Now getting hip pain

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I have severe Osteoarthritis in both knees which has put me in a wheelchair. Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting a lot of pain in both hips! Could this also be Osteoarthritis?

I am only 41 years old but I am a big lady so surgery is not an option (I am now under the Obesity clinic to try and rectify this)

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    bexnkev - take a look at what the latest research says about osteoarthrits: (mods - I'm assuming it's OK to post links to articles for Arthritis Research UK?)

    If you read throught that article you'll realise that they don't really know for sure what osteoarthrits is. They do know that xray and mri findings are largely irrelivant. Some people have damage to joints and no symptoms - others have no damage to joints and lots of symptoms.

    A diagnosis of OA is made if you have three months or more of chronic pain, you're over 45 years old and no other diagnosis is likely.

    It's certainly wise to have your doctor rule out other things because they might be curable. The downside to an OA diagnosis is that the only treatment you'll be offered is pain relief drugs - or surgery if things get bad enough. That's not good when you've got half your life still ahead of you.

    The good news is that there are other common causes of pain that the doctors won't check for. The main one being tight, sore muscles. Don't underestimate the level of pain that this can cause! If you've been confined to a wheelchair you haven't been moving your body normally and it's totally normal that painful knots known as 'trigger points' can form. These can cause intense pain - not only at the site of the 'knot' but they also refer pain to joints and other parts of the body. They can also cause other symptoms such as tingling, numbness, dizzyness - they mimic a whole host of different problems. Including OA.

    I'll pm you a link to where you can find more information about this. It costs nothing, is completely harmless and it *could* completely resolve your pain so you have nothing to loose from trying.


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      Just read the article. I SUSPECTED that not much was really known about arthritis because of all the hoops you have to go through just getting a diagnosis and THEN all the steps that have to be taken before your knee, for example, is so SHOT that you need a TKR!!!
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    Osteoarthritis can be anywhere in your body! I have heard people speak of it in HIPS, back, fingers, knees...pretty much everywhere!

    Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear disease, so we wear out cartilage lots of places that get strain and stress.

    I will have my second TKR next month to fix KNEE PROBLEMS, but I continue to have aches across my sacrum and roll on Icy Hot regularly throughout the day. You MAY find that you get some relief from a topical cream such as that.

    I try to stay away from lots of pain medication if I can. Movement helps, too. That is great that you are getting help at the clinic.

    Osteoarthritis is a challenge! I am 64, and it hit in earnest four years ago. Surgery has helped A LOT, so maybe one day soon you WILL have it as an option.

    Will be hoping for less pain for you and continued success at the clinic!

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      Many thanks Cheryl ... In less than 18 months I have gone from completely mobile to completely immobile (a fall triggered the degeneration).

      Sadly, I am in so much pain all the time that I am already on quite significant pain medication and even that just makes the pain bearable. If I walk, it is with elbow crutches and a few metres is the maximum. I have had Lidocaine and kenalogue injections under ultrasound guidance in both knees... They gave me relief for a couple of weeks but each day I am getting more pain again. The pain causes so much fatigue ... Life is quite limited at the moment.

      I am just praying that my hip isn't also affected!

      Good luck with tkr next month ... I hope all goes well ☺

      And yes, I am hoping that tkr will become an option in the future ... Thank you for your kind wishes


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      Oh, yes! A fall can cause all kinds of trouble! I'm sorry that happened to you!

      Pain DOES make you SO TIRED! It makes everything harder, too. I hope you can get some relief very soon.

      Have you checked to see if maybe you may have injured your back during the fall? Many people I have talked to as well as Physical Therapist's say many times leg and hip pain can originate in the BACK.

      Thank you for the encouragement as my next surgery approaches. I am NOT looking forward to all it entails (been there, done that!), but I DO look forward to recovery.

      As I mentioned before, as long as I have Osteoarthritis there will be SOME PAIN somewhere, but the surgery will eliminate/lessen at least SOME of it.

      Take care! Do well and be patient with yourself. Keep working on the weightloss, and maybe you'll soon be a candidate for surgery.

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    Hello Bex

    I wish you good progress with weight loss and future sucess with surgery to the knees. My friend had his knees done and now he is active once more. I've given up lots of food types to keep in good health after becoming diabetic. I will be having knee surgery soon I hope, I go to aquafit most days, it allows me to exercise without putting weight on my feet.



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    I have had two finger joint replacements for OE in my fingers and I am so pleased. All my pain is gone and I can grip things again. I left the second replacement too long ( was waiting for the pain to start which never came) so my options were limited. For me surgery has been the best solution for my OE and hopefully it will be the same for you, so get that weight off  and then hopefully you have your surgery.
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