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Non hormonal copper coil - pain

Hi, I had copper coil in a month ago and all was fine until the end of my first period a few days ago, now I have some abdominal pain (but not period-like pain). Had it checked by the doctor who put the coil in and she says the threads are there and the coil is in place. If the pain doesn't go away she advised me to see my GP. I feel really well otherwise, no other symptoms.

It feels like the coil is 'digging' into me, can that happen? Maybe its just sitting in an uncomfortable place? Has anyone else experienced this?


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    I have the cooper coil fitted about 8 months ago, and I have this exact same pain every month. Very odd, about 2 days after my period has finished i get the same 'digging in' sensation you're describing. Another mate of mine has it too (at times). Mine is pretty much like clock work. It goes away pretty quickly (although im on my second day of it today and totally over it) and i havent yet bothered to contact the doc about it. I have a feeling that its just 're-adjusting' itself post period and that the lining of the womb - now its shed post period (sorry sounds minging) might eb more sensitive to its presence sitting in there.

    That's the only explaining i can think of. Theres no blood, nothing, just pain, bearable pain but pain nonetheless. I just don't think theres much that can be done about it...if you find out that its something else let me know!

    Oddly enough though the period pains have got better and my period have got lighter over the last 8 mths, so my body must be getting used to it a bit.

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    I had the copper coil put in 5 months ago. Im having exactly the same post period cramps. I thought maybe the coil had moved as the pain was quite intense but the nurse said my coil was in the correct position. I agree with Anne that it must be some post period re adjustment thing.

    Trying to have sex during the two days post period adjustment was a big mistake. it was extremely painful and un comfortable.

    I have also found that my period has lengthened from three days to seven plus two days of adjusting cramps afterwards. Im not sure if this is a worthy trade off for birth control yet. It feels like my period is now so heavy I can not run a normal life durigng at least two days of the seven and when the period is finally over there is only another three weeks left until the next one!

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    I had the copper coil fitted 2 years ago and ever since have had very heavy periods and what used to be 3/4 days is now more like a week. I also have heavy discharge inbetween each period so I feel like it never stops! Though there has been no weight gain or hormonal problems, which is why I chose this coil. My sister is using the marina coil and swears by it, she has no pain, mood swings or weight gain. So do I stay on this coil or change? Does anyone know of an alternative? I have 2 children and am only in my twentys!!

    [quote:0b1cb9b9be=\"Anonymous\"]I had the copper coil put in 5 months ago. Im having exactly the same post period cramps. I thought maybe the coil had moved as the pain was quite intense but the nurse said my coil was in the correct position. I agree with Anne that it must be some post period re adjustment thing.

    Trying to have sex during the two days post period adjustment was a big mistake. it was extremely painful and un comfortable.

    I have also found that my period has lengthened from three days to seven plus two days of adjusting cramps afterwards. Im not sure if this is a worthy trade off for birth control yet. It feels like my period is now so heavy I can not run a normal life durigng at least two days of the seven and when the period is finally over there is only another three weeks left until the next one![/quote:0b1cb9b9be][color=darkblue:0b1cb9b9be][/color:0b1cb9b9be]

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    I have had the copper IUD coil since 9 weeks after childbirth. My body went into a mild shivering shock afterwards, but after that it was fine.

    My son is about to turn 4 and I have quite severe abdominal pain mid month - ie when ovulating. When I walk I feel like i've got a tennis ball up there and it's very uncomfortable. I mentioned this to the nurse on my last smear visit, and she just nodded her head - knowingly.

    It seems this is normal but I am at the stage of making an appointment to have it removed. It gets me down every month and I cannot face being with my husband around this time.

    I woke this morning with fairly bad pain - I also get what seems to be very painful wind also (maybe you don't need to know this!) and anadin extra takes this away.

    It seems to suit some more than others!

    Take care all!


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    hiya, i'm 23 years old, i've had the non-hormonal coil for about 18 months now, i do find that some months it can get very uncomfortable, but on a whole after your body has got used to the sheer fact that its in there then they get alot easier.

    this month has been stressfull so my periods were alot heavier and painfull but i do find that the less stressed i am the less they hurt.

    my advise is that on each morning of your period take a couple of pain killers and try and stay happy, its got me through each month with ease.

    take it easy x x x[color=indigo:ed9a4c61ba][/color:ed9a4c61ba][/i]

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    Im planning on getting a copper IUD soon and have heard about this cramping. Im hoping something I take for period pain will work the same for this.

    Try taking a medication called Buscopan. Its for IBS relief, but the medication is actually an anti spasmodic (hyoscine butylbromide) which works on the muscles in your lower body. You can even buy it in Tesco's now.

    Its brilliant as its not a painkiller, it actually prevents the muscles cramping. I have been curled up in bed with period paid before, had one and within 15minutes been fine when no painkillers had sorted me out.

    It also works great if you have a stomach ache/food poisoning with th painful cramps that make you double over.

