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So far all I've had even remotely resembling withdrawal symptoms has been anxiety. . And I already suffer from anxiety so that's nothing dofferent, I can sleep, I don't appear to have any withdrawal symptoms YET.. I'VE ONLY BEEN OFF A WEEK... and I did have a small piece of a pill like 3 nights ago... so that may have something to do with why the symptoms haven't started yet.. I was on 7.5 for like 4 months... for sleep... I couldn't sleep for 2 nights after stopping and that was it.. I can sleep now. And I do feel a little more anxiety than normal.... but I guess I was just expecting the kind of withdrawal symptoms I got when I stopped ambien or xanax.... or my other medications... I didn't even taper off mirt I quit cold turkey... so...not that I'm complaining, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. It's just I expected it. I even set aside a few days of my time to handle the withdrawal (I literally plan ahead on these things)

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    I have my fingers crossed for you and everyne is different and has different tolerance to drugs. I unfortunatly amnone of the very unlucky ones. My withdrawl cold turkey like you from 7.5mg aftwr 4 days off the proverbial (@#) hit the fan so much so i was rushed to hospital with severe stomach pains for a week having all sorts of tests ct ultrasound. Nothing.They changed my ad then took me off it in case that was making me worse. I cant go to work am in severe pain unable to eat and fainting this is now 4 weeks off and am housebound. Today after another house call after my son found me having fainted with the pain my doctor feels i have to reinstate the mirt as it has caused my ibs to literally attack me its that severe and i also have to go to see a heart specialist next week as i have a small amount of fluid around my heart which may or may not be adding to the pain. Any pain relief they try and give me i have a reaction to because i have nothing in my tummy. I came off mirt purely because it made me very sedated and drink like for most of the day but at least i could just about work and eat and no pain and it helped the depression. I wish you the very best please let us know how its goes. Why are you coming off?
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    Same with me. It's been more than two months since I quit 12 years of 45mg mirtazapine and I felt weird for 10 days. 

    The problem is, those of us coming off ADs are already depressed or were diagnosed with GAD or PTSD, so whenever we experience something even remotely challenging or frightening, out anxiety kicks in and our brains think we're on the cusp of global thermonuclear war and we overreact—which is "normal" for those of us with those conditions. It takes time for the brain to realize it's not in imminent danger. And it's maddening.

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      "so whenever we experience something even remotely challenging or frightening, out anxiety kicks in and our brains think we're on the cusp of global thermonuclear war and we overreact?".  I couldn't have put it better myself.  In fact I don't think I should ever have been given this drug, I have suffered with stress for the last thirty plus years and coped and I feel that whatever the experience was last year, was more physical than mental.  I feel that the mirtazapine was masking something.  An ultrasound last October in the midst of my "crisis" showed a possible adenoma on the parathyroid, then five months later a different hospital ultrasound showed possible overactive thyroid and then back in July of this year a blood test showed possible underactive thyroid!! However tell that to the "expert" psychs who blame everything on anxiety or depression, same as GP's who blame everything on gerd!   I am glad you are coping okay. 

      I had a wobble last week and felt nauseous and odd in my head (no comment), it could have been a bit of a virus or coincided with starting some far too strong sublingual B12 tablets,  or a discussion with a surgeon suggesting possible exploration of my neck,  which sent me into panic mode (after the 13 week nausea ordeal) and straight away "it's anxiety and up the dose".  I said how do you differentiate between mental and physical health but she was like a politician and answered with a question, lol.

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      Sorry I missed the point, so what I was meaning to say is that I have not really had any withdrawals, just felt a little odd for a few days but I never feel great anyway.  Am on 3.75mg at the moment.  The 30mg were awful made me feel unwell, very irritated and anxious and the cats got sworn at a lot!!!  15mg wasnt as bad but then when I read all the side effects which included depressed bone marrow and I have severe osteoporosis, I felt this is not for me.
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    Good luck Lynda, long may it last, watch out for the 2 week window.  You could be one of the lucky ones, keep us posted, I'd love to hear a good news story for a change where Mirt' is concerned.

    Best wishes 

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    Hey Lynda... how are ya doing today..???

    I am really hoping no withdrwals yet. Hope you are having a good day. Let us know

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      Still the same .. no withdrawal symptoms as of yet which I'm glad to say! I have noticed tho I'm still feeling some effects that I've only felt on mirt so it may not be over yet... I don't know how long it stays in our systems and everything so withdrawal might still happen...

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      I Hope you do OK Lynda.

      I am really keeping my fingerscrossed for you. Sometimes it might be also psychological... people read all those horrorr stories in internet and they get withdrawal just by dwelling on the symptoms.

      All the best

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      Lol Toni you sound like a psychiatrist.  I think most people, like myself, only start searching for forums like this when we are suffering with side effects already.  I know what you mean though.  They say a little knowledge is dangerous and when I quoted that to an endocrinologist and added but lack of GP knowledge is even more dangerous, she said she couldnt agree more!

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