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Hi there,

I was hoping to connect with others with chronic pancreatitis. I read everywhere that I shouldn't eat much fat. And I was finding fat would indeed hurt my pancreas and I couldn't digest it so good.

My doctor put me on Creon pancreatic enzymes.. okay thats fine although it doesn't seem to mean I can eat whatever I want. I still have been watching my fat intake.

My last appointment my doctor said my blood cholesterol is getting even lower .. And that is understandable and all .. But he wants me to bring it up, in other words, gradually increase my fat intake. That idea really makes me nervous. What if it causes further harm to my panky?

So if anyone has time to let me know .. Did pancreatic enzymes like Creon help you a lot or just a bit .. and does it sound counterproductive to increase fat intake with chronic pancreatitis?

Thanks for any input.

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    Creon capsules are given to boost functioning of the pancreas. People suffering from Pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer are usually given creon capsules. Though, dosage varies from person to person. My father is undertaking Creon 40000 mg thrice daily. That's the dosage advised to him.

    It is still not advised to take food rich in fat content. Your preferred intake would be in the form of liquids. As they are easily digestible. Moreover, you can have protein rich food, so you can control your sugar and cholestrol levels. Intake of meat is totally restricted. It's also advised to control your intake on diary products as well. Fruits such as berries, papaya, melons and tomato, carrot, cucumber ,spinach, kale, brocolli are advised.

    Now, Doctors declared that my father developed pancreatic cancer following the declaration of chronic pancreatitis.

    His symptoms were significant weightloss. Pain in the abdomen and diabetes. Do conisder a checkup if you are being affected with similar symptoms.

    Any disease related to the pancreas is deadly. It is a soft organ connecting to all other Gastro organs. It is saddening to know the pain it causes when some one is affected with pancreatic diseases.

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      Hi Sunny,

      Thats really interesting information, thank you. I've heard other sites recommend mostly vegan. You mean having fats in liquids? Like a smoothie?

      I hope your father is recovering from pancreatic cancer.

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      Not really a smoothie. I meant fruit juices actually. There is one thing you need to resist your craving for, and sadly it's meat. Vegan is what you need to intake for the next few months. Once you overcome the pain and weakened attitude of your body, you are free to intake fishmeat.

      Do discuss your diet with a Gastro Enterologist. I would recommend Dr. Nageswar Reddy, chief Gastro Enterologist at Asian Institute of Gastro Enterology.

      He is a specialist in Gastro Enterology. Do check about him on Google. You may find some info.

      Hope to see you recover quickly.

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    Hi Christine, Creon helped me a lot.  I have Chronic Pancreatitis and had pretty severe malnutrition unbeknown to me.  Creon provides enzymes that break down food and help nutrient absorption. We still have to watch our diet, low fat, small meals, no alcohol/smoking. Creon doesn't magically normalise us unfortunately.

    Regarding too low chloresterol, I wonder if your doc meant your HDL has dropped (HDL is the good one).  It's not good if it goes too low.  Find out what he meant and how you're supposed to manage it.  A low fat diet is always the most appropriate for pancreatitis. 

    I hope your doctor is a Gastroenterologist who specialises in the pancreas, if not I suggest you ask for a referral to a good one who will be best placed to help you sort this problem.

    I'd be interested to hear the result of this, it's not an issue I've seen come up before.  Good look with it all.


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      Hi Reefsider,

      Thats what I was thinking. I think Creon doesn't make me able to eat everything and my doctor seems to think it does. I said I eat frequent small meals and he said, "why?". He isn't a gastroenterologist .. so I think you're right I should ask for a referal. I don't want to play around with this.

      My LDL and HDL cholesterol are both low and getting lower. He had me on Creon 10 only at that time. He's since bumped me up to Creon 25 but I still feel like I can't eat the amount of fat he wants me too. I feel lile maybe since this is chronic my cholesterol is the least of my worries. I think I would rather check with a specialist?

      Thank you, I'll keep you posted :-).

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      Hi again Christine, I just want to emphasise the importance of getting a referral to a gastroenterologist who specialises in the pancreas.

      I have no confidence in your current doc, his general knowledge seems terribly inadequate and if it were me I'd run a mile, very quickly. 

      Regarding Creon.  If you still feel uncomfortable after taking 1 x 25000 take 2, there's no problem doing that, it can take awhile to sort out what works for you although need is changeable sometimes. 

      As well know that you need to take them just as you're about to eat and you need to take it before snacks too, any food!  They last 30 minutes so if you're having a long lunch or you take more than 30 mins to eat your meals generally you must take more Creon.  It's ok, you won't overdose. 

      My specialist reminds me about all that everytime I see him.  I take 2 x 40000 and sometimes I take double that and sometimes need to take more during long family get together meals.  take care, Reef

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    Oops, I meant good luck, pesky spellcheck lol..
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    I was having a look at this discussion and I felt I had to put a few ideas that might help most of you.

    I am a pancreatitis patient and let me tell you this is not a smooth journey ahead. I cannot say if u are chronic or not nor can you recover or not. I can suggest a few techniques to stay pain free as much as possible.

    1) stay away from alcohol totally. This is fatal and hope you don't want to land in ICU. I have been and my life was hell

    2) stay away from oil, any oil is bad. Stay as much away from food cooked in oil

    3) start having grape seed extract capsules daily

    4) start wheat grass juice daily. It has 150 nutrition for your body

    5) start eating raw turmeric

    6) while having any large meal have pancreatic enzymes 25000. It can be Creon, pan lipase, or digimax.

    7)go vegan. No dairy nor any non veg stuff.

    8)have all types of fruits, juice, salads, vegetables

    9)while in pain go for juice diet for 3-4 days.

    10)check what u are eating, very low fat content food is important, zero oil, no dairy, no milk, no non veg, no tea, coffee, no junk food.

    Stay pain free. Hope this helps.

    I came out from near death and started having a decent family and office life. And now I can play outdoor games with my daughtersmile

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