Off my BP meds with a better diet - yippee!

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Hi Guys,

Thanks to everyone who give me advice over the last year or so about my high BP.

I just wanted to post to say I am off my BP meds now because I changed my diet and lost a little weight. So, if I can do it, then I am sure many people in this group can do the same without relying on medications long term. 

Of course, everyone is different so different types of diets will work for different types of people. For me, I was pretty drastic, I cut out pretty much all processed foods along with dairy and anything with animal products in them. I eat lots of potatoes, veggies and fruit. I have also cut out all oils including olive oil. 

My BP was never crazy high like some people but it was high enough to be put on BP medication for over a year. My highest reading at the docs was about 180/90, eventually meds (Olmersartan) got it down to about 130/80. My doc always said my meds were a low dose but even so, I never felt great being on them and hated the idea of been on them for the rest of my life when I was only 47yrs old.

I will stick with my current diet for sometime as I need to lose 50kgs to get down to a reasonable weight for my height. I do intend to slowly put some foods back in my diet but a LOT less then I ate before! 

BTW, when I first started my diet I had not been checking my BP but when I did after 2 weeks of being on it, my BP had dropped to 105/74! I was then checking twice daily and it was still around similar readings so I went to visit my GP who put me on a 24 hrs monitor and when I got the results, the doctor says no need for meds no more!! My readings now off the meds average probably around 110/75. It is still early days but hopefully if I continue the diet and lose more weight then it will stay the same similar readings.

I hope this helps some of you guys and thanks again to everyone who helped me deal with high BP over the last year or so.   

Good luck!!

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    Nice to hear you are off meds that what im doin now i put my self on a dash diet and exercise more low sodium and sugar mor water and fruits. Ive been off meds since june 1st and i felt much better compared to those days im drinking those poison. All we need is discipline and positive thinking i posted a topuc here about how i remove my bp meds and hopefully everyone here will find way how to cure themselves and everyone will be healthy again
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      Congratulations to both of you that you are cured of hypertension but you are assuming that all hypertension is caused by being overweight when it is not.  I suffered from hypertension even when I was well within the normal range. I am now overweight but it is nothing to do with eating badly but more to do with being permanently on steroids for 12 years due to a serious autoimmune eye condition, and also being in a wheelchair and unable to exercise because of another condition. Both of you make it sound as though if you have hypertension it is your own fault but life is not that simple!! We cannot all cure ourselves.
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    many congrats on changing your life style and getting the result that you aimed for.

    I have been on Dr Esselstyn's diet for a very long time, (years) and my BMI is 20 and BP is very normal, almost the same reading as yours. However, every time I go to my GP, he will congratulate me on my BP reading but insist that the low reading is because I am taking Ramipril and Amlodipine and he insist that I should not come off it.

    Did this happen to you? Your GP sounds very co-operative.

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      Hi Sean,


      I have recently started to follow the Starch solution by Dr. McDougall and this is what got me totally off the meds although I had already cut back on some meds because of some previous weight loss. I also have Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis so hoping the diet change helps my health not just with weight loss. Sick of all the medications, steroids and ointments etc, time to make a change. 

      Obviously for you, weight loss is not needed with a BMI 20, is your weight down to the Dr. Esselstyn's diet? Have you been on BP meds since you have been on the diet? 

      At first my GP would say it was the Olmersartan that was keeping my BP down but once I started the diet my BP dropped pretty quickly, so much so I was getting a little light headed at times. I then halved my BP meds myself (I know I should not of!!) and then went to see GP once I got an appt. My readings were still lower than they were before I started the diet but not as low. I explained to my GP why I lowered dosage and he was ok with it. I then told him I wanted off the meds asap and we sort of agreed to stay on them until I lost a bit more weight but in the end my BP was getting to 100/65 and sometimes lower that I just stopped taking them, which my GP had already told me to do if my BP dropped much more. It has only been a week off them now, so not very long, I still monitor myself regularly in case any crazy jumps but ok so far. 

      If you have no weight to lose and you already eating healthy, then maybe there is a reason why you can not come off your meds. Maybe ask your doc if you can lower dosage? My GP was pretty good, I explained from the start, that I would find other ways of lowering my BP if possible rather than take the meds long term. Of course, I know everyone can not do that but I was always hopeful I could drop them. 

      So yeah, maybe worth asking your doc to try lowering dosage a little. If you feel your GP is not willing and you feel you should be able to lower them, then maybe worth trying to get a second opinion or switching GP's. 


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      Many thanks for the advice, Phil

      My BMI has not always been this good. I lost a lot of weight with Dr. E's diet, but prior to that my BMI was about 28. I am familiar with Dr McDougall's diet too, but the reason I follow Dr E is because of the coronary artery disease that I suffer from.

      it seems that you have responded much better to reduction on BP with weight loss than I have. My BP has come down and it averages out at about  120/74, nothing like the fantastic reading that you have.

      Having a light headedness is sure indication of hypotension and that I rarely get.

      I shall certainly go to my GP and ask his advise on reducing the dosage, but the problem we have (here in UK) is that making an appointment to see these guys is a big mission. If I can see MY GP this month than it would be a miracle. 

      Thanks again

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    Great news!!  I’m a firm believer you can help yourself without these awful medications 

    You’re doing great. Keep going.  Proud of you 

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    Dear Phil and Anthony,

    I sincerely hope you both will take these thoughts in the kind manner they are intended.  I have been Posting and following BP and BPH Issues on this Forum for quite some time.  If you check my Posts, You will see I have never said anything unkind to anyone and am not starting now.

    I say the above to point something very important out.

    One should NEVER SAY "If I can do it, anyone can"!  It just isn't true!

    I noticed Gill was hurt by your comments as He is in a Wheel Chair, has become overweight due to 12 Years of Steroids for I don't know what other Illness(s) and is UNABLE to exercise.  And it is virtually impossible to not gain weight if someone can't do even the minimum amount of exercise such as Walking!  One just CANNOT consume so little calories as to not gain weight if they can't walk.  And as You sit in a Wheel Chair, You start to lose Muscle Mass as well.

    At 71, I learned Years ago to not say Two Things - and many more but these Two are absolutely off limits to me.

    1.  "If I can do it, anyone (or You) can do it".  Just not true;  most of the times hurtful; and insensitive at the least.

    2.  At a Funeral to say - Sorry for You Loss - "I know how You feel".  WHAT?  How in the world can ANYONE understand another's Pain?  If one Lost their Spouse only a week earlier themselves, their Loss is their Personal Heartbreak and is handled differently by Everyone!

    Once again, this is not intended to "Chastise" what appears to be Men of 47 and 69 (based on your Posts and/or Screen Names) but I truly hope one of the reasons you Follow this Forum is not just for your own health but to help others.

    Kindest Regards,


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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry if my post has offended some of you, it was NEVER meant too. My purpose of the post was to hopefully help many other people in this group with similar problems as I had with high BP. I know a lot of people can not be helped with their BP issues through their diet or by losing weight and just I would like to point out that I never said everyone can, and I am sorry if it came across like that. 

    Good luck to everyone. 

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    Congratulations....very happy your

     were able to resolve this!!

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    hi, can you elaborate on what diet you are following?

    i have to reduce around 17 kgs. i too suffer with high bp and i am just 35 years.

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