Numbness/Tingly sensation in right arm/lower leg for nearly a year and now left fingers/toes.

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I am a 50 year old male.

Last October I started to have a numb/mild burning sensation started in my lower right leg. A bit like a dead leg, but not severe as such. Just like mild pins and needles.

About a week later the numbness started appearing in my right arm and right side of my face too. This too was mild.

Long story short, I saw my doctor who checked me out and then referred me to a neurologist who did tests with pins/hammers, etc. Nothing obvious.

Various blood tests were done but nothing was found.

I had an MRI scan in November of my brain and cervical spine. Again, nothing obvious cropped up other than normal wear and tear for someone of my age.

I tried to have a lumbar puncture in January but this failed as the neurologist was unable to get to the fluid in my spine despite his best efforts. He said that the test was going to look for neuroinflammatory disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis. However, he also said it was unlikely I had that based on his tests, etc.

Since about April time I've had tingly fingers in my left hand and my left toes. But not the overall achy/numbness I get on my right side arm/lower leg.

I did tell the neurologist I had the flu vaccination about a fortnight before I started to have the numbness sensation on my lower right leg but he told me "it is not inconceivable there could be a relationship but there is not enough here to advise him not to pursue future vaccinations."

So, as things stand, the whole of my right arm aches and feels a bit numb and tingly. The fingers of my right hand are noticeably tingly. I can feel things and there is no noticeable weakness or anything that I do. If I stick a pin in me I can feel it good and proper! My right lower leg feels similar, so from my knee to my toes. Sometimes it just feels cold - but not to touch. My face also feels a bit tingly. Started on the right-hand side on the cheek, jaw and forehead. And, as I said, my fingers and toes on the left-hand side are a bit tingly now too.

I'm not due to see the doctor or neurologist again about this unless there are any new developments. My neurologist said, "I have reassured him that I have not found anything of significant concern here. He is aware that non-specific neurological symptoms are common and there is not always a clear diagnosis emerging".

It's kind of hard to describe the sensation. But it's like I've been sleeping on my right arm and it feels a bit dead from doing that. Or like my arm, lower leg and both my hands and feet have mild pins-and-needles. Or sometimes my face feels like it does when you've been to the dentist and you've had local anaesthetic - but I must emphasize it's a very mild version - so almost when the anaesthetic has died off.

I don't know of anything that eases the symptoms of what I have. But when my right leg, especially my foot, feels particularly cold I tend to get a hot water bottle and rest my foot on that and it helps with that. But can't seem to do anything for the numbness/tingling.

If I'm out and about and doing things I don't really notice anything - and nobody has noticed any difference in me (e.g. my gait). It's usually when I'm sitting down watching TV or working at my desk. And, bizarrely, it seems to be worse if I think about it. It sometimes wakes me up too as I have to go from side to side to stop aching.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar and/or knows of anything that can ease the symptoms?

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    An update since I first posted last September.

    I started taking one Vitamin B12 tablet a day that same month. I was already making sure I drank plenty of glasses of water throughout the day and regulate how much alcohol I drank (just social on weekends, but not too much). So this was just to see what happens.

    Things seemed to settle a bit. I still had the tingling, but not so noticeable and it wasn't on my mind.

    However, these last two to three weeks I've noticed it get stronger and uncomfortably so. So my lower right arm has a "crawling" sensation. So feels like something is brushing against it even if I have a sleeveless to on. My right hand is aching, feels cold (in terms of sensation, not to touch), and has a tingling sensation. My right elbow is aching. My lower right leg is tingling too and my right foot feels cold (sensation again) and tingling. The right side of my face feels a bit tingly and feels flushed (it isn't). And there is a bit of numbness too on the fingers and toes on my left side.

    I haven't lost the sense of touch at all. I can feel things even if I brush gently against them and can sense hot and cold things. I can hold things fine in my right hand, even if it's aching and uncomfortable.

    I can't think what has triggered it to get worse these last few weeks. It's been a stressful time at work, but that's been since last Autumn, so it can't be that. My diet/drinking habits haven't changed lately.

    I'm hoping, just like in September last year, it'll die down again to a milder form - So I don't notice it so much.

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      Hello! I'm going through something similar and I've had no updates myself. I wouldn't say it's numbness, but my right arm has felt heavy, especially towards the bottom half for nearly 3 months now, and it partially travelled to my right leg. With no help from doctors or hospitals after repeated visits and being told it was a waste of time. I started to think it potentially was celiac disease, as I have most of the symptoms for this, and can't see what else it could be for, and a few weeks before this happened, I was put on folic acid tablets. Did you get any answers at all? I'm more anxiety ridden over not knowing what it could be than the hinderance of the heaviness in the arm itself.

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