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Hi every1 hope u are all doing great am of to the docs this morn with my plan of action as what I need to do,so nervous after Mondays experience wen I was told to go away n do this plan , I pray tht they are willing to help me I just want my life bk and rid of this poision. Got a feeling tho tht my doc is going to refuse to help and il be left to go cold turkey which ino I could never do, xx

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    I have to go at 9:30 today too Vicky (my name is Vicky too that will confuse things lol) & I am scared stiff too, I did a graph last week which the dr agreed with but I have struggled a bit & then when I told the message boards they said I needed to take it slower & not try run before I could walk, they advised me to knock a quarter down each dose instead of half a tablet & to ask to be given Diazapam to run alongside them so I haven't a clue what she will say! 

    I too am absolutely terrified of going through cold turkey again - I just could not do it no way!!! so we are in a similar boat here,

    Good luck Vicky, I will be thinking about you, let us know what happens won't you? I will too

    Love Vicky xxxxxx

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      Hi Vicky just got back, now was surprised the diffrence in the doctor from Monday he's agreed to my plan which I feel so much better about, he's cut my zs down to 3 7.5mg n 1 3.75 for 2 weeks then go bk n to discuss the next step, hope things go well 4 u Vicky, how strange with both r names n docs app at same time lol xxxx
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      Hi Vicky,

      Oh I am so pleased you feel better & that the plan iyou made is manageable!

      I got told off for running before I could walk, I was originally taking 3 x 7.5 three times a day & if I'm honest was probably taking the odd ones inbetween (all I wanted to do was to blank out my Mum's death from Pancreatic cancer which appeared out of the blue, one day she was fine, the next day we were sat in an office being told she only had a few weeks to live, she wasn't married & only had me so it was terrible, she died October) All I wanted was some escapism it was so so upsetting to face - I didn't want to get 'high' what most people are talking about, I wanted the exact opposite! the dr prescribed me 3,75mg (I think it's that) one a night but eventually it wasn't working so I bought 7.5mgs from the net.

      I ended up running out one Friday & thought oh I will be ok I just won't sleep, but I have never been so ill in my life going cold turkey all weekend!! I never ever want to face that again in my life, so I wrote a letter to the dr & went to see her - I told her the truth & she agreed on my plan to reduce them, I was so relieved, then I saw on one of these messageboards that I was trying to run before I could walk as I was taking 2 1/2 & should of started on 2 & 3/4 ... also I should be given diazampam to run alongside the zops but she wouldn't do that, she said it would be something else to get addicted to, so we will see how it goes for us both.

      Good luck Vicky

      Love Vicky xxxxxxx

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      Hi Vicky u must be heartbroken over ur mum, have u got ur family's support with what ur going threw, grief is the worst thing to go threw in life and effects all people different u needed something to help u n the doc gave zs it's not ur fault u became addicted like myself,and we must always remember tht, am sure ur mum will be looking down on u n guiding u threw this, you've admitted there's a problem and that's the biggest step,be proud of ur self for asking for help. I carnt image what ur going threw with losing ur mum, and the people who say oh it gets easier no it dosent but u learn to live with it n ul never forget ur mum, my heart goes out to wish I could give u a big hug, and if u ever need to talk il be here, as will others ur not on ur own in this xxxxxxxx
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      oh Vicky, that's lovely thank you so much, such lovely words & all so true thank you again from my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Hi Vicky

    the doc can't let you go cold turkey. I know some docs can be difficult, but just be honest about your situation - cry and beg if you have to! I think the doc will admire you for writing a plan...don't leave the surgery til you get what you need. With your plan you are presenting a solution as well as the problem, and that is always good. Let us know how you get on.

    Big hug.


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      Hi shelagh thanks 4 msgs doc as agreed to my plan so I don't feel as upset and stressed out now and quite looking forward to my journey of becoming zs free. Xxxx
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    Hey Vicky. I can understand how anxious you feel about the fear of the doctor having you go cold turkey and you MidnightLady. Sounds like you have done so well writing out a plan! Have you posted the letter of complaint yet? That would be good too. You are doing all the right things. Be kind to yourself and do some nice things for yourself before and after you go. You could treat yourself to your favourite breakfast and lunch before and after you go, and some nurturing things like reading with classical music or watching the Music Channel reminding yourself of good times with friends. And, I hope you and your good friend can do something nice afterwards too - like a trip to the Gardens or a movie perhaps? Or you could have a low cost pot luck lunch or dinner with friends bringing dishes. I have to do things like that to nurture myself and allow yourself too - you have been through an awful ordeal and are probably quite sensitive and vulnerable at the moment. I will pray for you that it goes well. I will be writing to the email addresses soon about what all of you have experienced and my concern about the harsh cut of zopiclone with some doctors in the UK. Here is hoping again for kinder treatment as you deserve. Hang in there and keep posting. xoxo
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      Hi Jennifer thank u 4 replay and ur lovely words, u give some fantastic advice doc agreed to my plan which I am so pleased about, really didn't think he would, am going to spend the day with my youngest in the garden today as its lovely outside, he's the 1 that keeps me going. Xxxxxx
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    Thats great news Vicky! And it is thanks to your good ideas for the plan and for sounding convincing at your appointment. Yours and my prayers were answered - God is good. Having a good GP now must give you more of peace of mind too. Still do something nice for yourself but it definitely does sound like that is already what you are doing with your 1 yr old going to the gardens. Awesome! I am sure you are a great mother - and very blessed with a child. Hope your good results and tactics inspire others. Fantastic stuff! xoxo
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      Hi I really thought he wouldn't help at all, so glad he understand I showed him some of the links tht had been put up n he  had a read, ye had a lovely day av got 4 children hard work but so rewarding, they keep me going espicaly the youngest,god certainly is good and prayers do work, xxxx

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