No sense of smell Rhinitus. Unable to use steroids

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   I was told by a specialist yesterday I have rhinitus caused by an allergy. I webn because I've been unable to smell hardly anything for 8 weeks.

  My problem is that I am unable to use any form as steroid as this triggers CSR in my eye. Is there any other way that could possibly help? Maybe another medical alternative or natural remedy. I didnt really think I had any other symptoms but thinking about it, my nose has been stuffu for a long time.

Thamks for any ideas.

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    Bit hasty with the keys. Sorry about the random errors.
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    Hi Paul

    The simplest treatment for hay fever, rhinitis and sinusitis, where they are caused by an allergic reaction, is Evening Primrose Oil.

    I have posted this many times recently, but you may be new to patient, so I will repeat  the treatment.

    Evening Primrose Oil is not a drug, so it has no adverse side affects. It works in about 4hours and it is ettective for a further 24 hours, so one 1000mg capsule each day is usually effective in reducing allergic reactions.

    Try it for two weeks and see if it is a cure for your complaint. It is worth a try, and may just save you from a lifetime of suffering. 

    I had chronic hay fever, rhinitis and sinusitis for over 50 years, before discovering this miracle cure.

    Best Regards Ray.

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    Hi Lester

    There does not appear to be any difference in the Evening Primrose Oil available.

    I take the Cenovis brand because it is readily available

    Regards Ray.

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    I've just discovered this forum. I finally went to my GP as I have had allergic rhinitis for 2 years now, and this then developed into mild asthma. But my main problem was anosmia - it was 9 months since I could smell or taste anything.

    I had no pain, annoying rhinitis and took nasal drops and antihistamines.

    I was finally diagnosed with polyps, full bunged-up sinuses and told I need an operation to have a sinus washout and removal of polyps.

    I was also given a  blood test and that confirmed I have an allergic reaction to some mould and fungus.

    I'm still waiting for a date with my local ENT hospital department, 7 months so far!

    However, I did find the odd course of Prednisolone brought back my smell and taste within 2 days, but am told I mustn't take it very often.

    But this is what I want to pass on.

    I was lucky enough to spend 3 months walking in Crete this last summer - and after 2 weeks there I started to be able to smell and taste again! This seemed to improve almost daily, and by the time I returned to the UK 4 weeks ago, I was symptom free - no rhinitis, smell and taste returned.

    And now? 

    I can't smell or taste anything......

    I put this down to a dry warm atmosphere?

    I'm now going to try the Evening Primrose Oil.

    Have users found it helps?

    Other than moving to a warm dry climate I'm at a loss.......


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    I originally posted the following on the thread begun by Garnet888. It may be of some relevance to your problem; if nothing else it might give you reason to consider a wider scenario:


    I am now a crinkly who has had similar allergy/intolerance issues for more than 50 years. My allergy history may be of interest ...

    Around pubity I started to suffer with 'hayfever' - that is unpleasant reactions to pollen, especially from grasses - which made me repeatedly sneeeze hard (until my nose would bleed), made me wheezy and caused me sweat (fever). Year on year this became worse and extended beyond the main pollen season. By mid teens I stayed indoors for much of the summers - sometimes staying in bed beacuse the symptoms were so debilitating. Being somewhat distracted I messed up academic exams.

    Before 'A' levels I sought help from the NHS who tried somewhat crudely to test me for allegens. Mostly the test allergen spots put onto my skin caused large wheals that all blended together. No progress was made. Life continued its downward slide!

    Getting to and through College was a trauma. By this time I learnt to love alcohol and the deterioration spiralled. Allergic rhinitis/sinusitis became common place .... you'll be getting the picture?

    In work I had a colleague with similar problems and no positive outcome from NHS treatments who pestered me for possibly two years to visit a particular homeopath ( not a quack but a 'proper' doctor doing medical research) based in Southampton but also who practiced at Harley Street - which, at the time, was easily accessible to me. Eventually, very sceptical, I attended the London clinic. It was the best thing I ever did for my general well being!! 