    Im hoping it works for these sort of cramps too! I though i'd share as very few people know about this and everyone i have given it to has been amazed.

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    i've been reading alot about the implant lately. which i've had for 2.5 yrs now. im so sick of hormonal contraception i could die! i have to wait 2 weeks for an apointment just to speak to someone about it. i've been looking at getting the nonhormonal IUD as the implant has made me mental, depressed, grumpy all the time and stopped me loosing any weight. lately the only way to not put more weight on is to not eat more then a bowl of cerial and maybe some veg in the evenings! i've tried diets and exercise but i cant shift it. i've gained abt 3 stone while being on the implanon implant. the idea of getting the IUD even with the threat of heavier periods or having to take buscopan (which my b/f needs anyway lol) is almost miraculous. i say almost as there seems to be downsides to EVERY possible form of contraception!

    i dont really plan to ever have kids so i was considering sterilisation. but im only 23 and it seems a little drastic.

    im desperate tp find something that actually works!!!

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    Hello, Everyone!! I have a copper iud for 2 years now, found the experience dreadfull. Heavy bleeding, down my legs, actually, couldn't leave house for days, huge pain, can't bare it without a huge amount of painkillers, and bleeding after sex and spotting. had to talk to my gp about it, and the main question was: why are they still using this old model??? that was quite a shock 'cos I found myself being stupid and not knowing it was such an old model...that was tt 380 slimline. ooops. remembered quite clearly that at the time of fitting, the doctor mentioned it's the best. so the first question was: have I been taken for a fool???anyway, gp mentiones that the one I have is a lot cheaper than others. that made me mad!! and that is known to give heavy bleeding and pain and weight problems..arghhhh! that was exactly what I said to the doctor I wouldn't take... felt dissapointed by health system altogether...anyway, on monday I'm having it removed and mirena ius fitted instead. that's only because I would struggle remembering to take the pill...but only when I think about the entire process and the pain...makes me shake!!! don't wanna scare anyone just that, indeed, everyones body is different, some take it, some don't!!! take care everyone, and read before u try, unlike I did...

    • cjohn75 cjohn75 Guest

      My girlfriend has the same symptoms heavy bleeding nausea painful cramps hot and cold sweats she too has had hers in for quite some time I want to help but don't know how any advice

  • crimsonlady crimsonlady


    after a year of bleeding had a few investigations and pills. later i was rail roaded to have the mirena fitted in march let up with bleeding .house bound a few times emotions all over the place and for the first 2 months a noticible lower back pain.

    it is now july last week went to work at 9 by 10 in a and e bleeding heavily and spent 2 days on a drip.

    I no longer have the coil

    it was lost at some point from when it was fitted

    i was also moody .gained weight shifted some then the rest stuck.

    I had been given lots of information spoke to alot of friends who have very successful experiances ,a few said it takes about 6 months to settle their comments were ;the best thing ever;

    me never again

    but you have to give these things a try.

    • stelka91 stelka91 crimsonlady

      hi i have quite the same situation that you have described... i had my coil iud fitted on 3 sep 14 and since thay day im still bleeding.. the pain is horrible like someone or something is stabbing me on one side...  no painkillers help at all...i went to get checked they gave me some pills to stop the bleeding but the only thing it did is that i dont bleed as much but is still bleed... i got my self an appoinment for a blood test and a scan soon... also you have to check for the freds so i did check it at first there was two and really short but now theres only one and long one...  i really want to know whats wrong...

  • kaz75 kaz75


    I had really heavy painful periods until i had the mirena coil fitted 4 years ago, i had a few problems to begin with, spotting in between periods and mood swings but after about 6 month that all settled down.

    Now i dont have periods or the pain anymore so i feel like i have my life back.

    I'd recommend getting the mirena coil instead of the copper IUD.

  • Guest2012 Guest2012

    I've just had my copper coil removed. I had it fitted earlier this year. Although it took 45 minutes, it was painless. My cervix tilts a lot so it was difficult for the doctor to fit. Very little hassle with it. Minor, minor spotting for a couple of days afterwards. No real issues but total loss of libido. Put on some weight as well but not sure that's down to the coil. Periods were a bit earlier and a few days longer but not painful.

    Decided to have it removed to see if my libido returns. Removal was easy, quick and painless. But as soon as it came out, I felt a whole lot better. Although I couldn't specifically feel the coil, I always had a sensation of something being there. A bit like having a tiny stone in your shoe. That feeling has gone. Back to the diaphragm for me!

  • sofaz56 sofaz56

    To the lady who suggested using Buscopan: You life saver! I had the copper iud fitted and was in quite a lot of pain. The day after I had it fitted i started taking Buscopan (whilst taking cocodamol) and it really really helped! The day after i was able to get out and about i still had some pain but it was much much better!

  • johanna2 johanna2

    Hi I had a copper coil fitted a few days ago and one of the main reason I went with this is because of the weight gain I have experienced on the pills and my mood swings, after reading a few comments from woman it seems some say they gained weight on the cooper coil... Is this possible as there are no hormones so what makes you gain the weight... Also I feel I can feel it does this feeling go away?

