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morning ladies, i just want to ask a quick question. the nutri b vits i take do have vit b6 (25mg), folic acid (400 something els not mg) and vit b12 (25). must i take additional b6 folic acid and b12 with it.

thank you again



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    Hi nonnie

    Its up to you hun.. Some B complexes like Mega B 100mg contain 100mg of the main B's .. Always best to check before ya buy they vary so much.

    25mg is not much at all and we need at least 100mg of b6 in peri maybe more full meno, i take 150mg B6..

    The best B12 is Jarrows 5000mcg cherry flavour red label on bottle 

    Holland and barret do a fab mega B 100mg time release sort .. 

    Have a great day nonnie

    Jay xx

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    I just love this site, can't believe I 'm actually in touch with like minded women at last, I feel so much better already being able to share the curses of peri with others and the advice is superb, going to get some of this vit B stuff immediately,

                   THANKS A MILLION


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      Hi Mrs Merm

      How are you sweetie 

      😀 Vit B6 & B12 excellent for peri and meno... 

      or a Mega B 100 complex that contains at least 100mg B6..

      talk soon

      Jay xx

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      Hi Dottie..

      i had abit shock last night.. you know i have been saying I had vaginal discomfort and dryness ... Gyno did all the checks and vaginal ultra sound for ovaries etc all okay.. Colposcopy all looked ok, hormonal decline dryness noticd..

      the only thing I was waiting for was my smear result ..

      anyway last night my lovely Gyno emailed my smear result, said all cells fine, nothing cancerous or pre cancerous on the result..

      but.. he told me I had infection due Bacterial Vaginosis and also candidiasis

      ( thrush) 

      well... I had to get some anti biotic Clindamycin vaginal ovules for three days and some Fenticaonazol ovules for treatment after 3-6 days 😥 he told me what to ask the farmacia for and how to use it etc..

      so... just shows ladies... get annual smears ... as also any infections are picked up... I have felt like this a while and thought it was just menopause and this infection has taken a hold, maybe why I am hot all the time..

      so ladies look after yourselves and keep a check 😀

      jay jay xx

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      Hi Jay it's good to have these annual physicals. I had a routine urine test and there was a urine infection and didn't even realize I was peeing often but thought it was just my change in bladder.   rolleyes


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      Hiya Jay and all on site, I still had white tongue,brush my teeth 2 a day ,mouthwash ,it was still there ,if you suffer eczema one gets it ( as I do ) your prone to this yeast infection,affects you Gyne wise I agree  with you there Jay.loads of women suffer from it and don't know it,hard to get rid of it to,your body continually produces it,anything yeast wise you eat,and sugar is a big no to it,so try curb sweet cravings 

        I don't eat sweets in any quantity,cheese I ration ,but hey I still got this problem on going,wonder if that's why so many get anxiety  and meno IBS ? Food for thought today ?

         Jay back on the B 12  ,no IBS prob 3 days in . So it was that 6 as thought .

         Got that Acidophilus  plus 2 billion out ( non  dairy ) bought it but never took it ,buy 1 get 1 free .

        My tinnitus a pain 2 days straight high as a kite yesterday ,today to B.......y low .if I could I'd strangle a Migraleve at the ready .

         Sad Joan Rivers has died,had a mouth on her ,but she was more pussy cat ,just out earning a living as you her not bringing religion into jokes. Non that I ever heard,not like Dave Allen ,use to switch him off pronto,your mum and dad would have heard of him no doubt ,your still. Spring chicken ,to recall him Jay .

       Glad you got Gyne smear back okay,sigh of relief getting all clear on that one for females ,but yes that one is a must I had every one of mine done .

         Well his lordship just brought me in cuppa tea and a sandwich .Good old boy Ha Ha Ha .xxxxx 

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      Hi Marlene

      for years for vag thrush i have always used Canestan Once and an oral tablet.. but after years of use the body becomes immune .. it doesnt work anymore..

      so what the Gyno suggested  may now work for me..

      never had an antibiotic vaginal ovule before either 😢 never had BV Bacterial Vaginosis  😦

      but better to know and get it cured ..

      Glad the B12 hasnt affected the IBS Marlene..

      I been into town earlier, its so hot again... no breeze, still and hot..

      just got a stash of Melon 😀

      your Acidophilus marlene are you going to try it ? i take mine every morning..

      Tip.... always take with water .. never have a hot cuppa for a while after as it kills the bacteria in them and effect it lost..

      i take that one Acidophilus thats the best one for IBS mines a holland and barret one and a 3 billion... 

      hahaha i do remember Dave Allen, just..

      yes sad about Joan, she was abit over powering for me.. bit forced ... 

      but sometimes amusing though..sad though bless her ..

      taking one of the cockers for a hair cut in morning..

      shave .. 😀 hes due .. hes a woolly bear again..

      jay xx


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      I never had any Gyne real probs ,till all this began,never had thrush etc,now for past 8 yrs it's been constant 3 or 4 check ups  nothing just told all looks healthy.nice and pink how it should be from a Gyne I've been struggling along,hoping above all hope one day it will all stop for good ,die a death .how many women feel like this on a daily basis loads

          You going to your Gyne hunk may have helped me to Jay.

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      Lost the keypad oops long nails .

         Got the Acidophilis on my side table ,will start on them today,with having IBS  I'm always worried different things will upset it.Bite the bullet sometimes way to go.will remember about Tea and taking them only have 1 or 2 cups a day  not big tea drinker. Got to have a thirst on to have 2 

         My girl gets cystitis most months and her tounge is white, yes she gets it to hormone imbalances .

           Our Cockers got there hair cut every 6 weeks,but I never trusted anyone with them period Jay.not out of my sight girls like that with hers ,only trust nanny and grandad with hers,we've got them for the day tomorrow,give her and husband time out different than us having 2 human grandchildren Jay ,without the grizzling that would do my head in .So dogs love them here for the day.

         So you do remember Dave Allen oooooh Jay he's been dead for fair time.well I think he has .xxx

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      Yes Noonie another one were left to find out for ourselves thak God for this internet and I pads / comps and other females ,what they find is no ones buisness ,and pass it along. My old mum and her generation could have used this gaget  back then females were put on those tablets that's been talked about ,a band aid ,but got to do what you got to do ,if it's gives you better days,go for it.

       Now Jays dr says it all hey at least one dr on the ball we know of in the world  xxxxx

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