Not left the house in2 years

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I obviously need help been asking but don't look like I'm in luck but I need counciling like yesterday before I self distruct

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    Welcome to this forum.

    Please, go to your nearest hospital . They will help you.

    If you are unable to go alone ask your dearest friend to go with you or call a help line.

    You do not need to be alone.

    Let us know how you get along. We will help to support you through your tough times.

    We understand ,we have all struggled through the dark.

    It is your time to come into the sunshine. Don't delay getting the help you need.

    All you have to do is ask.

    prayers are being sent your way

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      Iv not been out in over 2 years. But OK il pop me coat on cos u said it's safe outside I think not. I let a friend in and he attacked me in my own home and I was arrested and locked in the cells over night the police was very nice but my home I was the victim my 999call went to wrong station no report was made by me (they couldn't find it) so he went free and i was dragged out of my house now I do t feels safe at home this is not the world I grew up In but yeah il pop to hospital lolll if only it was that easy thx anyway

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      I completely understand why you feel this way, a similar situation happened to my parents and my mum struggled with leaving the house or letting anyone in too. Do you live alone? I feel like everyone is probably slightly different but I think living with us kids really helped her recovery along. Perhaps you could look into getting a pet(personally I'm a dog person 😊wink dogs really are your best friends, they understand you more than it seems. Perhaps by having someone else to look out for and also as a companion, it could help you? I don't know, I suppose you might not be an animal person but nether the less, it might be something to look into? I hope things get better for you. Just know that you are never alone even though sometimes it may feel like it. There are plenty of help lines available if you continue to struggle with these issues it may be best to seek their advice as they really do care and will take the time to help you on your recovery. 

      It will work out , just take every day as it comes.


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      Thank you I will call these people cos I know I need help I want help but please do t give me God this an God that he's as sick as the rest of us after all we was made in his image and he died for the sins we never commented yet he allowed atyrosities to happen according to the bible which was wrote by man and teaches us men lie so sorry if your not born with a sense of goodness and kindness no book or brain washing can make a holesome pie from rotten veg you can disguise it but it will always be Rotten only a true kind heart can stop another.

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    Hi Gill, overcoming agoraphobia is a long process but easier with help from a councilor. Sounds from your post that you've asked for help but not receiving any, what's going on here who have you asked?

    Staying in the house for two years has only reinforced your anxiety that something bad will happen if you leave the house so the only way to beat this is through a slow, steady and prolonged exposure to the outside world, if you had councelling this is what they would suggest and do.

    Its entirely up to you but I'd suggest the following;

    Stand at your open front door and take in the sounds, smells and sights, touch the door frame and experience any anxiety it brings but stay to the point that you feel a slight reduction in your anxiety (which you will), then go in, keep doing this everyday until you get to the point where you become comfortable and the anxiety is manageable. Once done you can move to the next stage of standing or sitting on the foot path doing exactly the same as at the door.

    The idea is that you keep pushing and desensiting yourself at each level but expect to feel the anxiety you have imagined but staying until it starts to subside which eventually it will, if it gets worse let it as it will start to subside. By doing this you are slowly telling the Amigdola in your brain that you are ok or at least can manage and deal with the anxiety caused which in itself will eventually make it slowly go away. The more you do you will find each step gets easier.

    As for help perhaps phone your GP and ask for a telephone appointment if they do that or a home visit, if your not satisfied with the response send them a letter explaining your situation and background. If that doesn't work a letter or call to your local MP will,almost every time get a result.

    Sometimes you have to fight for the help, you probably need a community psychiatric nurse weekly visit and a professional councilor who visits you at home.

    It is in your hands Gill.



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      Thank you so very much you have defiantly pointed me in a better direction than the limbo I've been living in life just isn't worth this existence I was also attacked in my own home 6 weeks ago so in reality I have no safe place iv even sat in a cupboard when my anxiety and panic get real bad so thank you

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     you need to advocate to get what you need. It may be hard, but sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail to get it 
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