OAB with urge incontinence

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I'm a 22 y/o female and I've been suffering from OAB that seems to be slowly getting worse. I'm now at the point where I need to use the toilet between 14-18 times during the day and at least 3 or 4 times during the night.

Over the past 12 months or so I've also been having accidents during the day where it's just impossible to hold on any longer and I've recently woken up during the night to find I'm soaking wet through, something that hasn't happened since I was a teenager!

I finally plucked up the courage to see my GP who prescribed me Oxybutynin, they took away some of the frequency but didn't help with the urgency. I've been took off the tablets now while I wait for a blood test on my kidneys and blood sugar.

What will happen if they come back as normal? Will I have to just live with it? I'm now a complete hermit and I'm scared to even walk to the shops in fear of needing the toilet. The doctor was nice enough but I don't think he actually understands just how much this is bothering me. I mean it's literally ruining my life and I can't bare the thought of having to live with it because nothing more can be done.

I've tried bladder training and pelvic floors but they don't seem to make the Slight bit of difference. I've finally given in and started wearing pads but at 22 years old they're not the most pleasant of underwear.

Anyone got any ideas or advice? I just want to be able to go out with friends and enjoy myself without constantly worrying if there are toilets close by or if my pad is showing.

Please help sad

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    Hi Daniix. I completely sympathise with you. I'm a lot older than you but it doesn't matter if you're 22 or 62 the problem is horrible!! 😢

    I suffer from urge incontinence as well. Like you mine gradually crept up on me. You suddenly realise you're having to rush to the loo a lot n it's a lot more than the average 6 times a day!! You then realise you're wetting yourself n finally have to give in to the dreaded pads. I also went to the doc n was put on Vesicare to stop the frequency, but all they really did was dry my mouth up!!

    After about a year i was refered to the hospital. Finally i could admit how bad things had become and how low i felt. (My low point was walking around shopping n feeling myself wet myself n there was nothing i could do about it. I went home n cried).

    I was given a barrage of not particularly nice tests at the hospital to make sure i had what i had. (I would've done anything at that point to end the misery of it all!)

    After a few more months i was given Botox in my bladder. Again not a great procedure but it's changed my life!! 😊 I don't wet myself anymore. I can hang on n i'm not constantly ruled by my bladder!! It can last up to 2 years n then it'll need doing again. I've had mine for 4 months now.

    I would say to you to to get back to your doctor n tell them the tablets aren't working n get yourself refered to the hospital if possible.

    It's an awful problem that gradually drags you down n makes you feel alone n isolated. You're not alone though. Get an appointment as soon as possible n get the ball rolling. Know one should have to suffer with this.

    Good luck!!

    Helen x

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    I too suffer from urge incontinence. Your GP will not really be much help. My GP prescribed Detrusitol, which didn't really help. Contact your local continence clinic and make a self referal. Ask to be put onto the cancellation list. The continence nurse will be more understanding of your problem and will give loads of helpful advice. They can also speed up the time it takes to see a urologist. GP's just give you pills and hope the problem goes away. I'm a 39yr old man and wearing pads is deeply embarassing, so I totally understand the "wanting to hide away" thing. Sometimes the problem is something that be worked on, such as a distressed bladder and with certain exercises the problem lessens. I hope this has been of some help.
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    Hi Daniix

    The best advice I can give is to demand to see a specialist. There are other meds. available as well that you could try. Don't be fobbed off, the condiditon is a misery whatever your age.

    Best Wishers Pat

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    Hello Daniix.

    I have been experiencing the same embarrasing issue for months now. at first it happened ,passing urine frequently ,day and night, and finally ended up,could no longer hold,it and many times wet my trousers before getting into the toilet.

    I finally made an appointment with my GP and told him concerning the embarrassing issue. he finally prescribed a number of meds on my behalf, but most of them had very negative side effets on me, such as;dry mouth,affected my vision sometimes, and itchy all over the body.

    I finally gave up, with all those tablets and my condition was getting more and more worse. decided to talk to other medics, but finally ended up finding out ,they all had little knowledge in relation to the issue. I remember a female GP once saying to me I frequently pass urine it's because my kidneys work perfectly,which is totally not the issue. ended myself up hopeless, and finally decided to deal with the issue through prayers ,sorry if this might sound not alright with in some religion point of view, but just trying to be helpful as long as I personally know how embarassing the related issue is. after turning to this option which I found the only last resort, I was divinely advised, that no matter what kind of meds, I can be taking to tackle the issue, as long as I haven't wish to find out what was the cause, stimulating my urinary frequency , there will be no chance to put an end to that. I then was directed to search through google, and found an number possible causes regarding the related issue. as for me it was mostly caused due a high intake of some drinks containing caffeine and cola. for insteance, I frequently like takinh strong coffee, more than twice daily especially while working. a lot of tea,mostly early in the morning and before sometimes bed time.my favourite drink was coke. I finally realized that, some one of those related here, were the leading cause, strong coffe intake,right hours after taking it,I will be going to and fro to the toilet and wetting my working uniform before getting to the loo. besides all these, there are a large number of meals, and drinks that we eat and drink are the leading course of the issue, as many of them have hidden cafeine,such as; energy drinks, mints,ice cream, chocolates, and many more. if you are interested with my advice and research please let me know so I will  be willing to inbox you here google links I did use to find out about all these possible causes. I myself for a few days now decided to cut down of a numbers of what I used to drink frequently which I have divinely discovered were the leading cause of such embarassing issue.

