Nothing lowered my blood sugar other than working out is that normal?

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hey all, so basically i have diabetes type 2, i tried taking insulin and other types of pills such as Glucophage, NOTHInG lowered my blood sugar so i stopped all medication related to diabetes. every morning it rises to 180 until i eat something for it to stop getting higher... when i eat lately maximum it reaches 250. so i tried working out. that day it was 222 i worked out for 15 min went down to 184 then i decided to experiment and workout another 15 min and went down to 160... is that normal? no drug lowered it ( i actually gained 10 kg from insulin injections ) but workouts were the only way? I mean normal people control them with medication...

Thank you for answering

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    Hey,whatever works,good for you.☆

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    Yes, exercise makes a serious difference in type2 diabetes!!!

    Insulin should have worked, you might have tried different combinations of short and long acting.

    By the way, what is your diet like? That also makes a huge difference. Even with insulin.

    But a lot of type2 cases can be controlled by exercise and diet, plus or minus a little metformin (glucophage).

    Doctors need to make clear that exercise is just as critical to diabetes control as anything else there is. Exercise clears the insulin resistance side of the equation - without clearing that side, more insulin is not going to be very helpful.

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      funny part for the diet, i suddenly became intolerant to 50% of the food that eat. if i eat too much carbs i get dizzy, actually weak! you know when you get a plastic back and u stretch it the way it comes back slowly this is how i feel, with also vision weakness. if i eat a lil bit more than i should i have to throw up or ill be weak and feeling about to faint all day long. basically what i an eating is cooked vegies, some greens and mostly beef sometimes chicken.

      i eat some good amount of potatos but not everyday. they are either cooked or baked or fried.

      rice is like a sleeping pill for me, it hires my BS and puts me to sleep. i try to avoid it as much as i can.

      i eat a bit of junk food, not too much and ofc not everyday, such as chips bag ( 45mg) lets say 3 times a week. once a week somekind of juice or milkshake( im intolerant to chocolate and lactose).

      my acid reflux if occurred causes the same weakness dizziness whatever is called. so basically im intolerant to everything that could cause acid reflux. Had 1 year and a half miserable experience from that. that i had to leave the country i was in to be back home so i could get medical care. I think i had the silent reflux.

      ps when i used to be in cyprus, i used to eat chocolate all day, burgers and breads and all that and my diabetes went away.

      not sure what was the cause of it.. maybe living alone..

      oooh eggplant ( i used to wat a lot now i cant put it in my mouth) i get so weak that my legs cant hold me.

      one more strange thing. that dizziness or whatever i fee, many tomes happens as soon as i put food in my mouth. not all types but i noticed that couple of weeks ago. after 5 min or 10 min it calms down by it self. now i feel better but i suffered from this for a year.

      currently dizzy, after eating. I feel like my head gets some kind of tingling feeling then i feel like im gonna fall or faint. this happens mostly at night! its annoying and scary. tried once to take my bs and bp they were normal so not sure why this is happening ALSO working out helps it to fade away.

      life style im always in bed. i work from bed, i game from my bed. and do sports on my bed lol ( i cant sot on a chair due to my tail bone problem) oh and im 32 female.

      sorry for the boring details


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      totally forgot im gluten intolerant ( i can only eat so little or i get dizzy or whatever its called with vision problems)

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      today something weird happened... my bs was 255, i worked out 15 of 5 min jogging 5 min walking and another 5 walking ... after 10 min i took my bs it went up to 258... after 1 hour i was 250, i worked out my everyday workout that makes them lower by 20, i took my blood sugar it was 270 what da f just happened.... i am confused.....

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      It is great that you CAN workout. I think the DR's have given up on me. weight is out of control, 75 years old, heavy stress factors ( PTSD from military ) etc. retired and money is just not what it was. Anyway if your BG jumps all over the place then you need better care from a specialist. I go for 350 to 215 in a flash. When check in with DR. I get told to lose weight, settle down stop having night problems and I know they are saying and go back 35 years. ok work out.

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    Farsoun, you must learn how to eat, or you are going to be in real trouble and fairly soon.

    You must get your blood sugar down below 150 before meals.

    I really cannot tell from your answer if you are eating too much - or too little. But it does not sound like you have learned the kind of diet one MUST follow if one has diabetes.

    You can learn a lot more from the Internet, but you have to be serious and follow it. Much better would be to work with a doctor, who may refer you to a nutritionist to help teach you what to eat. It really isn't hard, but you MUST learn to count carbs, and you MUST follow your guidelines, or you will start doing yourself serious damage and you will be very sorry you did not get it right.

    You should eat three good meals a day, they should be small meals compared to what some eat these days, but not too small. Fasting can even raise your blood sugar as your body cycles through the tricks it has to keep you going if you don't eat regularly.

    Please take this seriously. I was going to say this is not a game - but if you're a gamer, perhaps it's better if you do treat it like it is a game! Learn the rules, and be a winner!

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