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Hello out there! I hope by posting this I can get some feedback that will help me. I am 48 yrs according to the cruel calendar (lol) and have recently been diagnosed as having multiple uterine fibroids. Not uncommon I know. I recently also had my gallbladder removed. I had been experiencing a lot of pain and digestive issues at the same time so off I went to both the GI and the OBGYN. After surgery removing my gallbladder I had a lot of trouble digesting and everything I ate ran right through me. And I was again in pain. They put me on WELCHOL for my stomach and it has managed well but now I have increasing pain still. Off to the OBGYN who says my largest fibroid is "only" 5cm and I "shouldnt" be feeling pain from it! Never mind the others under 5cm. But they prescribed me percs 5 For pain. I am in total discomfort daily and sometimes I can't walk due to pressure, bloating, a "gravity hates me" type pulling pain and sharp pain of the same on my lower back right side just above/on my hip. Sometimes it feels like a contraction. I can "feel" some type of mass (es) in my guys. I can't lay down too long without pain. My OBGYN said to get a stomach test (Gastric Emptying) and then we'd talk about hysterectomy. I did that, the GI confirmed no issue there, and yet my OBGYN now wants to have another (5th in as many months) CT scan!!! Abdominal and Pelvis, PLUS have an EKG and full blood labs......all prior to surgery (which we all know drags weeks out) and in the meantime my pain is increasing, I cannot work and I am losing patience! Is this a "normal" route before hysterectomy? And if 5cm fibroids can't possibly be causing my pain what is?!

Any help sorting this out appreciated

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    Hi super chick. I really feel for you it sounds awful and no I don't believe that it's being resolved quick enougb. Have you been given anything for the pain? I take Mefamic acid and it works for me as well as taking away the pain and also stems the blood flow if your periods are heavy.

    I would say keep at them until this is resolved and also ask them about Myomectomy and UFE both are less invasive than Hysterectomy. Also read up on every procedure as in my experience Gynocology don't tell you everything as they are usually Hysterectomy happy so push them a bit if they only offer this option.

    Whatever happens good luck and keep us posted.

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      Thank you Patricia. I am taking Percocet 5's once to twice daily just to maintain. I've never heard of Mefamic Acid but I did look it up and it's only recommended for use short term, like 7 days. I've been dealing with severe pain for weeks. I'm sure Percocet isn't good long term either for addictive reasons. But I don't know what else to do. My doctor won't discuss any other options because she isn't convinced that my pain and bloatimg is from as she puts it "a small 5cm tumor"!

      I'm waiting for insurance to approve this CT scan (I pray soon) so we can see if she's right or not. But until then, I can hardly walk first thing in the morning and without meds theres no way to be normal. I'm 48 not 98!! I want my life back. sad

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    Hi, sorry to hear what's happened.  A colleague at work also has fibroids and had her gall bladder removed and like you now passes very loose stools and bile.  She is now being told it might be her bowels and not her fibroids, sometimes we can get stuck between 2 specialities like gynae and gastric.  Hope you get some help soon..

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      Well she doesn't complain of pain, she is also on Esmy drug to shrink a fibroid.  She said her gall bladder was full of 'gravel' so needed to be removed but she didn't realise that she would be left with all this loose stools and having bowel motions 3 to 4 times per day of bile liquid.  She is due to go back soon for review and see if they can remove the fibroid.  She has already had half a hysterectomy apparently where they removed one fallopian tube and half her uterus, but she thinks she will need a totaly hysterectomy to resolve her bleeding.  I am post menopause and still bleeding due to numerous small fibroids.  I have had 2 hysteroscopy and fibroid removed and no further on.  I am not going to have anything further done if I can avoid it as no further on.  I had really bad stomach pains after having the fibroid removed and then diarrhoea for 2 days and it took me a lot longer than a week to recover and i was off work for a month. Sometimes, some of us take longer to recover than the text book says.

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    Dear SuperChick,

    I have the exact same pains for a couple of years now. My doctor is finally taking me seriously as my fibroids have grown from 5cm or less to now my smallest is almost 7cm to as large as 12cm. I look like I am 6 or 7 months pregnant. Some doctors prefer to wait to see if they will shrink as they are hormone induced growths of a Single cell. At first I was terrified because my mother passed from misdiagnosed ovarian cancer. They removed her gallbladder, then did stomach tests, then when the feminine bleeding was literally nonstop they did further testing. 4 years later she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She passed away to years later as it mastestised to her liver. Unfortunately because so many organs are packed into a relatively small area of the body the doctors use your age, economic status, and race as diagnostic factors, they don't always look for the tell tale symptoms. PLEASE DON'T THINK THAT IT IS THAT SERIOUS YET. Just do your homework and do not give up. Change doctors if you feel yours is not listening to you. Remember, you pay them, they work for you, not the other way around.

