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So after lots of speculation, I found out that I am not only anemic, but I have a vitamin d deficiency too. If you've seen me on here, you'd know that I suffer (emphasis on "suffer"wink from chronic BV. After trying damn near everything to no avail, I found through research that vitamin d3 can help some women with that issue. At the suggestion of my primary care doctor, I got the 1000 iu vitamin d3. I have been taking it for the last few weeks and have seen little to no change. She prescribed me iron pills but the side effects are horrid. I'm talking "constricted bowels" horrid. Any suggestions as to what I should do with this would be helpful. I'm a poor student so nothing too pricey. Please help me. Should I up my dosage of vitamin d3? Power through those iron pills? Do you think they'll help? Because I wasn't even taking them for a week before I stopped. The constipation was so damn bad that I couldn't function. I found a lot of info on BV being an issue with pregnant women who are anemic and some but not much an anemic women who aren't pregnant. Again, I've tried just about everything. Antibiotics. Probiotics. ACV. Vitmain C. Folic Acid. Baking Soda. Coconut oil soaked tampons. I wash down there with water. I do not wear panties to bed. I'm a clean person. Could it be my soap? I use Dove for sensitive skin. Just help me. Again. Please.

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    The dr put me on Vitamin D 2 and Probiotics and it didn't work. I changed doctors so now I'm waiting on test results this week and I'm taking Probiotics over the counter like 25 bucks but yesterday I inserted a Garcinea Cambodia diet gel cap and have started feelings little cooler with no discharge. God knows it's an extract it's a vegetable and I am usually irritated the same day, like when I used essential oils my vagina was burning and itchy with the worse side effect. I just have been researching for 20 months and I am praying for God to help us all because medications aren't also I spoke to a Pharmacist on here who told me about some compound vaginal inserts. Metronidazole with Nystatin and Chlorhexidine Glueconate vaginal gel. I am going to speak to my doctor about these tomorrow. I already made a consultation a vaginal laser treatment for BV,Yeast and UTI. It starts at 900dollars

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    Drink lemon juice in hot water, also eat greek yogurt twice a day. After trying everything you have and more this ended up being my saving grace. I actually drink lemon ginger shots from a health food store and this changed my discharge almost immediately. I suffered for over 6 years. God bless.
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    Hi, I suffered from chronic BV for about 7 years...I tried everything in the book and it always seemed to come back after each period.  I finally found something that worked for me and I have not had a bacterial infection for about 3 years now.

    One of the reasons that BV doesn't go away is because biofilm around the bacteria protects it from almost anything that you use against it. So even if you use antibiotics or creams designed to kill the infection, there are billions of bacteria still clinging to your insides because they can hide deep inside the biofilm.

    So, you have to use something(s) that destroys the biofilm. There are enzymes you can purchase that do that: Here are a few you can choose use.

    1. Serrepeptase

    2. Bromelain (pineapple extract)

    3. Protase

    These can all be purchased online or at your local health food store  but less expensive online. It is recommend that you take the enzymes on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before you eat, or 90 minutes after a meal--do not take with food.

    What I think really cured me and this can be purchased at any pharmacy (CVS,  Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc) or health food store is Lysine. I actually discovered this by accident. I noticed that when I would take lysine--I was prone to getting fever blisters during flu season so I would take up to 3,000mg of Lysine. I noticed that whenever I took the Lysine the next morning when I pee I would have a lot of discharge in the toilet and then I wouldn't have any symptoms nor discharge for a few weeks. I didn't make the connection right away until one day I realized that I had been through 4 period cycles and had not had a BV infection which I used to have after each period. 

    It was flu season, so I was taking Lysine every single day and it finally occurred to me that I had not had a bacterial infection in over 4 months. So I did a bit of research into the effect Lysine has on bacteria and sure enough there were studies that were done on how Lysine inhibits the growth of bacteria and its ability to attach itself to a host (human body). So now I am going on 3 years and haven't had an BV infection but I also take Lysine regularly. I try not to run out of it but there have been times where I've forgotten to take it and I still haven't had an infection but I do notice that if I go for longer periods without it (2 months or more) I feel slight symptoms but then I just take Lysine and like magic--no infection.

