Nothing seems to treat or help my Blepharitis (seen many ophthalmologists)

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Heres the background. Ive seen many ophthalmologists throughout the past two years.

The first time I felt some foreign sensation like sand and it wouldnt go away so I kept rubbing my eye and checking on it, and  nothing seemed to be there. When it was bad and I was out, like during an interview, someone asked is something stuck in your eye

Now: fast forward two years. I have seen like 4 ophthalmogists. Been on many lubrication drops and ointments all day long for those two years and they help but dont get rid of any symptoms at all. 

Then got blepharoplasty 4 months ago to get rid of my trichiasis issue (ingrown eyelashes) which they stated was a huge cause of the blepharitis. I still experienced these ingrown lash foreign object sensation after the surgrery, so I got put onto Restasis for dry eyes.

Also, for the past few months, I have been feeling dizzy and sorta spinny in the mornings when I wake up. I feel this pressure in my temples as well as if someone is pressing down on it slightly. This dizziness sometimes doesnt go away for a couple hours or stays for the whole day. I dont know, please can someone relate if they have had eye problems related to their dizziness. 

Of course I have all the basic symptoms like light sensitivity, itchiness, crusty eyes in the morning. I take care and make sure to do baby shampoo washes, and sometimes warm compresses when its really bad. 

The oph says my dryness is getting WAY better, and that the eyelashes arent touching anymore. They may be touching themselves which causes slight irritation but they are growing back from when they were pulled out by my other oph before the surgery (eyelashes take so long to grow back)

I have hit a dead end. I have taken migraine medication from a neurologist and it didnt help. MRI scan was good as well. 

Also, I have had drug problems in the past, using adderall and xanax recreationally a couple times a week for two years.It never got bad, because I would do it in such small doses. But, I have stopped now. I am trying not to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana now to see if they contribute to make things worse. ( I feel like marijuana makes things a lot worse and irritates my eyes especially after blepharoplasty) Can anyone relate

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    Hi Cheez

    sorry to hear of your plight, you are the only person who appears to have similiar symptoms to myself. My lower eyelids are destroyed from this horrible disease, all turned out and all scarred and Ive lost a lot of eyelashes. My Oph hasnt done a lot , doesent seem to attach much importance to it and said nothing can be done to resolve the state of the lower lids but I note you had surgery?? My next stop is a dermatologist, Im not giving up cos this is wrecking havoc in my life and causing much distress and anxiety. If I find any help via dermatologist or elsewhere I will keep you posted

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      Why are your lower eyelids destroyed? I have had blepharoplasty which has seemed to help the ingrown eyelashes but I still feel the poking sensation from the begining on the corners of both eyes as they had been before the surgery so I think some lashes either need to be surgically laser removed or I dont even know at this point. Do you have any suggesiton on this. I really dont think a dermatoglist is related to me 
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      please help me I'm just got diagnosed with this I'm depressed over it

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    is your migraine bothering a lot? I have 25 years of recurrent migraine.

    Only Gabapentin helps 900mg. Precription.

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      I have taken trokendi 50mg and 100mg for two weeks by a neurologist and it seemed to work and after that, it seemed to get better too. Still notice some dizzyness and headache in the morning but seems to have calmed down.
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    You are not alone in your struggle with blepharitis. The first instance came about when I was 29. The same issue (itchy eye turns to swollen eye turns to lump) recurred about 6mo later and then again 3mo after that. I had to go to several eye doctors because they kept telling me it was a stye from an infection but it was not. Nothing helped reduce the awfully large lump on my eye. I finally found a knowledgeable doctor who would listen to me. She explained that it looked like oil in my eye lids clogged not because of an infection but because the oil became less viscous, more solid. She gave me a cortisone shot in my eyelid and the bump went away. I was thrilled but obviously had the same issue two more times. When i looked back at what had changed around the times that I got the bumps, the only difference was the amount of thc i was consuming. The bumps only occurred when I was consuming it almost constantly for over a week. I have since stopped consuming thc and the problem has never happened again.

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    I'm new at this just got diagnosed n I am so depressed over it smh

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