Off and on nausea for nearly a month, not pregnant

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Hello, this is my first post and I have reoccurring nausea that goes off and on since June 30th this year. I was just getting over another food poisoning when this happened. It must've been the old butter or old blueberry syrup, though both didn't exceed the expiration date. This is the longest term of nausea I've ever had. I did lurk here a few times and know there are worse cases, but it doesn't make it any better. I had rare good days when there is no nausea, but they are getting less, since I don't want to go outside, in fear of vomitting in public. I have not thrown up this entire time, but nothing's come up. However these "waves" of nausea strike me when I need to get things done, which is so frustrating. It is already affecting my everyday life, especially since I'm nursing my son. I can barely play with him or do my tasks for him well enough without the urge to throw up. I also miss out on family gatherings and enjoying the weekend with my husband and son.

I've been to the doctors, had phone appointments, the ER twice, urine tests, blood tests, otcs, prescriptions, home remedies, nothing serious has come up, and very little has improved. At most, I recover a bit faster, but get nausea waves still hit. I haven't been to a GI specialist yet, but the way this is, I may have to.

My husband and I did find out that rice was making me sick while I tried recovering. Even freshly cooked rice was too solid for my stomach to digest properly. It took me long to realize it because rice is part of the bland diet, and I need as much calories as possible. I have to eat frequently but small portions and slowly; eating normal or fast also triggers nausea. I have also cut down many foods, but I still feel sick when I try a bit of solids when I felt a bit better (again, due to nursing).

I'm really sorry this is long, but I just want to feel normal again. I've been stressed, frustrated, angry, and upset at myself for not being good enough because of whatever illness I have. And I love food, so this is quadruple upsetting. I can feel some of my loved ones getting irritated despite their care and support and I feel guilty. Are there any suggestions you guys have to relieve nausea a bit longer than an hour or 2? 😅 Even a longer lasting relief would be amazing. Sorry if that is asking too much, but this awful feeling drives me crazy. I'm considering visiting a local herbalist... yeah I am a bit desperate.

If you read this far, thank you for your time and patience. I have very few friends to share what's been going on in my head throughout this ordeal. And yes, I have nausea as I type. If it's bad, I can't sleep all night.

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    Sorry you are going through such a tough time, Food poisoning? You can get IBS or SIBO, Candida. Have you had stool tests or Endoscopy or colonoscopy? Also breathe test for SIBO. Are you regular with bowels? Or is it just nausea? Stomach pains in lower abdomen? I’d definitely get tests done to rule out anything serious. Best wishes and pray you find comfort soon. 🙏🌺🌸

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      Thank you for your response! I think it was food poisoning because I've been like this since those 2 condiments eaten with pancakes. Poison control said it shouldn't last this long, but my husband's mom had a similar situation, except she had pain and nausea. I have fairly solid BMs now, but earlier I would get cramps as if diarrhea would happen, but normal poop. 2 diarrhea at most early on, but none since. There are no cramps now, just slight discomfort before passing gas or nausea before burping often. No I haven't had those tests yet, but I was just scheduled a gallbladder ultrasound this afternoon after I mentioned the rice issue. I hope I can fast because I munch and sip what I can when I have nausea. Another doctor suggested I seek out therapy to discuss stress and I'm all "oh God I will be more stressed from the bill" 😨 So I hope this gets solved soon because it's very costly being sick the longer it stays, but the hubs says I have to be patient. Ugh. Anyway, thanks again! smile

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    I'm so sorry to hear. I too suffer from nausea related to gastritis. I know all too well how awful it is so you're not alone. You definitely need to see a GI doctor and get some tests done - blood work to test for infections, H pylori test, ultrasound, endoscopy. Do you have any other symptoms? Bloating, pain? Are your bowel movements affected? Try ginger tea for temporary relief. 

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      I'm sorry to hear about your gastritis. How is yours going, btw? As much as I would run all these tests, I can't afford all of them due to being a stay at home mom (had to quit because childcare is expensive in a city), and I feel sick during the commute. I was supposed to maintain a really strict and bland diet due to not digesting even rice well or eating too fast. But that chest-oriented nausea lingers or returns off and on, and I have to calm myself to not make it worse. Actually over the weekend, I grew desperate and tried Chinese medicine, which surprisingly seems quite effective. I am not Chinese and everyone I know would warn me against it or laugh at the idea. But this terrible feeling needed to end, hospitals didn't help, so I can be open minded. The Chinese doctor said this can happen to women after giving birth, 6 months to a year after. And I developed heavy gas. So when I eat, the gas adds pressure to my chest, thus nausea and even my heart was affected with lack of blood flow. So they gave me herbal medicine that looks gross and not tasty, but ever since drinking it, my nausea is very little, and the discomfort or any tiny nausea felt feels more like normal indigestion. And I can do like chores and play with my son already. Whereas the original nausea feeling was worrisome due to the unknown pressure in my left chest area, it was so frequent and off putting that I couldn't do anything until the nausea stopped a little. Bowel movements are normal, everything else is okay, even my gallbladder is normal from the ultrasound results from Friday. I have been eating raw ginger for a month, lol. But yeah, the Chinese medicine I have takes 12 days to work and I have to prep and drink it 2 times a day after a meal. It is not an insta-cure, and I am still recovering, but this is the closest to feeling normal I have had in months (before this nausea, I had food poisoning off and on too). Sorry this is long... Just an update since my last response. Thank you for reading this far, if you did!

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