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Some information is urgently required, purely because I am


I am booked in for a Stress Scan, which involves having an injection

of  a radioactive substance into an artery, then scanned for  possible

heart activity.or, not, A gap of a week is taken between the scans (two)

Has anyone ,endured this procedure. ??? If so.. will you please

tell me that it was not as bad as I think it will be. Before I leave the


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    If it is what I had no problem.No caffeine for 24hrs before scan or they won't do it.I presume it is the simulated stress test where they inject you with drug to simulate exercise (I have asthma ) then you lie still or I suppose you may go on treadmill.Then they inject radioactive thorium

    90 minutes later go to nuclear medicine for gamma camera photos.Big open room and camera moves round you so no problem.If you have to go back again for undressed pictures no dietary restrictions and maybe 20minutes after injection they redo pictures.

    As you are obviously female( like me) they will probably tell you to wear the same bra each time as the camera comes so close to your chest and they want like for like images for comparison.Good luck

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    That should have read unstressed not undressed . ☺
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      No Derek ,it did not worry me .Iv'e taken my kit off for some emminent

      medicals. Including a SIR. I just have to remember to make sure I have a

      pair of panties on. because I don't nomally wear  any.

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      After my wife had her appendix removed her scar was recognised by any doctor seeing it and they asked how she had managed to have it done by Arthur Dickson Wright. We think that he did when teaching students. He was also doctor to the Boxing Board of Control and was famed for his neat stitching of boxers eyebrows.

      Sadly nor recognised now as it has stretched over the years.

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      Interesting things happen in theatres. When I had my first angioplasty

      Professor Sir Roger Boyle .the heart Tsar, whipped off my paper knickers,

      obligatory wear for we ladies ,

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      hi, brain in meltdown, mixing grams with pasties .Angiogram done by

      proff,  angioplasty done in Dublin, by a very nice surgeon, who explained

      everything that was going on, as he was doing it and the monitors

      around me  kept me agog,

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      Yes! When I last had an angiogram the nurse lifted my gown up. I said that I thought that it was being done through my wrist not my groin. She replied. "I Just wanted to see what you have down there"

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      I should have added the angiogram took 55 minutes as for the one doing it it was part of his learning process. I later complained at how much difficulty he had in doing it and at one point he asked the nurse if she could get the catheter round a difficult corner. No way she said.

      I was then to be referred to another hospital for an aortic valve replacement and after finding it had not happened phoned the hospital and told that he was a bit behind with his paperwork. He had actually gone on a months holiday to his homeland.   

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      where was that Derek.? reminds me of my first by-pass ,which should

      have been done pre- Christmas,  However the surgeon was in Australia

      on holiday, and decided to stay for the Xmas holidays..

      I was literally hanging on to life by my fingertips, so 8 th of Jan was the day,  Every year now ,I always work on the principle that If I get

      past the eight of Jan, I will last another year The second one done

      in Sept does not hold the same feelings

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      At the angiogram I was told that it would be one before Christmas. As it turned out it was not done until the end of May. Altogether 54 weeks from seeing local cardiologist but my aortic stenosis had been diagnosed three months before then at Imperial College who thought it less hassle for me to stick to my local hospital to save travelling.. 
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      Morning. i'm very impress ed with your procedures. My friend has just 

      had a pacemaker fitted,We had our by pass's done at the same time 

      26 years ago, and have been friends ever since

      My worst do, was done to me ,when i had an angiogram.

       as they were trolleying me into the theatre I said "you will make a

      mess of this, " as it was Friday and I was the last one in Hurry up

      job. Needless to say, the back of my artery had been sliced, no one noticed, back in the ward I kept saying Pain  ,, No pulses were found in my right leg, so it was back to theatre ,with a proper surgeon.who played

      hunt the clot. Fortunately they found it ,or I might have "lost" the leg

      Sent home ,the wound becamee infected ,,daily visits by nurses,

      waiting to see if  the dreaded MRSI would set in, ,it didn't but the leg

      swelled to to double the size as lymph glands got th e hump My

      leg is still swollen. to this day .Can't remember anyone saying sorry.  

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      They just say that anything like that is on the consent form you signed.

      They punctured my lung when fitting the pacemaker. A pain developed in my chest during the afternoon and I told them I had a Pneumothorax. They listened to my chest and said how did you know that? Had one before I said and they sent me down for an X-Ray.

      I then had the chicken casserole that was not at all what I expected for my evening meal. It was a strange orange colour and must have had a lot of MSG in it that gave me an allergic reaction.

