Not sure if this belongs here, but I'm desperate?

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I'm really really sorry if this is the wrong board, but I really want to get some insight on how I'm feeling? I want to explain, but it's a little messy, and I'm sorry about that

I guess I should offer some background on who "I" actually am. I'm 17, turning 18. Just started college. Don't have a job, never did. Was never really involved in clubs and social activities, but I do have a group of friends I enjoy hanging out with. My grades are average. I used to be a F to B student in 6th grade, but now I'm more of a B or C student. 

I'm so sorry if this is confusing to read, I'm really just typing out my thoughts as they come

Since elementary, I've been more of the socially awkward/loner type. I always befriended the "weird" kids. I used to be a chatterbox (and I still am if I get excited) and I apparently have a very good imagination. 

Ever since middle school, the thought of ending my life has constantly crossed my mind. I don't like to think of it as suicide. I'd rather see it as a way to stop the noise or just pull the plug when there's nothing left to look forward to. The only thing that really holds me back is the fact that my parents have pinned their hopes and dreams on me, and if I'm gone, I'm sure my younger brother (he is 6 and is mildly autistic) can't do what they have expected me to do. I don't want their dreams to just shatter; I don't want to see their hardwork just go to waste because I couldn't control my thoughts. The fuel that keeps me going is, really, my family, even though I'm sure they are also the source of my insecurity and social awkwardness. 

For awhile now, I've been doubting myself more and more to the point where I'd rather give myself to the afterlife than continue living. I've been told by my parents that I care too much about the opinions of others, but I feel like the opinions of others are extremely important? I don't think I ever take what people say to heart, but their words always linger in the back of my mind, as if they were there to remind me not to eat too much because I'm gaining weight, or that I shouldn't worry about my appearance because everyone looks different. 

Does... that make sense?

I feel like I'm begining to lose myself. I have no idea whether or not my concepts or ideals are considered acceptable or not, or whether I'm annoying or just friendly, or if I should talk more or talk less. I don't want to admit that I'm letting myself get dictated by society because I feel as if that's a selfish thing to say. What if people are just giving me constructive critisism? What if I'm just that puzzle piece that doesn't fit, and people are helping me fit by carving my edges and taping on little scraps to create new sides? Wouldn't saying that they are dictating me just making their attempts to help me seem negative?

Sometimes, I find a word or two spoken to me by a friend or a stranger sticking in my mind long after they are said. If it's negative, I notice that I distance myself from the speaker and occassionally become overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness and.... I guess pain? If it's positive, my ego is instantly inflated. When I realize I feel these things, I start to dislike my own thoughts because they seem so concieted and self-centered. Many times I find myself sobbing to myself because I start to feel alone. My heart hurts, I start to feel tired, I distance myself from friends. Then, when the feelings have been remedied by a day or two of isolation and music, I crawl back to society and continue as if nothing ever happened. I'm sure it happens to everyone though; when you're alone, it's like those negative thoughts just creep up on you.

When I type it out, it seems like my problems are really just me being dramatic. I'm sure there are better things to be slaving over in the world. But I hate feeling as if I hate myself. I think it's just me being sensitive about my appearance to those around me and that It's something that can be easily resolved. But then why can't I fix it? I try to keep looking at the positive side of life, but really, what was once a stretch of green is now yellowing and dying. I'm running out of positive things to think about. I know I have a roof over my head, 3 square meals a day, and generally a life I should be grateful for, but then why aren't I? I don't understand why I constantly feel the need to run away from my own life, when there's nothing really trapping me other than myself. 

I constantly tell myself, "You'll understand when you're older." But then why is it that when I finally grasp one concept, a new one pops up? I wish there was an all-knowing being that I could just talk to for a day. I hate that I've become one of the "edgy, unmotivated, and stupid" teenagers I once thought were just immature and narrow-minded. 

To be honest, I think I'm off track now. What was I even looking for?

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    You are really having a hard time and I sure wish I knew how to advise you. I hope you will seek professional help (counseling) they are trained to help sort your thoughts, fears, insercurities and can direct you towards the solutions you need. They may have a counseling center at your college. Go see them if they do I bet you will enjoy the experience as it most likely will give you insights about what is going on! I am sending hugs and I wish you the very best. Seek this help, the hardest part is the first step, like making a appointment. This could very well be the most important decision of your life, I bet you can do this!! There are other sites that deal w mental health issues. You may want to seek them as you just might get insights from others dealing w similar issues. Get going girl and find yourself you can do this.
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    Hey there!

    My name is Clint, and I get what your saying. I think Iv'e been in places in my mind that are similar to what your describing.   Really for me it was, and still is to an extent a matter of feeling worthless, and not as good as everyone else.  When I say worthless, I mean feeling like I don't have any "self worth".  I'm 53 years old and don't have those feelings as strongly as I used to but their still there sometimes.  I can't be around people for too long otherwise I start to get really frightened of what other people are thinking of me.  I realized after a while that I am whats called an "Introvert".  That means that among other things, I need to recharge my batteries after a point when I'm around other people. So, I began to learn about myself. I started focusing on me and my feelings more and less on other peoples feelings, I learned to predict how long I could reasonably feel normal around people, and I learned to take my exit by politely excusing myself before I started feeling worthless and weird. I did not give, or owe any deep explanition as ty why I was leaving. By the simple act of doing this, I felt less crappy about me!   

    Give it a try and let me know how it works out.  

    Peonygirl 1 has some good advice too! 



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    My first question above all is :  Are you taking any medications  or any illegal drugs ?   (Don't mean to be too personal - but that is a very valid question and it makes a world of difference )  

    You can private message me if you don't want to answer public....regards.  JB

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    You express yourself in a very articulate way when I know how difficult it must be to write about this turmoil of emotions. You're trying to figure out if you are "normal" when really I would love you to embrace your uniqueness. It's human nature to constantly be comparing ourselves to other people but I guess true confidence comes from being "centred". You are still trying to pin down your identity and many of us go our whole lives without figuring that one out - it's probably a big factor in our depression (or at least our inability to help ourselves out of the depression pit). You've taken a big step in posting your thoughts and fears here. It might be useful for you to unpack your feelings with a professional (maybe a school/college counsellor). Maybe it would benefit you to journal your thoughts and feelings. I think you have a strong creative streak and your power of self-expression could be channelled into writing. You are a deeply sensitive person but this in itself is not a bad thing. People tell me i'm oversensitive but with hindsight, I'd rather be the way I am than cold and unfeeling as I notice some people are. Feeling deeply is what moves us to care for and help others. It means we feel strongly about life and its meaning. But before we can find our purpose in life and help others we need to help ourselves and look after Number 1. That's not selfish. It's practical.

    It sounds like you might be feeling the weight of expectation from your parents and family. Do you have any goals or desires in your heart? I'm sure whatever you do with your life, your family will love you and be proud of you. So long as you are happy. Sometimes it can be hard to stay positive and keep a strong focus. Allow yourself to relax and unwind but don't lose hope. Write down some positive quotes and pin them up somewhere you can read them every day. Meditate on them when you feel self-doubt taking over. You have so much potential. Please don't give up or doubt yourself. Let us know how you are getting on. Take care my friend :-)

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