Off Mirt 15 weeks

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Today starts 15 weeks since my cold turkey stop. Main symptoms remaining: Abdominal Pain - spasms, cramps, gas. Nausea, Anxiety, Fatigue, Weakness, Headaches, Tremors, Generally Sick. Some of these are a little better at times. The abdominal issues effect my sleep, which increase anxiety, and that makes the abdominal issues worse, a vicious circle.

I was on 45mg for 7 years and 7.5mg for 1 year. I tried twice. I slept well last night, and so far today it hasn't been too bad. June 27 will be 4 months, and I will start posting by the month until I am past this. This has been a horrible experience. When you are in pain, time seems to stop, and time is what it takes. I don't guess that I am very encouraging, as I don't know when it will end for me, but I can tell you that it isn't as bad as it has been. One of the worse things is that after a while, you will have a day that is a little better, only to have the next day right back to horrible. That has been really rough for me. Good luck to you all, be kind to yourself, and just do the best you can. Don't look at the benchmarks of others and expect the same for you, as everyone progresses at their own rate, and with their own symptoms, and their body's response to those symptoms. Regards, David

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    Thanks David. I am still suffering with insomnia fed up to be honest I have tried everything feeling that I will never sleep properly again. I have been off five weeks today. It has been hell. I have had some days where I have been so low I haven't known what to do. And I do have anxiety too. This drug is awful to come off and yet doctors don't believe me xx
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    I really do appreaciate your courage and pray God should grant you the strenght to overcome this terrible times.

    I have been on mirt for 5 years now and when i read these horrible's symptoms am scared to start withdrawing from it......


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    Hey David

    good to hear from you! Glad that things are improving, painfully slowly (no pun intended ). I hope you continue to improve in these baby steps. As you know, I have Psoriatic Arthritis and experienced dreadful problems , hepatic reaction to one, allergy to another and in April I contracted severe pneumonia as a result of taking immunosuppressive drugs, great for the psoriasis, cleared completely, excellent for joint pain but as you know there are always side effects. Currently I'm not taking the immune supers suppressive as have a small op on Fri so need my immune system working. So sadly I'm a suffering cripple again. I know I've gone off track but I'm trying to say that all drugs carry side effects and folk need to do their research. Best wishes, I've enjoyed reading all your posts and am delighted that you are finally getting good days. Sheila x

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    God bless you David you have been through so much...glad you having the odd good day but i pray that this ends for you soon its been endless and you have been so brave my thoughts go out to you...
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    Hi David

    Hope the hell days will soon be coming to a close, and the good days take over more and more.  Thinking of you, best wishes.

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    Hi David,I'm suffering with you I know exactly what it's like to have stomach cramps,and pain all day every day.

    Ive started looking Down other avenues,I'm not completely convinced IBS is this servere .

    Try and keep your chin up,until I get some magic in my wand,Ha.

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      Norma, my IBS wasn't this bad prior to adding mirt withdrawal to the mix. I could go out to eat, go shopping, go on vacation, go hunting, go fishing, go to family gatherings, go for a drive in the mountains, go SCUBA diving, go for walks with our Yorkie, Bendee. Notice the word "go" before each thing. Since my first attempt at withdrawal my life has been as a anxiety filled, weak, tired, sick hermit. I keep seeing that I should remember that this will pass and my body will gradually adjust, and that I need to be patient. Were it not for my wife, I don't know that I wouldn't have gone back on the stuff and tried a long taper since I did a cold turkey after 8 years. But, I am almost 4 months in and there is no turning back. If you are reading this and considering a cold turkey mirt withdrawal, let my example keep you from it. This has been scary for me, as I didn't realize that you could suffer this much, and feel this bad without some terminal illness. Thanks to Norma and everyone else for the well wishes. David
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      Hi David,Firstly I'm sorry it's took me so long to answer.

      When you say "if it were not for your wife,you would probably have gone back on Mirt" well I'll tell you it would have made no difference.

      I got down from 45mg to 15mg slowly but reasonably easy,but each reduction made my IBS a bit worse. My GP told me to stay at 15mg and let it settle,but it never did. So I then got down to 12.5mg and the pain got to as bad as I could bear,so I stayed on that for 3mths,I then went back to 15mg,and it made NO difference at all.  So I'm now at the conclusion that were stuck with this pain.

      i wish I could find an answer,but I can't .

      Ive been looking up. Prudential Nerve Neuralgia or Entrapment,try looking it up men and women have it,just see if any of it could apply to you.

      I hope your a bit better today,I'm not my Tum is shear hell.  

             Big Hug from Norma.x

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