Non Resolving Prostatitis/Urination Problems Help Please!

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Hi, I'm a 37 year old male looking for some advice from fellow/previous sufferers please.  On the 14th November 2014 I woke up and the morning pee was almost impossible..for the rest of the day stream flow down 60%, no prior warning, never any health issues prior..never even given

the prostate any thought.  Next day the same so went to emergency room and given AB's (Bactrim) for UTI...Also had red pee tip with burning on voiding. 


The four weeks following my urine stream went down to about 10% (then up a bit) and I didn't leave the house for 4 weeks as I could only void squatting down into a jug and pushing with everything I had, with the phone ready to dial 111 for emergency drainage.


Several visits to doc (8 different docs in total)...had DRE twice (first one painful, 2nd not) and reported as 'normal', all said might be a prostate infection or UTI and tried 3 different AB's.  After 6 weeks a doc said I had prostatitis and to get tested for STD, so I did and was positive for Chlamydia.  Given doxy for 1 week by GUM improvement.  Back to doc and given Doxy and Flomax for 4 weeks.  No change.


Went back to doc after 4 weeks...referred for Ultrasound and flow test...Ultrasound all clear, prostate normal size, bladder emptying, kidneys normal, flow rate up and down like a yo-yo.


Continued to self medicate with Doxy


Back to doc again (Feb)...referred to URO for suspected stricture and earliest appointment is 29th May 2015 (70 day wait, nice one NHS!)


4 weeks ago URO wrote to doc and copied me in on the letter and suggested flow test is indicative of prostate problems and suggested 4 weeks of CIPRO and a different alpha blocker


Now 3 weeks into CIPRO and Xatral alpha blocker - ZERO improvement (if anything it's gotten a little worse)


Have been self dilating with Hagar Sounds 5 inches in (can't get past the J curve with those sounds), no stricture found as can easily pass a 7mm/8mm - ZERO improvement apart from a slightly bigger pee hole :-)


Will be seeing URO 29th May and the situation boils down to this:


In 5 months no improvement, prostatitis pain mildly on and off for the first couple of weeks then vanished, penis tip ALWAYS red but now no burning, pathetic flow rate, getting started is a nightmare, after waking especially bad (just drips before flowing and sometimes completely blocked, have to walk around before can void), tingling sensation that comes and goes from pubic bone/bladder area.  Have had a few occasions where stream was reasonable if the bladder is pretty full but the pee muscle keeps shutting on and off no matter how hard I try to relax.


All this after a total of approx 12 weeks on AB's and 7 weeks on Alpha Blockers.


Does anyone have any ideas?


I am now concerned I have an aggressive prostate cancer/BPH and have ordered a home PSA test and a set of Van Burren sounds to attempt to dilate myself to the bladder neck


I've just done a strip test on my urine and shows 100% normal.


Doc said 'Don't worry it's not serious you're too young for cancer or BPH - whilst I appreciate his optimistic view the results speak for themselves - this is not going away and frankly it's screwing my life up big time)


Sexual function is normal yet a rather pathetic display on ejaculation if you know what I mean (unless it's been 2 weeks then there's a half decent display)


With the URO appointment still 6 weeks out I'm clutching at straws trying to solve this.


Any help, suggestions or advice would be appreciated.                            



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    Hallo James

    I dont know if this will work but the advice that I can give you is to drink water but not too much. I thought water is good for you so I drank so much that I think it wasnt good for my prostate. I saw a specialist who told me to drink not more than 2 litres of fluids per day. Secondly I think you must try and get your bladder more flexible by not going to the toilet too frequently. Wait till your bladder is full before urinating and then make sure you empty your bladder as much as you can.

    Thirdly try and eat meat and vegetables and reduce youre starches and carbohydrates. Aparently it is a good mesure to eat 1 slice of bread per meal or  one medium potato etc. I cannot say that this is tested but it kind of worked a little bit for me. I must say that I didnt have the severe problems that you had but I think that you must give this a   

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      Hi Wally5, yes I drink about 1-2 litres of water a day...before this started I had a course of accupuncture for emotional/anger issues and the therapist told me to drink LOTS of water and I started doing that, especially after immediately waking up, I was peeing every 30 minutes sometimes with a normal stream at that time.  Maybe her advice was incorrect.

      When I went to the first doc he also told me to drink up to 4-6 litres a day to 'flush' everything out but I didn't as I had a hugh fear of not being able to void. I feel the most comfortable with about 1.5 litres of water a day.