       The first angiogram I had was in 2001 and I was not sure what to expect. I felt the catheter being pressed into my groin and him fiddling about with it briefly before he turned away and went to the other side of the cath lab. After a few minutes feeling cold and uncomfortable on the very narrow table I called out to him ‘When are you going to start’    

      Start ?, he said, I’m watching the action replay and turned the screen towards me. Over and out in ten minutes.

      Arteries were clear and I said what about the stress ECG. False positive he said. And the previous one I had? Double false positive he replied. The last long one I had was after a stress echocardiogram that also gave a false positive.


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      Lemme' see now .Piggy valve replacement ????? Nah   .my  mother had one of those in her eighty'sfrown  Cataracts  ?? Nah ,, two a pennyrolleyes

      Can't comment on the other two, not being a chap  sad

      So. why did you come onto the nuclear question. ?? When I was looking for  some soothing coversation, to tell me that I would not

      become radioactive and turn green ???

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      Dodgy hip   huh, is it good to go now ,?  I read a lot ,but I prefer books to forums.  pop on here now and again to see if there are any other vctims

      having the same problems  Very few with a sense of humour,,, which keeps me sane and able to cope with my pile of ""untreatables""

      In the middle of a James Patterson ,at the moment ,

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      I did wonder about the difference between your Nuclear and the stress echo cardiogram that I had with a drug pumped into me and a bike to ride.

      Do you read books or is it a Kindle?

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      Books all the time. like going to the library ,enjoy browsing.

      Think the Nuclear one is a lying down job 

      Done the treadmill heart one, nearly killed me .My heart took so long

      to calm down ,they had to move me to another room, as i was slowing 

      the queue down

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      Not really. Being asthmatic they inject a drug which mimics the heart being stressed .Very weird sensation lying down with heart beating ninety to the dozenThen injected with radioactive thorium and wait 1 and 1/2hrs before gamma photos of heart (zero caffeine or dairy day before or they will not do test-although if called back for non stressed gamma pictures no dietary restrictions)
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      Hi. this mail that you wrote a day ago,,,  has just arrived,worse than 

      "snail mail " How long do they keep you at full throttle ?? Can't see

      a GT spray reviving me if they stress me too much. I have two appointments , a week apart, did you ?? 

      Sorry about all these questions, but need to know, in case I want to 

      cancel, which is highly probable at the moment 

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      Don't know about that Derek, I am seeing the doc this morning ,so I am going to ask him for a referal to see a cardiac consultant for a proper opinion. Not happy about an everyday consultant ,who said my

      high B.P was because of white coat syndrome, and sent me home with it 198/94   Bit like taking a Roller to a bloke who repairs bicycles

      Also couldn't understand why he gave my abdomen a rough

      trouncing ,quite painful ,and unprofessional ,don't know what he hoped to find , certainly not my B.P

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      You asked the question !!! looking for an Aneurysm,    I replied to your

      question ---- where did you last see  it ??   You obviously know where

      your Aneurysm is, if you have had it scanned.... I do not own one

      What are you on ???????

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      As If Derek !!!!!! Where is this aneurysm  stuff coming from,, or going to .

      I think you are on your own with this. 

      I think you have lost the thread, it's supposed to be about nuclear scans

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      I was giving a possible reason for your GP examining your abdomen.


       "Also couldn't understand why he gave my abdomen a rough

      trouncing ,quite painful ,and unprofessional ,don't know what he hoped to find , certainly not my B.P"

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      In all honesty ,I think the man. (who was not my G.P,)  but an A&E

      doc who assessed  ALL patients who had been moved up the

      distribution ward, read in my notes ,that I had a rare tumour in my 

      stomach, and ,,to show off to the two trainees ,he had listening

      to his every word thought he would have a poke around to see if

      he could find it.and NOT, in a gentle manner. Plus .my heart is not in 

      my stomach , or, in any area of my abdoman.. So DEREK.. the doc left with egg on his face ,Probably the reason he sent me home 

      with my B.P the same as it was when the Paramedic sent me in.

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      Hello again,,,,, time for another check up,, how are you ???Still intact 

      and vertical ??? I have just had a stinking cold,, had to go to the 

      hospital, so can only assume it came home with me.. I didn't go for

      the nuclear whatsit,,and have been fine. my professor told me to cancel it.. I have been put on B12 injections,, exactly for what reason.

      i get a mumbled reply ,so it's every three months so not a prob. Do 

      reply, if only to say hello,,

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