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Guy's i don't know what to do. I've been getting little to no sleep for over a year now. I feel like absoulte sh*t. At first i thought it would go away but clearly it has not. I don't think its a genetic issue as i didn't have this issue before i would go to sleep like a normal person. Am not necessarily? worried about the sleep but for my exams that is coming up on the 25th of may. Am hoping to get a B for my maths retake however. I really am afriad that the sleep issue will induce me to make dumb mistakes that could have been avoided had i gotten the adequate amount of neccesary sleep. Am having a blood-test tommorow to see if i am vitamin defficent which i expect as that can impact sleep from my research. But even knowing that ive started taking 5htp for over 3 days and my sleep is still crap. The most amount of hours of sleep ive had this week is 2 hours possibly a few minutes extra. I just want to die. I feel like my decisons are reckless i dont feel my self anymore. what frusterates me immensely is when my friends complain that they got little sleep and i ask them how much they've gotten and they say 6 hours 7 e.t.c. Regardless of that any supplements that may help me. I've used "Kalm" worked for me like a week than. Suddenly didn't work at all even with higher dosses.

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    Hi johnny06301

    Deficiency in vits can interfere with your particular vit B12 and all the other B vits plus all other vitamins A C E K etc., to help you body to function well. Also, is your diet healthy and not full of junk and sugar especially before bedtime witch can prevent you from sleeping.....i suspect your doc will check all your vits make sure he/she does B12. I had a B12 deficiency and could not sleep...i sleep really well now after having 6 loading B12 injections one every 2 weeks and now 1 every three months....also sitting at a computer on on mob phones late at night prevents sleep because the light will get your seratonin going in your brain which will keep you wishes keep us posted.....

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      Yeah appreciate the helpful advice. Am just scared I might never be able to solve this sleep issue I don't even want 8 hours of sleep. Just atleast 6 hours 😐😑. I'll defiantly update you how it goes. Perhaps today I will get a decent amount of sleep considering I had little to none yesterday. Finger crossed though. Also you talked about the light on the screen which messes up my circadian rhythm. Never really considered reading a book unless it's on an iPad 😂 but I'll give it a try In which i don't use an electronic for an hour before going to sleep. However I've noticed that when it's around say 6 ish I begin to get tired why is that the case. It's like only in the morning is when I feel tired. But when night time comes bang I can't go to sleep. What am I 😅

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      Hi johnny06301

      Just follow the 'must do's'....

      a) Get Vits checked which you are doing

      b) No junk food or sugar befor 9pm

      c) No caffeine go decaf

      d) No computer 2 hours before bed

      e) No mob 'phone 2 hours before bed..that is answer calls and txts but no staring at it for hours....

      f) No alcohol.....

      If you are doing any of these things.....STOP!!

      Best wishes..keep us updated

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      Sorry!....meant to say.... no junk food or sugar before ir after 9pm...
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    Also if you drink coffee go decaf....caffeine will keep you awake also..
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    I'm a psychiatric nurse so see many people with sleep issues. In the interim period whilst you are awaiting tests etc try phenergan (promethazine) tablets. You can buy them over the counter in 10mg and 25mg tablets. We prescribe patients 25mg to 50mg to be taken 30 mins - 60 mins before bed and advise avoiding computers/technology during this period whilst your mind and body rests in preperation to sleep, so try things to wind down such as a bath or reading. I hope this doesn't sound patronizing as they are probably things you have already tried. Best of luck!

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    have you tried kalms night, or noctura, 1 thing i did on the advice of a collegue was to try magnesium spray or the flakes in a bath, i tried the spray as it was meant to help with my aches and pains as well, two nights later i slept like a log over slept my alarm clock and was late for work, or going to bed same time every night to sleep, many apps out there to use for soothing music/sounds its trial and error with that, something else i find usefull is an app called sleepbot, it records your movements and noises you make while you sleep, maybe your thinking too much about not sleeping causing your brain to stay switched on, maybe read a boring book, my daughters book on justin bieber sent me to sleep


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    When troubled with sleeping, we were first told to try and top up the very own made 'Melatonin'. Depends where you are. In USA you get it pres. free and quite cheap, in Australia needs to be prescribed. It's worth a try and start with a low dose before going up, since a too much causes less sleep.

    5HTP is a precursor for serotonin and melatonin, you might want to go directly to melatonin and put that in, not via making yourself.

    Then again there are pure true insomnia patients. You might want to look into a sleep study and discuss with doc about it once other issues and possibilities (from vitamins to poor sleep hygiene-noise-anxiety-stress) have been addressed. 

    Good sleep!

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