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patricia38799 patricia38799

No steriods for 3 weeks

Hi  all is it true that I can be on Prednisone for a long time without any ill effects on my body if only on 5mg. I have  pains again after tapering of the steroids for 18ths. and am thinking of going back to 5mg. I am 78yrs old. Perhaps .

I should have a blood test to see if that is the problem


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  • Michdonn patricia38799

    Patricia, am 80, I not worried about low dosage of Pred, it may increase the risk of cataracts, hell they have been watching my cataracts for 15 years. I have to go have my I looked at annually because I am a diabetic. Cataracts have not changed much in the past two years on Prednisone. Read the report. The positive and try to smile. ☺️

    • patricia38799 Michdonn

      Michdonn, you did not say what your dosage is, or how long you have been on Prednisone. Its the osteo  I am concerned with. It thins the bones, Also my doctor  gives me Prolia injections to stop the bones getting worse. But that also has problems ie. having dental work done. Apparently it causes trouble with healing and pulling teeth out. But I am still smilingsmile


    • Michdonn patricia38799

      Patricia, I am a 80 ski instructor so I am very concerned about think bones. I have been on Prednisone for two years. Current dosage 7 mg should be starting a new taper next week to 6.5 using DSNS. Started on 20 mg and have been as high as 30. I try to stay very active walking and riding a bicycle. Have been taking calcium and magnesium for years. Get a bone density scan every two years. I hope I have answered your questions. I think positive and try to smile. ☺️ Good Luck on your PMR journey.

    • BettyE patricia38799

      I didn't mention this in my previous post but the only bone protection I could tolerate while on Pred. was Calceos. I have also for many years taken cod liver oil and Glucosomine ( 1000mgs. per day ) My GP thoroughly approved of the G and suggested taking it before he knew that I already did.

      My scans when I had a hip replacement showed " amazing bone density for your age ".

      I think I must have inherited my mum's bone genes. Although she had several falls in her nineties there were no fractures. The point I'm making is that bone loss is not inevitable though it obviously needs careful monitoring.

      BUT I did have terrible teeth! Almost as though they donated their calcium to my bones.

    • patricia38799 Michdonn

      Hi Michdonn, you sound terrific still doing ski instructing. Do you have prolia injections every 6months for Osteo? or is the calcium and magnesium keeping it at bay also your ski instructing must be helping  a lot all that lovely exercise. smile

    • Michdonn patricia38799

      No Patricia bone density scan should have one this fall and they I might have an injection if necessary. My active and diet seems to be keep me out of trouble. Skiing has always been a passion. And when skiing with a group of seniors one of the instructors asked me to join the ski school. I did had a marvelous time. So I am enjoying life, thinking positive and smiling. ☺️

  • BettyE patricia38799

    I first had PMR when I was sixty seven and altogether was on Pred. for eight years. ( two episodes with five years remission in between ).   I had some of the side effects which all abated as the dose reduced.

    Took my last dose four and a half years ago and so far, so good. I'm now eighty six  do all my own house work and still grow a lot of my own veg.   I still drive though not all over the country as I used to do. Cataracts are a problem but they have been a long time developing. Hope that is reassuring. Best wishes.

  • Anhaga patricia38799

    If you have been off steroids for three weeks and pain is returning then it is a sign PMR is not in remission.  Yes, I think it is generally agreed that 5 mg causes no more damage than natural aging does!  And if it keeps the damaging inflammation at bay, then so much the better.  How did you taper to get off the steroids?  What was the last dose where you felt well before you went to zero?

    • patricia38799 Anhaga

      Hi Anhaga, I started on 10mg as instructed by my Rheumatologist and tapered by 1mg every month.till only1mg which I felt good on then 1 month later stopped,3 weeks later pains in neck side of knees and  top of legs, hard to bend down. go to doctor today for blood test to make sure its not Osteo.


    • EileenH Anhaga

      Yes - but you notice patricia now has a return of pains which suggests that the amount she needed is perhaps 1 or 2mg so the early reduction will have been well above what she requires and so relatively easy.

    • Anhaga EileenH

      Oh I completely agree of course.  Just trying to establish this timeline as it seems unbelievable that a doctor would allow it, but why should anything the doctors do surprise me any more?  

    • patricia38799

      I was diagnosed (by myself) 18th months ago Doctor put me on 25mg to see if that was the problem  said if the pain goes that's what you have! then he started reducing my medication too quickly, In the end I went to see a Rheumatologist and she started me back on 10mg I had got down to 5mg at that stage and still in pain and to reduce 1 mg every month and that's the stage I am in. Havent got results of blood test yet but had a sneaky 1mg this morning smile



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