Not been on these for 2 years: day 1

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I'm back to orlistat after just over 2 years! I oringinally lost 1stone 9lbs, but sadly have put it all back on after battling depression, I have been having counscilling and feel a new person, I started running combined with power walking a month ago and was really enjoing it ( I have never stepped foot in a gym or contemplated running ever so was suprised i enjoyed its as much!) it cleared my head a felt really good after and after 3 weeks into it I have shin splints in my r leg from my knee to my ankle! :oops: so decided it would be best to go back on orlistat in a bid to shift the weight and regain running quicker! so now going to combin swimming again. We are going on a family(me, husband and my son 7 and daughter 5) holiday to cornwall with my husbands parents, his sister and her two young daughters, so I wanted look half decent in the snaps!

I'm hoping its like riding a bike and all that got me to losing what I did last time comes back to me!

Jumped on the scales this morning and I was 16st 11lbs which is excatly what I was to start with the last time I used these. I feel I such a better frame of mind than I ever did so really going to go for it this time! :D

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    hi, welcome back

    this is my 2nd time on the tablets too

    i usually have a bowl of cereal with 1% milk for breakfast

    for lunch i typically have pitta breads with extra light flora spread & beans, chicken noodle soup, or salad and then have fruit & jelly/yoghurt

    for dinner i tend to have things like grilled chicken/steak/pork steak/prawns with veg/salad/jacket potato/pasta and then a small ww pudding or small low fat custard pot

    i snack on fresh or dried fruit and sometimes a few midget gems and i try to drink green tea several times a day

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    Hiya welcome to the forum!

    Im mainly eating for brekkie - bran flakes ,fruit, yogurt

    Lunch - pitta, salad, ham, beans, spagetti, cup a soups, jackets

    dinner - chicken - im using lots of different flavourings, eg, garlic, paprikka, chilli, even coated in bread crumbs and oven cooked is nice, again jackets, boiled pots, rice past, im eating some of the vegetarian/ quorn range they are pretty low in fat, tescos and asda do a range of ready meals if ur ever stuck, i like the fish pie mainly (it does ok with a salad, veg or jacket if you find urself unprepared smile

    For snacks/desserts/sweet things i have cup a soups - aldi does a lovely minstrone one which is 0.9 a packet, i like go ahead apple and sultanna biscuits, oh and aldi do like the rice krispie sqaures, they are cheaper in there and lessfast than kelloggs something like 1.3, i love em, other than that it fruit and yogurt or i have tescos lighter chioices treacle sponge pudding with low fat custard - very rarely though lol

    Hope that helps smile

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    Thank you!!!

    i'm hoping second time around I can stick to it! I have already lost 2lbs so already got me motivation!

    BBQ later so just sticking to chicken and salad!

    Thanks again for your replys and look forward to chatting soon!


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    welcome back, glad the counselling seems to have worked for you may make things easier this time round.

    I try and split my fat intake up over the day so I allocate:

    5g's for breakfast

    10g's for lunch

    15g's for tea.

    never usually hit the breakfast or lunch quota which means I can let myself have some snacks like, snack a jacks, go aheads, low fat cereal bars etc

    For breakfast I usually have a bowl of fruit & fibre with special K and at the moment a handful of crunchy nut cornflakes.

    for lunch as I work in a primary school kitchen is usually eaten late, around 2.45 and its a low fat hotcross bun with guava jam or lighter than light flora spread and a few snack a jacks or cereal bar.

    Tea is usually what the others are having just in a low fat form, we do have quite a few pasta pasta dishes throughout the week and we really only eat chicken.

    followed by a WW frozen dessert or Activia yoghurt or low fat rice pudding if I fancy a treat. Recently got into meringues with fresh fruit and activia yoghurt poured on top.

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    Hi Welcome back

    good luck & hope it goes well for you- sounds like the counselling has helped. I eat mini weatabix with cornflakes with 1% milk and toast with low cal jam and extra low flora on alternate days. I have a salad of wafer thin ham, cherry toms, cucumber and pineapple low cottage cheese . ( I used to have a low cuppa soup or baked crisps and a low fat bar) Tea can be jacket potato with tuna or pasta, or flavoured rice or a low fat ready meal followed by a weight watchers pudding. I drink a cup of tea in the morning, drink NAS squash for most of the day and have a couple of cups of tea after I get home from work. I eat an apple after my main meals, and have snacks such as snack a jacks, marshmellow wafers, a few midget gems or wine gums and a small kit kat or turkish delight as a special treat. I did have some yoghurt based icecream which was delicious but keep forgetting to buy some more. Sunday dinner is usually a pork loin chop covered with foil, brushed with olive oil with chopped up peppers, onions and mushrooms potatoes par boiled and roasted after brushing them with olive oil and vegetables. I also eat fruit and vegs. I drink good for you hot choc before I go to bed. I bought a hot cross bun loaf which worked out lower fat than the hot cross buns. I try and drink at least one cup of flavoured green tea a day.

    Hope this of some use and don't forget to take vitamin tablets and supplements at night time. :D

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    :D Thanks I hope so!

    do you think that with eating lots of fruit etc we need to take exta vitamins?, I'll have to get some if needs be, when I went to the doctors they didn't really tell me anything, just eat a low fat diet and off you go!

    I found this forum so much help last time! its nice to know we are all in the same boat!.

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    Most people get told very little by the GPs or Nurse Practitioners I wouldn't have been able to get this far without this forum.

    I try and take supplements at least every second day. I buy mine when they are on offer from the Supermarkets. I 've just read the leaflet that comes with the tablets it states \"Xenical reduces the absorption of supplements of some fat soluble nutrients, particularly betacarotene and vitamin E. ............ Your doctor may suggest taking a multivitamin supplement\".


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