    Pre-surgical testing is normal, they need to be certain of what they are dealing with. Ask them what blood tests they are running, what are they looking for, and why. The more you make them talk to you the more you understand and are able to deal with the anxiety. As to 5 CT scans... it almost sounds as though they are milking your insurance. No one is suppose to have CTS that close together because of the radiation exposure. Ask them why they need so many, what are the health risks to having so many, and what do they think they will find by doing another one. You do not have to agree if you feel that it is not needed after their explanation. It is your health which means you are in control.

    Keep us posted on what you find out. Everything will be ok.


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      Thank you Jess! I am just so frustrated and scared there is something they are missing! Yesterday I was at a friend's house and her 50-60 lb dog jumped up on me (while I was standing) twice and it hurt my guts so bad by evening I was crying with pain and pressure. Not sure what the heck happened and two pain pills later (one at 7pm and one at 7am today) I am feeling ok but still have trouble standing up and walking and feel nauseous. I was due for my period a week ago but I haven't started yet. I seem to be slowly "leaking" clear fluid and feel cramps like I should already have started. Also, forgive me for this but this is real and we are all women here...i am having a strong foul odor and have it in and off now for months!! sad

      I'm not sure if this needs hospital (ER) attention as they won't really do much more than tell me to see my OBGYN or wait until Wednesday when I see my PC for blood work and exam as my OBGYN has requested. I just want to get some answers and relief ya know?! This is terrible to deal with. Thank you for commenting. It is helping me calm down. ?

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      Hi SuperChick!

      I more than understand your fears, I am facing them also. I have had a history of feminine cancer and am worried it is more than the fibroids that I have also... The foul oder you are experiencing, is it almost like something died or is it fishier? If it smells more like "death" that could be a fibroid going into necrosis. That means the fibroid, or a part of it, out grew the blood supply and is dieing. In most cases no care is needed, but occasionally it can lead to an infection. If it is a fishier oder you need to see a doctor as you may have an infection. The watery discharge is normally caused by a growth within the cervix itself. Do you know what type of fibroids you have? The pain from the dog jumping on you may because you tightened your muscles to catch him/her so you wouldn't fall over. In doing so you may have tightened the pelvic region tightly around your fibroids decreasing the blood supply. If it was a sudden sharp pain, like being burned and stabbed at the same time, that is relentless I would seek urgent care. If you have the type of fibroid that grows on a stalk it could have twisted, while it rarely happens, it is always a possibility. Keep us updated, you're not alone... ?


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      You have helped me so much! Thank You! 😚 Just by talking about it with people who have been or are in the same boat makes such a difference. I will remember you in my prayers for sure. Life after 40 has become serious and we start to really pay attention it seems.

      The odor is odd, sometimes fishy, or ammonia like than other times its just strong like when I was pregnant!?? I have been on pain meds for about two weeks now so that also causes constipation. Well today I didn't take my after care meds from when I had my gallbladder removed and they put me on WELCHOL to help bind the bowls and alleviate the bile like diarrhea...because with the pain meds I didn't want to get stopped up completely. When I had the first of 4 movements so far today (!!) It had that same odor to it. Almost like a pungent vitamin smell. Like when you first open a bottle of vitamins or natural supplements...?? I don't know...but thst stool was hard to pass....the next three...RUUUUUUN FOR IT!! LOL

      I went to church and started out ok but after an hour I was feeling flu like symptoms and pain again.

      I am just kinda laying around all day. This is so bizzare because I just don't know what the heck is wrong.

      Thank you for your advice. I hope you find a path to healing and hope you keep us posted on your journey as well.

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    Hi SuperChick,

    I am sorry to hear about your pain, I hope my experience sheds

    Some light on your symptoms.

    I had my UFE in April and it failed. I am now left with a 7.5cm fibroid

    which pressing on my bowels and back. It has caused me to have

    constant diarrhoea and I now have hemmerhoids 😭. I have been

    to hospital numerous of times and the surgical team have

    scanned me, x-rayed me, looked at my lower colon and full

    body MRI and all they could find was the fibroid.

    At first Gynae consultant said it wasn't the fibroid but

    when faced with test results couldn't deny it. I have been off

    work now for 2 months because of the pain and I am nerve

    blockers. I am hoping to return soon on reduced hours.

    I think because this procedure is fairly new and it is usually

    recommended, they don't like to admit it's failed.

    I hope you find some answers and comfort too 💜 😘😘

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