    Afer a lot of discussion, a strange and slightly primitive looking electrical aparatus was physically connected to me and comparison made with dozens of material sample slides that were slotted into the machine. Within half an hour the doctor had identified a number of common foodstuffs to which I AM intolerant or allergic. I left with strict diatary exclusion orders that I stuck with for about two months before returning for another consultation. By this time life had taken a very different turn - no headaches, the sinuses were clear, my breathing was so good I could run again, my skin was clear; my mood was very much more bouyant. I was almost a new person!

    FOR ME the primary exclusions were processed sugars and related dairy produce (lactose has similar effects and is a very common allergen) plus to a lesser effect coffee, chicken, corn ... and the list goes on.

    I lived with my total exclusions for 35 years and enjoyed a very healthy life.

    Following early retirement from a successful career I decided that I should be able to re-introduce and control alcohol and sweet puddings. To begin I allowed ten pints of beer in the first year. This gradualy slid to the point that I have been drinking two pints a week and regular puddings, still a relatively small amount, that has made some of the allergy symptoms return with a vengeance. I have sneezing fits, almost continual headaches, problems with my eyes. I recently frightened myself when, with pint in hand, I went into an almost hypnotic state and started insulting a good friend - totally lost it!

    I am now back on my exclusions diet going through detoxification.




    Best wishes from an old but experienced fart.


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    Hello, you've mentioned that you're unable to use steroid as they trigger CSR in your eye.  What exactly is CSR ?

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    I am so glad to find the group! I live in San Francisco Bay Area, we are having a warm and dry winter. I have not been able to smell or taste anything for over month. My mouth and throat feel burning, eyes itching, no sneezing or running nose. I feel post nosal dripping all the time. Are they typically Allergies symptoms? Will I ever get my taste and smell back? Waiting to have MRI ordered by ENT next week, I think I need to do blood test for allergies.
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    I am so glad to find the group! I live in San Francisco Bay Area, we are having a warm and dry winter. I have not been able to smell or taste anything for over month. My mouth and throat feel burning, eyes itching, no sneezing or running nose. I feel post nosal dripping all the time. Are they typically Allergies symptoms? Will I ever get my taste and smell back? Waiting to have MRI ordered by ENT next week, I think I need to do blood test for allergies.
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      Hello, I live in England and lost my sense of smell and taste so many years ago.  It's due to inflammation

      we make through either Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (blocked ears) or sinus issues and allergies too.

      I've had a lot of allergy tests and most have only proved that house dust and animals cause mine.  However, I definitely know there are outside influences too.  Mould in the winter months that appear on trees and certain tree pollen cause my ears to block up.

      I take a daily Citrizine antihistamine, plus steroid nasal drops, that help very much with Post Nasal Drip (PND)

      Doubtful an MRI will show up anything that's significant. 

      I've had my smell and taste back for almost 11 months now....which is fabulous, I could taste my Christmas dinner this years for the first time in years and years.

      Your ENT consultant should be able to sort you out.



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      Hello Anne,

      Thanks so much for your reply! am so glad to hear you have had your smell and taste back!

      Your are right, neither my MRI or IgE blood test showed anything.

      The allergist said I may have non -allergies irritation and inflammation, and recommended keep using saline rinse and steriod nasal sprays. My ENT also said she has no other suggestions for treatment, it may takes year to get smell and taste back.

      My symptoms since have getting a little better, I still can't smell anything, post nasal drips still bad, but ear and throat pain are gone. I can taste very strong mint mouth wash and some sour stuff like lemon, but no sweet or salty taste.

      Your experience is very encouraging, hopefully I will get my sense of taste and smell back.

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      Morning,  Glad I was of some help....don't know what your real name is.

      I've found that if I revert back onto the steroid nasal spray, after 3 weeks

      my smell and taste goes again.  Hence the reason I don't use them anymore.

