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I have got a bladder infection, GP gave me Macrobid antibiotic which did not work, now taking Co-amoxiclav which i hope will work. My problem is i have now got Thrush i phoned the surgery but was told that Doctors no longer give prescriptions for Thrush and i would have to buy myself. I went to Boots and was told the treatment would cost over £10 , as i am 75 years old and on Pension Credit with a husband who has dementia i could not afford to pay this amount. Can someone please tell me if this is now a new rule brought in by the NHS or is it just my GP who feels pensioners are a drain ?.

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    My mother in law had this problem, she couldn't even get it over the counter. I don't think thrush treatment is licensed for over 60s. I am not sure why.

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      Thankyou, maybe they think when over 60 you have to put up and shut up.

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      I can suggest natural live yoghurt on a tampon. That is what I used to use when I was a teenager. There maybe something at a health food shop. If you go to the chemist and ask for thrush treatment, they may ask if it is for you, say you are buying it for someone else, that is what my mother in law did. If you ask for clotrimazole cream at your local chemist, without it being canesten you can get it a bit cheaper. You may be able to buy it cheaper online, but only go with a reputable site. Good luck.

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    This is outrageous!!

    I'm so angry on your behalf!!


    How dare they refuse you a free prescription.

    I think the chemists aren't allowed to sell ladies over 60 thrush treatment because thrush could be a symptom of other things like diabetes.

    I wish you well and hope you get the treatment ASAP

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      Have now been told by the pharmacy, that GP's are now in control of their prescribing budget called the optimisation scheme for medicines they will be allowed to keep half the money saved by not prescribing medicines which can be bought over the counter and also to switch to cheaper brands for all prescriptions they do give out whether they work or not He also said he had noticed that some drug companies were now putting up prices on medicines GP's would no longer prescribe.

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    Ok, the reception told you that?? Make an appointment, see the doc and they should prescribe the meds required pure and simple. Dont tell the receptionist why you want an appointment should they ask, its nothing to do with them they are not triage!!! And you dont know 100% maybe 99.9 but not 100 so its reasonable to see the Doc. The doctor should use his/hers clinical judgement in all aspects of his/her duties. Now, would it be a good clinical call to not prescribe meds which then have an negative impact upon that person??? Hence they will. Good luck.

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      Ensure you get an appoint first thing Monday and if its bad (my wife use to get it bad) go to the A&E doctors section if your local Hospital as one. We can just phone up and make an appointment and she a GP at the A&E but many dont have such a service. You'll get sorted one way or another, dont worry.

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    I caught thrush after antibiotics for a UTI I didn't actually have. I was prescribed medication to clear the thrush and I picked up my prescription from Boots with no problems. I don't recall paying a lot for the medication although I don't remember the exact amount. My doctor didn't tell me that the medication was not prescribed and that I would have to buy it. What you experienced sounds strange to me.

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      Hi Pippa,

      Maybe you were lucky.

      My friend aged 72 wasn't allowed to buy some over the counter thrush treatment so she just got a younger friend to buy it for her!!

      It's ridiculous!!

      However, it's to stop women over 60 (who might have a something other than thrush) self medicating and therefore delaying treatment for something more serious.

      Instead of being able to use their discretion, the pharmacists deny every woman over 60 the treatment, when of course most women know when they have thrush and that it often occurs after a course of antibiotics.

      If the Doctors won't prescribe it because they're on a penny pinching excercise it' a catch 22 situation and absolutely stupid!

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      I would go back to your doctor and insist on a prescription. Make a complaint and change your doctor if you are refused. My only argument with Boots is that they insisted I got a prescription from my doctor when I caught thrush for a second time. They told me I couldn't catch it more than once but the nurse I saw disagreed and told me Boots were being ridiculous. My doctor's practice were great with me.

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      Again today called the GP's before they answer the phone a recorded voice gives a list of about 20 items they will no longer give on the NHS one being for thrush caused by antibiotics, nurse then answered the phone i explained i could not afford to pay between £10 and £14 pound for over the counter treatment and i was feeling worn out as my husband has dementia, then told me a GP would maybe speak to me over the phone i asked would it be today Wednesday , no she said next week after Monday. I then said should i go to A and E at the hospital her reply was it's up to you and put the phone down. Of course i would never do that but i feel tempted. Would love to find a new GP but this practice has taken over nearly all the others in the area there are about 20 Doctors at the practice, but you never can see one. I feel the NHS is being shut off for people like me who are unable to pay.

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    Hi again,

    How disgraceful that you've had such dreadful care.

    Again, I'm really fuming on your behalf that you are being denied this medicine.

    PHONE 111

    Tell them your whole story and they ..............(usually delightful and sympathetic operators) will hopefully be able to make you an out of hours appointment tonight at the A&E dept of your nearest hospital.

    They should be able to give you the prescription you need.

    I really hope so.

    Good luck

    Bye for now


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