Numbness, pins and needles in left arm

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Hi ladies

Im having tons of menopause symptoms this weekend, its scaring the life out of me,. A new one today, woke up with numbness in my left arm, face, hands, bad headache, chest pains. it scared the life out of me as i thought I was having a stroke. My partner took me to hospital, doctors performed some routine tests and did ECG, but all is ok. My anxiety was sky high, i panicked and kept thinking the doctor has missed something. Four hours later all symptoms have improved and my anxiety went down. Why does our bodies keep alarming us like this. Lately I have been having lots of anxiety and feeling scared something will happen to me when I'm alone. Ive started to exercise and hopefully will help with the anxiety.

Any ladies have felt this way.

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    I feel your pain Kadija

    I am three years post meno and 52

    I just feel like im in a living hell every day

    Symptoms i cant even describe sometimes x

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      Hi keljo

      It truly is!!!

      Ive got an ear infection to contend with now and trying to get to see a doctor in England right now is a mission.

      Im in a constant state of panic lately and i feel constantly breathless

      My husband kids and mum just raise their eyes now everytime i say it.

      Getting out of bed is enough to set me off these days.

      I was thinking by this time i should be feeling better being post memo but not so.

      I feel like maybe its not menopause and the doctors are missing something insidious.

      Thats where my mind goes all the time. x

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    Yes definitely have all this as well. can be quite scary..sounds like you are suffering from menopause migraines which are not easy to manage, so many symptoms come on right before during and after the actual bad headache mine always last 72 hours or 3days however you want to look at it, and there is numbness arms fingers legs hands face head can be one side of body usually, there is dizziness nausea shaky low blood sugar feeling and lots of health anxiety to go with it all, they always come for me on ovulation days and days what would have been the start of my period had I not had a hysterectomy.. still have ovaries though..I really believe my migraines are hemoplegic migraines, I have had a stroke yet from them but really feel like I could.. one of my most scary episodes I could not lift my left arm during my migraine attack it felt dead. and I couldn't move my moth to speak .. it went away after the 2 hour long actual painful attack was over.. I never had any of this before the age of 45 I woke up one day to all this plus a whole slew of other symptoms.. everything from weak legs to feeling like I could pass out in a grocery store to crying at the drop of a hat for hours on end to feeling like I have the flu 24 7 very blurry vision ..and fluorescent lights in stores especially Wal-Mart and ambulances tv's computer screens phones backlights all trigger must be super careful to avoid it all or use protection hats sunglasses dim screens for my devices.. or I'm a dizzy off balance numb migraine mess..its all so awful.. oh and yesterday and today I have (rheumatoid arthritis) so my joints are bad , but yesterday and today I have unexplained bruising on my thumb joints , which have been causing me great pain and can't think of anything I did to cause it, so in my menopause head I have cancer.. the health anxiety is insane.. with all of this.. you are not alone.. definitely read up on migraines all the different kinds and what goes along with them symptom wise and you'll feel better knowing its a migraine and not a stroke.. also. write down when they happen every single month to see if there is a pattern same days maybe during period or ovulation or if you don't get periods or ovulate anymore then what would have been those days..even though we woman don't have them days of periods anymore we sure still suffer from the monthly me no symptoms and I don't get why wish the symptoms would just go away.. hope you feel better soon , but keep in mind its not unheard of for this numbness bad headaches\migraines dizziness off balance crap to just keep repeating every single month ❤

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    I also get tingling but not numbness (yet!) and have been seen at the stroke clinic as well as investigations at neurophysiology. Nothing amiss.

    That reassures me as I know it's quite a common menopause symptom but it's human nature to want an explanation isn't it?

    Luckily no anxiety for me but I can understand how all these things must send it off the scale! I'm three years post and am having symptoms now that i never experienced before; chest pains just this week for instance

    Sorry i can't be more help. Hope you get some relief from the anxiety Just know you're not alone and "this too shall pass" x

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    Hello to everyone . Yes , my anxiety is often really bad and ive been having bad migraines for a few years now . I have been backwards and forwards to the doctors since my peri started roughly 5 years ago when I was 48 . I shall be 53 in August and I am still having periods, although I never know when another one is due, as they do not have a set pattern anymore. I have had so many different symptoms over the years and was always told by my doctor that it was down to my age and the fact that I had anxiety and depression from the loss of my mum. I was put on antidepressants at this stage. Then out of the blue last December I had a seizure and was in hospital for a week , had swelling on the brain from an infection and after numerous scans was found to have a brain tumour. Thankfully I have an amazing Neurosurgeon who has sent me for a number of detailed scans that can tell him everything about the type of tumour that it is and that its benign and will not travel to anywhere else. I may have to have it removed at some point , but lockdown happened just as I got all my results. My doctor had to eat humble pie for all the years that she had treated me as some scatty, menopausal women and apologised over the phone to me. If anyone ever feels that something is not right, its worth pushing for tests maybe. and don't ever try to be fobbed off. Thank goodness mine was found as my Neurologist told me that a lot of people never know that they have one .Now I just try to take one day at a time and be thankful that I am still here and that one day I shall overcome all this. My husband has been amazed how I have handled all this considering my health anxiety in peri. Sorry for rambling. We can be strong when we have to be and should all be proud of ourselves.

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