Norethesterone and spotting

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Hello I'm Michelle 49 and the biggest baby out there !! In March I had a very heavy 3 week bleed and it didn't seem like a period at all,I went to gp and he prescribed norethesterone,a scan showed fibroids Eric and endometrioma.i then had a mri as they were concerned about the cyst but it definitely was a endometrioma and also deep endo in places.a endometrial clot was diagnosed too and a hysteroscopy was suggested but still not a worry.i attempted the hysteroscopy last month but he had to stop as I got too uncomfortable and suggested a GA to have it but now it's approaching I know I wont go ahead with it as this is my biggest fear not waking up !! I am now in panic state.i know the endometrial clot is not too much of a worry but my lining was 11mm he said only slightly thick as peri you think I can go to GP and ask again for another attempt being awake? Has anyone else felt like me? Thank you Michelle xxx

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    michelle.  Take something beforehand to relax your nerves. My anxiety got so bad at one point in this mess that I couldn't have an MRI, it is just anxiety that makes it all so much worse.  It is very hard to relax for all these procedures but they need to be done and you are better off awake and you'll be so relieved afterwards.  Ask your doctor if there is a pill you can take beforehand just to relax you, or I find that a spoonful of powder magnesium mixed in water really helps.  But take it for a week beforehand everyday and then maybe either a tablet of some sort and rescue remedy drops on your tongue before you go it.  But do get it done and remember to breath deeply.  hope that helps.

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    Good luck, you will be ok, says me who had mine cancelled because of blood pressure going through the roof eek

    You might aswell ask if you can try again without a general, if not speak to you soon xx

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    hi i was bleeding none stop for six months i had that histeroscopy done it was uncomfortable and i didnt like it at all hurt a bit but i stayed with it and all went ok.

    when i went back to see dr he said nothi g sinister so not cancer but only gave me norethisterone to stop bleedi g he did offer coil to instead but i took the pills, i have cysts also.

    i was hopi g id have a scrap but he did t offer me it just said come back in three moths gosh. well i started to take the oills and eventualy they started to work but then i started to get headachs and insomnia so stoped them but. few days after i bled worse so bad i was floodi g and havi g to change my clothes every half hour couldnt leave the house so bad so after seven days of that i started to take norethisterone again it stoped the bleeding again. but got headachs again and cant sleep. im fedup. i cant just take this pill forever with out a break surly.

    i dont know what to do. i just want my normal cycle back 😔


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      Oh sorry to hear this is a bloody pain !! At least the bleeding stopped whilst on norethesterone ? Do you still spot I get browny discharge with it but the heavy bleeding has stopped.i tried hysyeroscopy awake in July but it was too uncomfortable and he stopped I wish he never now !!! He said I had to have it under GA but this is my worst phobia and I cancelled it and going to ask if I can try again awake !! So there was no explanation for your bleeding ? Xxx
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      Was your lining thick did they say ?and any reason for the bleeding ? Mine I know was due to this small clot in uterus as it wasn't like a period at all,no one on here has had this and in scared about what it is but they didn't seem too concerned just wanted to check it xxx

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      hi at the moment I'm not bleeding haven't for a few weeks, but I'm only taking two norethisterones instead of the three dr told me to take, but today iv only taken one and yesterday only taken one as i forgot, but still not bleeding . but iv put on weight i cant get into any of my jeans iv had to buy a size bigger and this is only since taking this pill,

      iv started with back ach now to, and tired all day and cant stay asleep at night and having sweats al time.

      i don't have fibroids i had a scan and i have thickening of womb which was a few months ago at 15mm and i had some cysts.

      i was put on norethisterone for bleeding for six months none stop but a light bleed not heavy. but i stopped taking norethisterone about three or so weeks ago and i bled a few days later for a whole seven days flooding so bad i could not leave house and was changing clothes every half hour so bad going through clothes, so after seven days of this i started back on the norethisterone and it stopped. but i don't like the side effects weight gain and its only gone round my tummy no were else i look very pregnant and my belly sticks out bad and its worse under belly button goes round to my hips.

      then the all day tiredness never had any of this before the pill I'm on. i know my symptoms are menopausal ones but never had them before this pill only the bleeding.

      i think I'm going to stop taking it see dr next week. i want a scrap and cant understand why the dr at hospital didn't want to do one and only offered me stupid pill.

      for all i know it could be making my lining even thicker.


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