      I've heard they can make us lose those senses.

      As I've said, you've got to get rid of any potential inflammation, that's probably

      causing this problem.

      Are you now saying your ears are no longer blocked, if so that's a bonus.  If

      they are, then my only suggestion is a course of Prednisolone that will clear

      post nasal drip and inflammation and hopefully your senses will return....horrible 

      not being able to smell and taste.  I'm pretty blocked up this morning on my left

      side, so will use my flixonse nasule drops in the hope they will help.  ETD still



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      Hi Anne,

      Sorry I did not introduce myself, my real name is Linda.

      I just read about side effects of steroid nasal spray and decided to stop it .

      I had round of Prednisolone last October, it cleared out PND for a short period of time, but by last Christmas, it came back and I lost both senses.sad

      I am very frustrated, feel tired every day. I have not exercised for three months. I used to workout 3 times a week and ran 10 miles on weekends.

      I think I will take a step back just do saline rinses to see if the flare-up will eventually go away.

      I am very happy to find this support group.

      Have a good week and hope you feel better!


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      Hello Linda,

      The steroid sprays only go to the parts they're supposed to.

      I've now been on different ones for years and years.  However,

      just to get yourself sorted and quickly, I really would recommend

      another course of steroids, but like I've said a longer, but reducing

      course.  I think you're from England too, as you've spelt the steroid

      the same as I do, in the US, slightly different, but same drug.

      If you're in England you will definitely be able to be prescribed the

      Flixonase Nasule me, they will work and you'll get

      relief pretty quickly too, as I did.  You may find once you've done

      this your ears will unblock permanently and you may not have to

      use them again.

      Oh, I've just scrolled back to your first message and see in fact

      you're in the US.  So sadly, you won't be able to get the drops.

      I just want people on this Forum to get the relief that I have,

      because it's such an awful condition to suffer day in and day


      Just ask your specialist for an alternative to what I use....there

      must be one.  Write the name down and take it with you.

      The steroid Nasal Spray are only (50mcg)  where the Nasule

      drops are (400 micrograms (1mg/ml)

      Good wishes


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      Hi Linda,  My poor sister in-law has Rheumatoid arthritis.  She lives in Spain, so has

      to pay for all medial treatment.  She was on Prednisolone to help with the inflammation,

      but is now on a drug, that all though very strong, she said she wouldn't know she had

      the disease....such a very painful condition and very debilitating, my neighbour has it too

      and has been on so many drugs, injections, but 4 yrs later still having to take steroids.

      Autoimmune disease.

      Really feel for you.


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      Hi Anne,

      I am sorry to hear your family member also has autoimmune disease.

      I was very healthy before last May. It seemed all started with my dentist messed up my crown. I went through 3 more dentists to found and eventually pull the tooth. I think my immune system was mess up after that.

      I had measal shot last Xmas, I am from mainland China, did not have MMR shot when I was kid. It was also very stressful at week last 6 months, these probably all the facts of the flare-up.

      I read people has autoimmune diseases should not careful with immunization.


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      Morning, Wow, China.  Lovely talking with you.

      Any autoimmune disease is awful and wondering myself

      with immunisations, we all get these days, whether in fact

      does have a detriment affect on our bodies.  My hsband

      and I have the flu injection every winter in the hope it

      will protect us.  My husband also has an autoimmune

      disease, being Type 1 Diabetes and I suffer from Asthma.

      Both of which if we caught the flu could potentially be very

      serious.  So it's a catch twenty !!  We've both been very

      lucky this year as the flu epidemic has been bad in England,

      not even caught a cold, which I'm so happy about as colds

      are very bad for me and my sinuses and Eustachian Tube

      Dysfunction.  I also had the injection to protect me from

      getting shingles.

      You could ask about the tablets that my sister in-law is taking

      for Rheumatoid Arthritis, it's called ARAVA.

      My very best wish to you Linda

      Kind regards


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