      Yes I willl try bladder retraining as over the years I've gotten into the habit of voiding regularly (every hour or 2)...I went to the bathroom the other day on autopiliot and whilst at the toilet thought 'why am I here?  I don't need a pee!

      I've been eating a lot of veg recently and cut out the crappy foods...mostly to lean up for the summer...yet it's had no improvement so far for my urination problems

      Thank you for your input and I hope we can resolve these awful, evil diseases we are experiencing

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    My problem started off just like yours in the beginning I am 62 and have sufferd 4 years now I have had sucess with puygem bark saw pawmeto and quercitan in the past but now I have had so many prostate spasams that I'm bleeding and have to get a bladder biopsy on the .28th so here in the USA they don't understand this condition in all of my research the one and only sure cure for prostatitis is to have it totally removed not turp that is sad but true hope you fair well
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      Hi Mark, yes I have started Saw Palmetto and will try the others you mentioned. I hope your biopsy goes well, I have never had any blood in my urine that I'm aware of...I bought some home urine strip tests and test my urine far no blood or any abnormalities. 
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    I am serious. I know that a little bit of alcohol, like 1 beer, seems to relax my prostate and make it easier to urinate for a couple of hours. Also, it is harder for me to urinate if I haven't ejaculated for a few days. I hope those ideas may help until you can see the urologist. Is there no way to jump the line there when you have a serious condition like yours?

    As to what might be causing this, it also could be a stone in your bladder or PROSTATE. I have a friend who just got out of the hospital after the urologist removed a stone from his prostate the size of a golf ball. Please let us know what they find.


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      Hi Neal...I've managed a couple of nights out on the town since this evil saga started and after drinking I also enjoy a much more enthusiastic urine stream. 

      The letter from my URO advised staying away from caffine...however if I drink tea and coffee after an hour or so I can have a good pee, looking at the arc I'd say 15-20 m/l a sec (sometimes).  Later on though its back to a pathetic, weak, thin, forked mess that hardly makes a splash in the bowl.

      I have found no difference with ejaculation expect that after ejaculating urination is near impossible for 15-20 minutes after.

      I have considered a stone and am hoping (and will demand) that the URO does a Cystoscopy to see what is going on inside.  I will certainly let you know what they find...

      As an update for anyone interested...last night I performed a DRE on myself and found a small, non tender prostate that very much enjoyed being stroked so I don't know if that means anything...I assumed that a prostatitis afflicted prostate would not enjoy being touched.

      I have also being doing prostate massages a few times over the last few months in an effort to resolve this (using an Aneros Vice massager)  it has had ZERO impact on my problem apart from getting me aroused and ending up going 'all the way' every time...which leaves me glowing....until I then try and pee.   I also tried abstaining from any release for 3 weeks....ZERO impact on the urination problems.

      I forgot to mention that I also exercise daily and have lifted weights since I was 18...

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    James,  My problems started when I was 25 and was also overnight.  I woke up having lost 50% of my stream and it was hard to get it started.  I had a meatodomy and then treaments with those "sounds" for weeks to no avail.  I had a urodynamics test, not an ultrasound but a test where they presurize the bladder and slowly draw a catheter out measuring the changes in pressure as they go.  This helps them determine where the constriction is.  They said there was a constriction at the bladder neck.  I did nothing for 30 years just dealing with the slower flow.  As I enterd my 50's my prostate grew and thing got much worse until this November when I had a PAE.  It only helped a little.  I am now going to get another urodynamics test and if it is still the bladder neck and not the prostate, I plan to seek the advice of a neurologist.  Your going to have to troublshoot this yourself.  After you're sure the infections are over, find out where your flow is being obstructed and then get that part diagnosed.  Good luck and let us know how you're doing.  This forum is worth 50 urologists.
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      Hi Bruce, thanks for yor info...yes I've found the NHS to be utterly useless here in UK...they don't care...provided that your bladder is not full when they press your tummy they just prescribe pills and send you on your way, with the words 'Don't worry, this is nothing more than a nuisance'  I even had one doc start talking to me about the bladder being like 'a naughty dog' and that 'everything still works, are you stressed about anything?'!!!  I promptly told him 'Of course I'm stressed...I can't pee properly!'

      I have quickly learned I need to be pro active in this.