    I also take probiotics regularly but they didn't stop the BV...they definitely help keeping my body balanced  now that the infection is gone, but probiotics alone will not work until you destroy the infection and the  repopulate your body with good bacteria (probiotics).

    Another thing that will definitely help (but will make the symptoms worst when you first use it ) is a  tree oil douche. I know that some people say it isn't good to douche but in the case of BV I think an exception can be made. Tea tree oil has an ingredient in it that kills biofilm on contact. Remember the biofilm is a protein coating that protects the bacteria--you need to destroy it and tea tree oil does that. I know that some women have used tea tree oil soaked tampons and have had some success--I never tried that method because I felt the tampon couldn't reach the entire area. I mixed 25-30 drops of tea tree oil in a douche bottle (first I poured out the vinegar stuff that is in there when you purchase it and rinsed out the bottle) along with distilled water. I used the douche in the shower. 

    So the reason I say when you use this method the symptoms will get worst before it get better is because tea tree oil is a potent bacteria and yeast killer.  The vagina contains both yeast and bacteria and usually there is an overgrowth of both yeast and bacteria when we have a BV infection.

    When I did this douche, about an hour after I did it my vagina started itching like crazy! The itching was intense--like a really bad yeast infection. I researched and found out that the intense itching was caused by something called a "die-off reaction, or Herxheimer reaction." It occurs as bacteria or yeast die during treatment. It is a short term reaction in the body. 

    After the itching went away (on and off for a few hours) my vagina felt ok just tingly (lol from the tea tree oil) and it smelled of tea tree oil.

    The next morning when I woke and had my morning pee, a lot of discharge--I mean so much it scared me came out into the toilet. When I wiped it looked like I was having a white period--it was just a massive amount of discharge that smelled like tea tree oil. It looked like a mixture of bacteria and yeast. Anyway I showered and put on a panty liner and would experience intermittent itchiness followed by some discharge and that lasted for about 5 hours...then nothing. No itching and the discharge was light like my body was releasing all of the dead bacteria and yeast.

    When I used the bathroom and wiped there was some on the tissue but it was like it was my body cleaning itself out.

    I realized that I probably had a pretty bad yeast overgrowth along with the bacterial infection.

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      Wow! Thanks for this message. I literally sit here each day reading forum after forum, trying to figure out how to get rid of my BV. I have normal levels of everything, I eat very healthy, and can mask it by inserting probiotics for a few days but it doesn't get rid of the problem inside. Thank you for this research and knowledge. I will go get some Lysine and the other enzymes you listed and you stay consistent with my probiotics and see how it goes. Thanks again.

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    I started taking 5000iu D3 a day and noticed a BIG difference within a week. BV went away completely after I started those. I took them for 3 months and my levels were finally normal as well. Now I take them every other day. good luck smile


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      My dr didn't call Friday,I've already made a consultation because all of those antibiotics,Probiotics,vitamin D2 and Essential Oils as well as Garlic Cloves,Tumeric,Asian Teas...nothing helped...I am changing doctors again...because this is Serious and I feel your pain Baby Girl...it hurts my heart,body and soul that this Disease is being over looked and passed off as Nothing...nobody should have to be wet,burn,itch,and hurting every day and night...We gotta find a doctor who cares more about Us than our Insurance

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      They Test us Individually so they...The Scientists,Doctors,Pharmacsist get paid Billions of Dollars to make something Individually for everyone's health since it's so tricky...they can use Lasers,Pills,Creams and NOT refuse us the medicine that Celebrities are able to get. They have made enough cash to make these treatments accessible. I am willing to pay;we just gotta find the Right Doctor,Insurance and Procedure to Help Us...I will come back and let you Ladies know how this next treatment works.  We gotta Educate each other

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