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I'm 55 years old, and have hereditary HBP.

I've been on 5mg Amlodipine for 3 months, and thought I'd finally found a drug that suited me, having tried about 4 or 5 others in the past.

6 weeks ago, my left side suddenly went tingly - pins and needles that started in the sole of my left foot, travelled all the way up the left side of my body, into my arm and hand, and up my neck into my face.

It lasted for about 10 minutes, and left me with a pain in my face, just over my cheekbone, and my left ear felt as though it was full of water.

Scared me half to death. I was at work, so went to see the nurse, she checked my BP, at 120/60, and said she thought it ws just that my BP had dropped so much (it had been 160/104 at one point at the start of this year).

Since then I keep getting pins and needles in my arms and hands,

sometimes my feet, and my fingres are starting to go numb.

I've been to see my GP, and he said it's not the Amlodipine, and has referred me to Neurology att he hospital, but reading this site, I'm not so sure it's not the Amlodipine causing it.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

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    I'm totally amazed at the reports that some GP's are not recognising the side-effects of this drug, which are well documented. When I compained to my GP about the side effects, she understood immediately and, had I not been waiting to have some surgery done (and did not want to change the meds at this minute) she was more than happy for me to try another kind.

    I've been on amlodipine for 8 weeks and some side-effects have gone but I still don't feel right. I may have to change it after I've had my surgery but I'm in two minds as to whether to stick with it as I'm not experiencing half of what, like you, some people go through.

    Good Luck. I have a friend who tried 10 types until one finally agreed with her.

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    Three years ago on beta Blocker and Amlodipine (without medication my BP is 200/130 - heart OK and no arterial problems)) I started to get pins and needles in both hands and over a year and a half they travelled all the way up my arms (both sides equally) across my chest and into my chin and lips. I stopped amlodipine and went onto Amiloride hydrchloride but symptoms persisted. Recently went onto Doxasosin which caused headache and reflux and increased pins and needles ( quite unbearable during the night and wake with totally numb arm). Am now back on Amlodipine and have pins and needles permanently along with muscle weakness in arms and legs which make walking difficult and life generally awful. I suspect the Amlodipine and like the other vaso dilators they take the potassium out of you. This I think is the cause but GPs and even so-called specialists have not got a clue. All medications will have unwanted side effects and the medical proctice is to say keep taking them and the body will adapt - what they mean is you will forget what it was like to feel well.

    Hypertension is caused in the brain and all we do with these medications is treat the symptoms.

    These sites must be used by rational people to force the issue of complete diagnosis - too many people are getting rich treating symptoms and selling drugs that cause more symptoms.

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    Hi there - what a relief to read this post. I've been on Amlodipine for about 2 months now and whilst my bp is lower, I've had numbness and muscle weakness in my hands and arms, numbness in my face and lips and some weakness in my legs. I've been convinced I have something very serious wrong with me so I'm hoping that things resolve by coming off the medication. Fingers crossed....
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      I have been taking Amlodipine for high blood pressure for just a few weeks. My blood pressure has lowered but I am getting numbness, tingling and muscle weakness in my hands.

      When you came off Amlodipine, did your symptoms improve and were you prescribed another drug. I would appreciate your feedback.

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    Im a man, 46 now, normal hight and weight (exelent BMI).

    I been on Amlodipin 5mg and Ancozan 100mg for a HBP on 195/146... and as soon as i step it down/forget before, my BP skyrocket.

    However, since this medication leave me with absulutely no life in the reproductive area, I need 100mg viagra just to get a little quality time with wife.

    Because of the severe side effects with these meds, I have tried to cut one of Amlodipin or Ancozan away for 1-3 months, and the side effects start to wear off.

    Due to this home experiment (my GP thought my side effects was imagenary), I can safely say that its the Amlodipin which cause:

    - Numbness in general

    - Fatigue

    - Depression

    - ED (severely)

    - Low self esteem

    - Muscle weaknes

    - Brain fog

    - Feeling of not being present

    - Slow reactions both physically and mental

    - Relaxing the facial muscles so I look 10-15 years older... started to act and look like an old cranky man, despite that I always have been looking a lot younger than whats stated on my birth certificate.

    - Low testosterone levels

    I have a young beautiful wife who have been very supportive through this, after we found the course to the above side effects.

    Through exercise in fitness center and better diet and supplement, I have managed to ditch Amlodipin completely, and have stepped down the Ancozan to 50mg daily, and keep regular control of my BP levels.

    I use a lot of fresh ginger and fresh garlic when I cook, and supplement with Icariin 60% to get a healthy hormone balance.

    This is working very good, and im slowly gaining my old self back, both to my and the wifes big pleasure.

    Still waiting for ED to be gone completely, but it has already improved noticeably, and is down on 25-50 mg viagra already.

    Talk to your GP about any side effects from Amlodipin!, be persistant if they dont believe you, and start doing something health wise yourself as well.

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