omoprazole and lansoprazole

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anyone have any probs with this medication ive been taken off them with right side upper stomach pain even on low dose ?

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    How long have you been off the medication and has the pain resided? It seems an unusual reaction.

    Why were you on them originally?

    If you need acid suppression and you are unable to manage PPIs, you may need to take H2 blockers (eg ranitidine / Zantac) instead.

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    I had been taking 20mg once a day for the last umpteen years , been for the last 4 months suffering with dodgy bowels and constant pain all he way around my abdomen , like im wearing a belt of pain , been to docs numerous times , told i had probably got ibs , had 2 stool samples done second was positive ? going for a endoscopy in the new year some time !!

    anyways the last time i went to see the doc he said to double up on my omoprozole i did , felt worse , so after researching it found that long term use of the drug can give you similar symptoms as ibs , stopped taking them , within 4 days felt 90% better , which lasted about 2 weeks , ive gone backwards a bit since then but still better than before the omoprozole , i would advise not stopping suddenly but i was desperate and did !!! i do now suffer with massive reflux which i never had before !! btw i was put on them for pains in chest , neck and left arm !! i thoughti it was my heart has i never got acid or indegestion !!

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    Reading responses shows how complex problems are. l started with severe nausea a year ago, daily, lost appetite, got distended tum with discomfort and heavy belching, lost 2 stone,  l,d been diagnosed with acid reflux years before and put on cimetidine, though didnt have much in symptoms of reflux, later l was put on kefalexin daily to prevent intersticial cystitus flare up, seemed to work so carried on. With the nausea l stopped anti bs, changed to small plain diet, but scope showed a bit of gastritus and given omprazole, took 3wks and nausea reduced 90 prcent, felt appetite come back, able to function better, but still felt a bit underneath grumbllng but took care with food, after a few month the tum nausea seems a bit more niggly, then last week  took  few anti bs for cold with chest affected, within 2 days nausea very severe, still taking omp, 20 mg daily,  but wonder. do l need higher dose, less, stopping for a while. l hve also like hazel started with neck shoulder and arm pains in last few weeks, after going on them, though accept it can happen anyway for other reasons, but also had that belt of hollow gnawing pain l thought some of pain fibromyalgia, also not aware of acid reflux symptoms over years on cimetidine, though knew they were used as histamine inhibitors, people with ic produce too many mast cells and histamine.  All so complicated and sometimes docs dont seem much wiser than patients, a lot seems trial and error, how affective, side affects.  Hoping things settle even more tomorrow, 
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    Was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD about five years ago and have been on Omeprazole 20mg. since then.  For last three years have had severe pain in both sides with seven different diagnoses.  Learning to live with it because when I skip Omeprazole I have terrible acid reflux.  So many of us live with pain that I don't feel alone any more!
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      This is the problem !! once you stop taking it your acid production goes into overdrive !! im trying to manage on zantac and antacid tablets ! if i keep going backwards into the realm of sheer miserable pain i will chance them again but i will try to hold out as long as i can and hope the reflux subsides !! hope you all feel better soon x
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    update,,,,,,im off omoprazole i had been getting upper right feeling like folding stomach feeling very strange  hard to descibe and right side bloating  that comes and goes  ,  so thinking it was omoprazole the quack switched me  to disolve in mouth lansoprazole  ,had ultrsound on my side 2day  as requested by quack suspected gallbladder , they told me today all good no probs no stones live kidney function all ok ?   but the bloating only on right side very uncomfortable any ideas folks ive realy had enough , ive also tried ranitadine they hurt my stomach no good 


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