      I would have thought any infection is dead after 12+ weeks on AB's and last night I stroked my prostate and it felt 'delightful'

      I am awaiting the arrive of 'Van Buren' sounds and will attempt to insert to the bladder neck.  I've beeen getting an 'ache' from the bulbar region of the uretha so I am unsure if there is something wrong there (like a stricture)

      My GP thinks I have a stricture as he says if the prostate enjoys being touched it's impossible to have Prostatitis.  The URO thinks differently.

      I will let you know how my 'sounding' experiement goes

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    Naproxen might help or other anti inflammatories. Don't eat or drink anything that makes it worse, tomatoes, chilli, caffeine. I hated Cipro and stopped taking it after two days cos I couldn't sleep. This is a tricky condition too treat and antibiotics normally aren't helpful. People have success with quercetin, stinging nettle, saw palmetto, curcumin, sometimes. I am giving these alternatives a go atm cos NHS options aren't great for this.
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      Hi Chris, I've finished the 4 weeks of Cipro now, zero benefit and very mild ankle tendon aches and twinges so hoping I've not been 'floxed'

      I find coffee makes me pee much better so I have no clue what's going on.  I certainly did have an acute prostate infection when it all started and I'm wondering now if I have small bladder stones/crystals lodged in the bladder neck.

      When I could only pee into a jug in a squatting position I did notice tiny crystals in my urine.

      I'm wondering if whilst the prostate was at its most inflammed they got lodged and embedded into the bladder neck which is causing irritation and varying levels of inflammation.

      I'm hoping the URO will do a cystoscopy straight away when I see him at the end of May so we know foor sure.

      It's an NHS uro so fingers crossed

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    Posting an update:  Did the Home PSA test yesterday and came back as negative.  2 days back I woke up and peeing was suprisingly easy (the easiest ever in the last 5 months) a full bladder was done in about 20 seconds.  The next pee about lunchtime was like a jet and I was done in about 10 secs.  Since then everything tightened up again and peeing this morning took maximum straining to keep it going.  Plus more pain from bladder/pubic bone area.  Prostate feels normal to touch, no tenderness at all.

    My diet and activities have all been the same over the last few days.

    Doe anyone know if prostate inflammation levels/enlargement change literally by the hour/day?


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      My answer is absolutely yes.  It interesting that you posted this today.  This afternoon I had a great pee!  I actually stood there thinking "wow, this is a great pee".  A few hours later not so great.  If I get up in the night it is much more difficult to get started but during the day much easier.  I had a urodynamics test this week. showed my two sphincter muscles (in front of and in back of the prostate showed they were relaxing as they should.  This lead the doc to say it's a narrowing in the prostate.  Then I asked her what if the signals the electrodes are picking up indicate the brain is sending the right commands, but one or the other sphincter muscles is actuall not releasing?  She said the only way to know is to do a systoscope of the pathway and see if there is an actual narrowing of the prostate.  So I have another appointment for a scoping in June.  It's pretty simple in my mind that when we have trouble peeong, one of these structures is holding up the show and until we know which one it is, it doesnt make sense to carve up the prostate.  You may notice if you haven't had a bowel movement, it's harder to pee. I did. Well the colon is right nest to the prostate and if it's full of crap then it could be pressing on the prostate and causing a blockage like standing on a garden hose.  Anyhow, this is the long way to say that for me, peeing is different often.
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    Hi James,

    Ask your doctor about having a TURP. They basically bore a whole through the Prostate which allows the urine to flow. You will lose your ejaculation but will keep your pecker up. Look it up and see what it intails. Good luck

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      Yes I've heard of TURP

      Certainly not something I would want done.  I have not had kids yet and although don't plan on any at this time, would like to keep the option open.

      I'd rather die than loose any sexual functions.

      I'm not convinced that the prostate is even the issue now...I'm swaying towards bladder stones lodged in the bladder neck, bladder cancer (although no blood seen) or a stricture in the uretha.

      2 DRE's by doctors, several DRE's by myself, and ultrasound scan of the bladder (where they said they could also see the prostate) all show a normal size, non tender, no hard prostate plus a home PSA test shows negative.

      I'm baffled about this nonsense.


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    I had the TURP and I dont know how anybody can say that the climax is the same afer the operation than before. The climax after the TURP is terrible and it feels like nothing. I will rather have all the problems with BPH than this terrible climax and when I told my urologgist about it he gave me a prescription for testosterone andLevitra. It still didnt improve anything and it ruined my live. I wish ive never done it.
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