Omeprazole made my Heartburn worse....

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“Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy” big name for GB removal. I had this proceedure in 1998. Have had serious heartburn for years now. I was prescribed Omeprazole by my GP. I took this everyday and then I noticed my heart burn was getting worse and along with heart burn I have this pain mostly at night starting on the right side below my rib cage and my esophagus and even a pain thru my jaw. I started on Zantac and it seemed to help with the heartburn but lately I have these spasms of horrific crushing pain which last just a little while then I am fine. Most of the time I would have this pain at night when sleeping. I have noticed that I am getting this pain more often now. I do have Gerd and a hiatal hernia. I get so nervous when I feel this pain coming on it does feel like a heartattack. I have been reading all of these posts and wonder if I should be tested for Bile reflux? Thanks to everyone who has shared this problem.


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    ​Personally I would stay clear of PPIs and their like.  They were only meant as the option of last resort, now doctors hand them out at first call.

    Consider trying more natural approaches to your problem.  Elevate the end of your bed.  Drink two litres of water spaced throughout the day.  Try making Kefir.  Look up how to on the Internet.  It is one of the best probiotics, and it gradually heals your gut.  Take a good quality comprehensive digestive enzyme with meals​.  Eat healthily.

    ​IMHO PPIs destroy your digestive system in time.  We need a more acid environment not less.  The acid in your stomach is a natural defence.  Diluting it can let H.Pylori get a hold.  It might be advisable to get an H.Pylori test.

    ​Look into all these things I have mentioned.


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      Hello John and thank you for the heads up on the use of PPls. I know a few friends who drink a liquid Kefir. I don't know if the grains would be of more a help ? Can you please advise me on which is the best to get? Thank you again.


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    Hello Joyceba

    ​Look on Youtube or the Internet generally on the health benefits with regard to digestion and how to make your own Kefir.  There has been scientific research done on the benefits to those with IBS and even Crohns Disease.  I would not buy ready made Kefir from a store.  I make it from either full fat or semi skimmed milk.  Obviously semi skimmed milk is less fattening.  You can also use coconut milk, but I have never tried that.  The term grains is used for the culture you need to make the Kefir.  If your friends are makeing Kefir then get about 2 teaspoons of the grains from them.  If you do take the Kefir start off with small amounts first until your body adjusts to the probiotics, as you can get wind and bloating.

    ​It may take some time to heal your gut, which may have been further affected by the PPI you have been taking.  Look up the side effects and potential harm of PPIs, particularly their long term use.  They destroy the protective acid environment of your stomach which can permit H.Pylori to colonise and flourish.  As I said it may be worthwhile getting an H.Pylori test if you have been on the PPIs for a long time.

    ​Personally I prefer to use more natural methods than the powerful drugs.  If you are not experiencing diarrhoea, also try some Manesium Citrate in powder form ie half a level teaspoon mixed with a glass of water, when you feel the acid coming on.  This will naturally calm your stomach down.  Look it up it is also a great health benefit and calms the nerves and assists sleep.  A good quality powder is important.

    Consider takeing a good quality digestive enzyme before a meal that is high in fat, protein or dairy.

    ​As I said another practical aid to acidity and GERD is to raise the head end of you bed.  Extra pillows are not much good because this can affect your neck.  Google this as well.

    ​Watch your diet.  Eat smaller portions about 5 times a day rather than 3 large meals.  Drink plenty of water between meals, ie about 2 litres.

    ​Cut back or cut out the alcohol, and spicy food.  Take small amounts of coke, tea and fizzy drinks.  Crisps/chips affect me.

    ​All this will take time to heal your digestive system.  If you decide to come off the PPI, Gaviscon can get you over a rough patch until things improve.

    ​Bear in mind that GB removal is not necessarily the end of stones.  Your liver can still produce stones and they can still lodge.  If matters deteriorate it is important you see a doctor.  I am not a doctor.  I only suggest strategies that have worked for me.  Everyone has a different lifestyle and digestive system.

    ​Hope this helps.


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      Hi John the inforamtion that you have posted is very helpful too me. At least now I have options instead of just living on Ppl's.I am lucky if I have one or two drinks at Christmas not much into alcohol.  Everything yoU have mentioned about the stones I can relate, My friend just had to have some type of scraping in a duct because of bile build up. I have a family history of Ulcers and Colon cancer plus  Crohns Disease. So I do have both tests done like every 5 years now. My last EDG the Gi Dr. said there was an inflamation in the smaller intestine. The report was sent to my Gp she did not know why or what it was. I stopped drinking coke etc. So I guess fizzy water would be ok. Thank you again, John I look at your posts as educational, I know you are not a doctor and I am learning from your experience. Thank you so much for taking time to enlighten me. 

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