Not sure if symptoms are thyroid related?

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Hi there.I've just joined you guys so thus is my 1st post.I joined hoping that I'd get a bit of advice please.I'm 38.I've had type1 diabetes for 5years and I'm on insulin pump therapy (for a year) so better control.long story short I've had alot of stress and changes happening in my life-some positive some bad and ongoing.something traumatic happened about eight weeks ago causing a stress reaction.needless to say my mood was in the gutter but I'm bouncing back.I've had alot of symptoms ...insomnia for four months -better over last two.over thinking mind.restless n easily agitated n periodically palpitations.over last month I started getting mild heartburn now n again then everytime I eat food now.nausea is worse and I'm vomiting my food sometimes WI acid.ranitidine helps a bit.I'm getting crappy headache n really bad stuff neck on right side down onto neck and glands look swollen in right side of neck n sometimes It feels really tight.I sometimes feel like something is sticking in right side of wind pipe.I had chest pressure n tightness for three days really bad.that went away for some reason but palpitations come n go.I'm tired with dry mouth n dry eyes (I can get this anyway but seems different). Sometimes my neck goes tingly n down my shoulder.I have had numbness in my jaw but lasted only seconds.I have an awful taste in my mouth sometimes.I'm worried about going to docs - I just think they prejudge n probably think it's I've not been yet.I'm a psycho nurse n know the difference.I know there's an element there but this is different.I've been doing meditation and exercise to help but at moment wanna sleep.I'd be grateful for some advice regarding anyone with similar symptoms to me please.thanks -Suzi X

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    I went to see my dr two wks ago because i was feeling tired,weak,headaches, muscle ahes,dizzy, nauseated,burping up food,anxious,depression fainting feeling. Did blood work .was told i was anemic and my thyroid was off. She precribe me iron pills and sidnt give me anything for my thyroid yet. I did another blood work and going to check my results we coming up. By the way i also have that feeling in my throat like if i had something stuck and like inflamation feeling. It comes n goes. You should get tested for anemia and thyroid.
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      When testing for anaemia ensure your doctor tests your Ferritin level as well as iron levels.

      Your Ferritin level is extremely important - it needs to be 70+ for your body to be able to process thyroxine so, as Shelley says, ask for the vitamin and mineral tests.

      Also get tested for vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

      Underative thyroid can also make periods very heavy.

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      Hi guys

      Thanks for replying so soon and adding all this's appreciated.

      Yes the pump is great.much more in control and no does take alot of commitment though but so worth it as it allows me to control my basal rates.

      I have had trouble ongoing for last couple of years with irregular periods but got told I had a hormonal balance then possible ovarian cysts and thickening of lining of uterus also polyp removed but no treatment.periods seems to have got very painful and really knock me off on the first day.after that I'm OK.noticed I've clotted last couple of times aswell which I don't normally.

      I do take b-100 time released vitamins myself over counter and started taking vit c and magnesium and zinc.

      I'm always getting awful headaches but put down to stress.

      This stiffness and tightness in neck is awful.eases up sometimes but been with me for fortnight now despite massage and heat.

      Lump in throat down same side comes and goes but feels strange.

      I tried the thyroid test with water but not glands are swollen for sure.

      I've not put weight on but very tired and integrated after nurse calling me back today n due to see doc on Thursday.I really hope it's not my thyroid but I feel like I'm imagining it all x

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    Hello Suzi:

    My name is Shelly and I am a Nurse in the USA. I have Hashimoto's Thyroid disease since 1987 and in 2002 I developed Adult Type 2 Diabetes.

    First of all, wow you have the pump.  That is a wonderful invention and my brother-in-law has it also. Diabetes is no fun and stress can upset your A1C levels and daily blood sugar levels.

    Thyroid disease can run in familes and can be passed on. It can also happen from a nasty Virus called "MONO" now called Epstein-Barr. It can also come from no iodine in the diet.

    Some symptoms of (LOW) HYPOthyroid disease are: Feeling cold, weight gain, headaches, dry skin, slow heart rate, muscle aches, no periods, low energy, brain foggy, sleepy or tired despite rest, bruising, dry scalp, hair loss.  There are more these are common.

    When you have HYPER (too HIGH), you see rapid weight loss, feeling hot, heart palpitations, feeling nervous, anxiety attacks, insomnia, sweating, and there are more.

    What you should do is get your doctor to do a TSH, (thyroid hormone test) and T4 and T3. Then we can tell you more.

    Diabetics are prone to heart problems and strokes, so if you have any of these symptoms see your doctor.  High heart rate, low back pain, Jaw pain that won't go away, pain down one arm, high Blood Pressure, severe headaches, pain in the chest that feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest, please see your A & E or ER facility  Not all symptoms appear together, you could have 2 of them or all of them.

    Since our blood has a higher content of sugar it can cause the RBC's to form a clot so do watch your blood sugar.

    Have you been ill recently with any infections or a COLD virus? Drink lot's of water for a dry mouth and you can have sugarless hard candy if you wish.

    Have you any Ashtma? It can cause tightness in the chest.  It can also make your heart race.

    Keep us posted on how you do, any questions just ask.



