On and off headache, head feels heavy, brain fog. Help!

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this site but I have been looking at posts on this website for quite some time now and decided to join to see if anyone could please, please help me.

A little backstory to me, I am 20 years old, 5’1, 180 pounds (please no judgement) About a few weeks ago, I noticed I became more tired than my normal always tired and I had this very strange sensation in my head. Nothing is spinning around me and I never fall but i feel that sometimes I am going to. This has been accompanied by a headache that can get very strong from time to time but a lot of time it is very dull. I seem to go to bed and wake up with the same headache. The feeling of pressure (I think you could call it pressure?) is driving me insane. Not only have I had low energy but this feeling in my head is making it so hard to go through everyday. I feel so off, my head is always hurting. I feel off balance. And my head feels foggy. I’d like to say my short term memory is a little off as well. I will go into rooms sometimes and forget what I am doing, also I will close out of apps on my phone to do something else which is when I forget what I even closed out of the app for. It is every single day this awful feeling in my head. I went to my PCP out of frustration, only for him to tell me he has no idea only maybe and to see a neurologist. I have a neurologist appointment in over a month and I can’t get one any sooner. I am afraid to go back to my PCP out of embarrassment but I am so uncomfortable. The PCP thought it was anxiety or a tension headache. I have a hard time explaining what I am feeling in my head. I like to say it’s a dull headache that gets worse at times with a feeling off off balance and pressure. I also experience more ringing in my ears than I have before. I see a hematologist regularly to assess my vitamin b12 (since that became oddly LOW for no reason over a year ago) and I’ve been receiving b12 shots every month since then. My b12 has been at a slow, slow increase. It rose from 250-650 in a year and a half despite me getting b12 shots every 2 weeks to a month. Last b12 reading was at 650 in May. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I feel off all the time. My family seems to blame it on my anxiety about it. But I really don’t believe that at all, I spend most of my days not really thinking about it but always feeling it. I also am anemic which was controlled by iron supplements that I take every night (last iron reading was 59 in January) If anyone has any ideas of what I should ask my hematologist I appreciate it. I have no idea what is wrong with me but I know deep down something is wrong with my head. Thank you in advance.

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    It could be a type of migraine. There are some foods that can trigger them like cheese, caffeine and red wine. Also your hormones can affect you. Maybe you have a problem in your inner ear, that could make you dizzy.

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      HI! And thanks for your reply. When you say inner ear, did you mean vertigo? My PCP mentioned this but did not entertain the idea since I did not experience any spinning.

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      Well because you said you felt off balance I thought maybe an inner ear infection. Do you or have you had a fever?

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    Hello jillian

    I have the same symptoms that you have, I have been suffering from this headache and lightheaded feeling over ten years now, I diagnosised with miagrine associated with vertigo, something related to vestibular I don't remember the name exactly, I always feel off balance, but it gets worse when I'm lacking sleeping or sleeping for a long time, hot weather also makes it worse, the only drug that works for me is Flunarizine, I have been on it for six months,

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      Hi I appreciate your reply John, I am sorry that you are going through the same symptoms. I know how hard this is. What doctor diagnoised you with what you had?

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