, I have been take pro-biotics and pre-biotics (although, my stomach doesn't seem quite ready for the pre-biotics yet) and the doctor did do a follow up sample test and one of the types of bugs was still in I had to take a second round of antibiotics!

      My poor gut doesn't know what hit it...coupled with anxiety and stress! it's still all over the shop at the moment.

      After a relatively rough start this morning, once my bowels were clear I felt much better. I have started a new bland hopefully that will help it all calm down and then when it's ready, I will slowly re-introduce the foods I used to eat. 


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    I would take the endoscopy and colonoscopy. To make decisions you need information and information comes from tests ergo take the tests. That is my logic.
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      Thank you Astrozombie,

      Yes. I think I will get an endoscopy and colonoscopy in the next few weeks should the symptoms not go away. As I've been on some pretty intense antibiotics, I am in the process of trying to get all the good bacteria back (which might be the key to solving my symptoms as it could be a case of not having good bacteria and gut microbiome) and so I'm a bit reluctant at this stage to flush my system out for the colonoscopy. 

      Thankfully, for the last few days I have been feeling better! (I've eliminated all 'trigger' type foods for now) still a bit of gas/noise going on... but the shivers/poisoned feeling has subsided. 

      Hopefully, I'm on the mend!

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      My pleasure

      At least it will put your mind at rest. I try to avoid antibiotics but then I tend to suffer with paranoia hence why I prefer tests and dietary changes. The latter worked best for me. 

      That is good news. I do not have trigger foods so more anxiety led for me docs think but I will be back in the surgery again in a few weeks for a diabetes test. If I am not at the hospital I am at the surgery these days but I can say there isn't anything like a major worry to stop IBS smile

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      Yes, stress/anxiety can cause our bodies to create symptoms that aren't 'real' but also create real we can often get caught in a cycle. I was feeling better today so I went for a run (for the first time since late last year as I felt 'afraid' it will make me feel worse) far so good. Hopefully, the excercise will act as a mental switch to say 'I'm ok' and that I'm back on track. 

      I bought a book on health anxiety and whilst in the midst of anxiety attacks I can't say it helped very much...but upon reflection now that I'm feeling a bit better, I can see how some of the strategies can help. If you're interested, it was called 'Stop worrying about your health' by George D Zgourides.

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      Sadly my symptoms are real and confirmed a doc. I did hope they were in my head. This foot problem is stopping me running at the mo so that is annoying. Sounds like you are back on track. 

      I need blood tests and to be cleared by the doc before I can run again and the last time I saw them they said if I can run again.

      I will have a look but I think my anxieties are non health related and just general everyday anxiety although I have been told as I have ASD I am more likely to suffer from anxiety. 

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their help.

    As an update. I have been feeling much better. I'm putting my 'episode' down to parasites that hadn't cleared completely along with severe stress/anxiety. 


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