    Good luck daniix and looking forward to hearing from you in case ,you would like to hear much regarding my search. I know, how you feel as long as this happened to me as a young man still 40.

    thank you

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    Poor you. i have oab just started on the tablets you mentioned yesterday hasnt made any difference yet. I bought some of the patches online which really did help! I've just started meditation as i swear anxiety about it makes it a whole lot worse. Also found out yesterday i have a bladder prolapse maybe something your doctor could check?
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    How are you doing Daniix? Have you found anything that helps you not have to go to the bathroom so often. I had a friend like that who had to get up every two hours at night to go to the urinate, but she is doing better now. Just wondering if you found any solutions for your problem.


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    I know this is late and hopefully you have already found a solution.This is just in case any of you are still searching for one or anyone reads this discussion.

    I am 22 year old female and have been suffering from OAB since I was 15 years old. It remained undiagnosed till I was 19 and after after an extremely embarrassing incident during college I finally sought help at 20 years odd .I started with a psychologist-thinking it was me. Somehow, my mum got in contact with a Urologist and he told her it was OAB.

    I have suffered in a similar way, spending many restless nights because I had wet myself and had to wake up to air the mattress and clean my clothing.Not going anywhere because I was afraid I'll have to pee. Not able to sit through exams and not able to study due to anxiety.

    This had resulted in me getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety and had to go through that medication also.

    Don't go to a GP or anyone, contact a good Urologist. GP's or anyone else won't understand your problem and treat it lightly.

    My Urologist was the first person to understand my problem,sympathise and actually help me out. They will listen,do some tests and prescribe you medicines and (may) also ask you to come back . Sometimes different combinations will be tried till you and your Urologist found the best one for you.

    I am still on medication and slowly will be taken off them.So,yes you will have a normal life ahead.

    Surgical /botox etc are somewhat treatments done in quite advanced conditions.

    I will suggest a few things,these are some things that manage to make my conditions worse even though I am on heavy medication-

    1. Caffeine - Just yesterday I drank a lot of coffee in late evening and had an accident the night itself. This is the reaction coffee has on me-if I drink a lot of it.I would highly suggest to stop caffeine- it is difficult,even I am trying too ,but the effect is worth it.

    2. Weight - I am overweight. This worsens my condition. Loose it. It will improve your condition significantly.

    3. Reduce spicy foods.Might as well cut them out.

    4. Most Important. Try your best to not get constipation. Eat fibrous foods. You won't believe how bad constipation is for our condition.

    It apparently stimulates the same/surrounding muscles and results in spasms and increase of the urge symptoms.

    5 Do not.try to push and empty your bladder as this,again overstimulates the surrounding muscles.

    6. Avoid diuretics.

    7. Start kegels.

    Hope you get well.

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      I'm sorry to read this about you. I can totally relate. I'm in my mid thirty, I've OAB small bladder too and accidents started when I was young, like 12, more and more frequently, in addiction to an endless bedwetting. As a young adult incontinence became worse and I was going straight towards depression due the fact I was locking down myself in my home. Luckily it was going on only for few months until on the push of my doctor and my mom I accepted to wear more safe protections. These can be not so comfortable and you could be not happy to have to wear them but it's the biggest peace of mind against incontinence. After few months I get used to wearing pads, pull-ups and even diapers, quickly I had taken back my active life. Now I always prefer more absorbent products to be 100% secure to have no leakages, when you get used to these you have NOT to give up doing something and incontinence stops to be a big issue.

      I would just follow your good advises, that is the first thing together with looking for a medial treatment and if possible a solution, but absolutely don't let incontinence controls your life, never, especially if what distances yourself from your happy life is just only wearing some protection. No restless nights, no worries about exams, trips, cinema, theatre, sport, no anxiety at all. Try different products and find what works the best for you, I tried a lot of them and I can assure you nowadays there are very absorbent and discreet protections with which you can feel yourself totally comfortable and secure.

      I hope your OAB is less OA and everything is better now. Hugs

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      I totally agree Mary1280. Find a product that suits you (for me 2 thin night time sani pads) and go out there and enjoy life!!

      Having an OAB shouldn't stop you from doing anything x

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