    Thanks for any responses


  • sofaz56 sofaz56

    HI Hanna,I had the implant and it made me gain so much weight! I've had the copper coil about 9 months now and have had no weight gain. Well I had a little but I put that down to a few hollidays and too many carbs! However since the copper coil has no hormones it's not thought to cause weight loss. As for being able to feel it,I couldn't feel it but everyones different. I'm sure it'll pass within a few days though,it is something different that your body needs to get used to. Hope this helps! Xx

  • lauren43 lauren43

    Hi im 17 and had the copper coil fitted in December 2012, its been nearly 4 months and ive only had one proper period which was in January, ever since ive had it fitted every single day ive had a horrible smelly brown discharge which means im always having to wear pads and cannot be sexually actice with my partner.

    The doctors and nurses are saying everythings okay and its normal after 2 internal examinations, its really getting me down and was just wondering if it wears off eventually, the doctors are saying give it six months for your body to get used to it, I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same or whether anyone elses side effects have wore off after the first six months, im ready to have it taken out but wont know what else to use.

    Thanks in advance x

  • zara 70692 zara 70692

    Hi I'm 22 I have had a non hormonal coil fitted about a year and half ago my periods still go on for longer I seem to start my affects of my period le my boobs get very big and really sore on the 20th of every month and I don't come on till the 2nd of the following month and I'm on my period till the 7th and then after I finish I still spot blood in this all normal

  • a17230 a17230

    Im 25 and had the copper coil fitted a week ago. While I found the actual fitting process a little uncomfortable my real problems started when I got home. I got such severe cramps that I spent the entire day vomiting which also meant I couldn't keep down any painkillers. Any incredibly unpleasant experience. When I went back to the Drs they said it was normal to be in intense pain for up to 6 hours afterwards. I never even thought it was a possibility.

    I've been bleeding and cramping pretty constantly since that day though the vomiting has stopped. So like other people have said before its a pretty effective method because if the bleeding continues i'll never have sex again. The coil was sold to my by Drs as having very few issues and I naively trusted them rather than reading up on it before. Does it really take 6 months to settle? How long will I continue to bleed for?! I dread to think what my periods will be like if this is the inbetween stages!

    • Oh.livvy.ahh Oh.livvy.ahh a17230

      I'm the same! I had the copper coil fitted yesterday, and today was awoken with an intense constant cramping pain and nausea, I haven't moved from bed except to vomit! Hoping it doesn't last much longer, but from what I'm reading on this forum, I'm getting super freaked out that it's gonna ruin my life! 😕

  • kellyjelly kellyjelly

    I'm 26 with no children and had the copper coil fitted a few days ago , it was the worst pain I have ever experienced and with all the pain I'm experiencing now I'm regretting having it put in , I am still bleeding , I am having extreme cramps , my insides are spazzing out can only describe it as similar to a palpitation , I'm constantly taking pain killers , I get constant twinges that takes breath away and I'm waking up I'm tears if I sleep on my front or back (worse if I'm on my back) I constantly need to go to the toilet , I can't hold it for a few mins if I'm busy i have to go straight away other wise it becomes an intense ache and causes me to shudder and shake, I can constantly feel it there , if I lean towards the mirror near the sink or gently touch the area it's extremely painful and sensitive and if I'm not experiencing cramps it's like a constant dull ache , I have actually been dying a hot water bottle at every given opportunity , it works for a little until take it off

    I really hope this will subside soon , as I'm terrified now of being told I have to have it removed

    I would strongly recommend not having this done if you have not given birth , if these problems persist it will actually be the best contraception ever cause I'll never want to be touched in that area ever again

    I'm also not just being a wimp as I have an extremely high pain threshold


    • jen28123 jen28123 kellyjelly

      I just had an IUD placed last Wed. WOW was it painful. I had terrible cramps that night into the next day. Here we are to Sunday and I don't really have cramps but I do still have stomach pain. It's kind of hard to explain but it doesnt' feel good. I'm really hoping that it does away soon. I know it's only been a few days but I don't like it. Other than that I haven't even had any bleeding yet. I tired to find the stings that the doc said she didni't cut yet and I'm not really feeling them? That's worrying me also.

  • michaela34234 michaela34234

    Hi everyone, I had the copper coil fitted last Wednesday after a failed attempt to be sterilized. I wanted something non hormonal as everything Ive used in the past has made me gain a lot of weight among other side effects, The last pill I was using I gained 3st in 7mths. I have had 3 kids so I made the decision to get sterilized, with it failing I was offered the copper coil as an alternative, the day I had it done I came home and was being sick, cramps had me in tears, no painkillers worked. Now nearly a week down the line Ive stopped being sick, I am still spot bleeding and the craps are constant and painful, Im already thinking I should go for the older sterilization and go and speak to my GP about having surgery. The joys of being a woman.....


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