Nobody has mentioned bloodshot eyes with the condition

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My symptoms started a year ago and I've recently been diagnosed with blepharitis having been told it was dry eye syndrome previously. I get the crusty lids and the grittiness but the puffy and bloodshot eyes are the worst symptoms? Does anyone else have this?

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    Angela  I too have bloodshot eyes with very red eyelids, which look ghastly.  I don't seem to have puffy eyes though.  As yet I have not found a solution, but if I do I will let you know.  Carol
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    Hi, yes I wondered why no one else had bloodshot eyes too! I do too. I got this blepharitis after I caught a bacterial infection in my eye. After that I thought the infection was recurring because the whites of my eye where bloodshot and red. It's been hard for me to control, apparently I have dry eye now too as that is a result of posterior bleph- your meibomian glands are affected and don't produce the right quality or quantity of oil for the eye. 

    I use wet wipes daily on rims of eyes to remove bacteria or whatever else. 

    I use systane ultra eye drops- moisturising ones.

    I use azimythrozin pill once a week to help with bacteria and the inflammation 

    I sometimes use steroid/antibiotic ointment at night.

    Yes, that is a lot I know BUT there is no other alternatives, doctors really have this condition misunderstood and it's sad we just get flogged off with these treatments that merely reduce the symptoms.

    Wish you luck, if you get any other good treatments let us know how it goes. 


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    Yes, I got all of that and it has brought me down so much in life. The pain is so unbearable. The wipes and drops do nothing. I am going to take oral antibiotics next week and see how it goes. I can't live this way any longer. 
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    Yes, I got all of that and it has brought me down so much in life. The pain is so unbearable. The wipes and drops do nothing. I am going to take oral antibiotics next week and see how it goes. I can't live this way any longer. 
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      Now hang on just a second.

      If you read my "Sympathise" thread, you know i'm qualified to respond to you. For 40 years I have suffered with this condition , and was at the point of suicide once.

      DO NOT let this take over your emotions. I know it's a [email]$#@#$[/email]... to put it mildly. I know it hurts, it's humiliating, frustrating, agonizing, disgusting and no one deserves it.

      Remember... there is always someone who is fighting a bigger battle than you. I know this guy who has half his face burned and there is scar tissue on half his face. I also know this guy who has a deformed nose due to a strange condition disease. They get through every day and do it well. In fact one guy is the supervisor of a large company.



      Look at the positivces in your life.

      Do what you can to bring down the symptoms of your problem... use the methods people are using here with some success... , and put aside what you can't do anything about.

      It takes practice, but you can hushen that nagging voice that insists life is over with this problem.

      Attitude is everything. De- stress about your problem the best you can and your symptoms may subside a little.

      Also... do what I do and use the white eyeliner and cover - up stick.

      You can find some relief...

      Get on with it!


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      Thank you for the harsh but necessary words. Thank you for picking me up, dusting me off and sending me on my way. I would never take my life over this but the pain is so bad I would cut off a few toes or even a finger to make this pain go away. The stupid doctors do nothing. Oh try baby shampoo and eye drops and it will get better. That is like giving a cancer patient aspirin. It does nothing. I will keep fighting and not give up until this is gone. I promise. 

      Thank you again for the support. 

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      Yes it is very very frustrating. Just hang in there and attack this thing best you can and focus on being good to yourself. You are alive, so live! Also remember to think of others and give the self- worry some time off. Not that it's wrong to be upset, we have every right to be.

      I'll step off my speech box now! LOL

      Sending you and everyone here love.


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      Thank you again for the support. I am sure there are worst things in life but I have this along with insomnia and the two just bring me down. I will keep up the good fight and not give up. Forms like this really help. I will report back on my condition after the oral antibiotics. 

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