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    At the moment im going thrigh some of them syptems. Not nice. I went to doctors off and on for  with symptons just kept upping my Hrt saying it was my hormones. Four weeks ago when i went back  I asked for blood tests, So he give me m o t in bloods came back with thyriod 10.2.  Not saying you have this but dont feel guilty asking for bloods to be done , Has if it wrong you can put it right . other wise like me it will take longer to put yourself right x
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      Thanks melody.I spoke to nurse n got me docs appointment today.they gave me omeprazole twice daily and mutating for oral thrush as throat looked inflamed and said my gland was up.she has referred me for egc followup as she thought my pulse was irregular.then I have to go back and see her after blood tests but can't get them done u til next Tuesday.she mentioned full blood count including thyroid...I do feel like I'm bothering the doc but after seeing her today I'm pleased I went.bit fed-up cos having type one is crap enough without anything blood glucose was on lower side n I'd said to receptionist before I went in if doc was gonna be any longer I'd need to get my glucogel out the car but she insisted on me waiting n I get in afterwards-just wondering if irregular pulse was cos bloods were lower? Does the get work for u?I'm not allowed it but not needing it 10.2 not good for thyroid?what does it mean? It help to talk to you guys as don't feel so alone.thanks x
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    I had ecg has well, 10.2 is high for thyroid levels i think the highest is 4.3 anything higher and they put you on leveythroxine.  Everything  is about waiting.  so many symptons point to similar conditions. so i guess it just about getting blood results. orful isnt it x
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    Thanks for asking how i am ,  Hasnt started to kick in yet been on higher dose for 4 weeks now. Doctor says have another blood test aftyer 6 weeks has it can take that length of time to get in my bloodstream. so guess i have to be patient. Like you just want to feel normal againx
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    Hi Guys

    I have a few things to tell you and hope you can shed some light for me.

    My ECG showed an ecoptic heartbeat after GP found an irregular pulse. Had nothing like this before.

    Blood test showed my heamaglobin to be slightly knocked off at 114 (115-165).

    TSH 3.38 (2-5) - Looked on website and some doctors say that anything over 2 is a red flag? Is this right? The GP said my thyroid was fine?

    Free T4 12.4 (9-21.0).

    Repeat bloods done for ferritin folate and b12 levels. I get results tomorrow.

    GP advised i continue on omperazole for another month 40mg daily.

    Symptoms that have gone are:vomiting, heartburn, chestpain, less palpitations.

    Symptoms that have reduced are: Throat not as sore or irritated and feels less tight and less sensation of a lump stuck in my throat, but still gland is still up and uncomfortable sometimes. Neck is not as sore or stiff. Slight nausea after food and have to sit other wise i experience reflux. Appetite is improving slightly.

    SYmptoms that continue: Fatigue, weakness, no energy. On the days i feel not bad i get on with things but experience exhaustion the next day like a knock on effect. Im sleeping during the day for nana knapps which isnt like me, and no matter what sleep i get i still feel like a hangover. Constipation continues but not as severe. Im cold all the time, and my left foot feels icey inside but not to touch. Only two days ago i have experienced crazy itching! started when i got out the bath - and again last night and woke up five oclock this morning clawing my arm and palm of my hand?!# so antihistamines to the ready!

    What do you guys think? especially about my levels so far?

    I am type 1 diabetic on insulin pump aswell - i have noticed i am taking more insulin correction doses at the minute. I thought it was due to lack of activity due to energy levels but bg seems to be abit up n down at the moment in general and i usually have some type of control.

    Hope you guys are getting there yourselfs and sending hugs - Suzi x

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      Hello Suzi:

      It is me Nurse Shelly.  Good to hear from you.

      GERD causes reflux of acid up the esophagus and into your throat.  If you have old books place a few under the head of your bed or buy a wedge pillow in a bed store.

      You want to sit up about 45 mins after eating and Omeperazole is a great med,  I take it also.  Watch for low magnesium as that can happen on Omeperazole.

      TSH should be a bit lower between 1.0 and 2.5 is ideal but knowing you have Type 1 DM, you are getting there just a bit slower.  At least it is not 5.0 !

      As to energy, how is your A1C?  Daily BS levels ?  Both conditions are hard to balance and it is like lighting the candle on both ends.

      Maybe a little higer dose of thyroid meds is needed to reduce the bad symptoms, you can ask for a small increase in your thyroid meds.

      See a cardiologist since DM can cause heart problems and so can low thyroid.  You should have a Cardiac eval anyway.

      So your T4 and T3 are good, let's build on your progress so far.

      Any questions just ask,


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    Hi shelly

    thanks for your reply.

    im not on any thyroid meds at the moment. Just stomach tablets. 

    My bag is usually good but noticed I need abut extra lately, however starting to improve again now.

    just wondered about my thyroid levels as gp said they were ok but wasn't sure.

    my symptoms continue and that's why they're checking my ferritin folate and b12 a red head so pale but lately I look unwell.

    hope this mail finds you well shelly x

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      Hello Suzi:

      Yes, always check RBC's, Blood cortisol, B-12, ferritin, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, VIT D.  If your color is pale you may be low in iron and that can make you tired.

      Eat good sources of iron, like Liver, leafy greens, spinach, and some red meats. 

      Yes, on paper your Thyroid levels are okay and if the TSH comes down a bit more you will be even better.

      Keep me posted on how it comes out,



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