On HRT and have Mirena coil also on ADs... still feeling anxious. what next?

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Hello ladies. Ive been to hell and back over the past 5 months. Ridiculous levels of anxiety and nausea, feelings of suicide etc, have been off work and so low, irregular bleeds, clotting and flooding. After seeing various GPs and being given sleeping pills and ADs I finally got to see a lovely lady specialist in the menopause. To cut a long story short i had a mirena coil fitted 4 weeks ago and am now taking Estadiol tablets. Things had really started to look up. My mood was much improved I was able to return to working a few hours and I was starting to think there was light at the end of the tunnel however, I went away this weekend with my church family. It was busy and noisy and I just couldn't cope. I became anxious then tearful, then a bit desperate. Back home now but all my old anxiety symptoms have returned. Ive been doing mindfulness which has been great but even that isnt helping today.

I have been bleeding ever since the coil was fitted...was hoping it would have died down by now and am coming up to 4 weeks on the HRT. Im in a quandry as to whether to push on or try something else. Do you think this is just a blip? ladies on here seem very keen on menopace and vits. Is it ok to try these alongside the HRT???

Just dont know what to do for the best hmph!


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    Hi Anita

    Sorry you are feeling so bad. I am going through something similar with (health) anxiety right now so I can empathise.

    The hardest thing when you are going through this is to see it as a 'blip' but I really think you should try to look at it that way. In the meantime make sure you are taking care of yourself and doing all the things you know to do, like the mindfulness etc (I practice this too).

    It sounds like the Mirena and Estadiol started to work for you and it may be that they will continue to help given a bit more time. If I were in your shoes, I think I would set a time for how long I wanted to give the Mirena/Estadiol to work and then if there is no improvement review it again go back to your GP to discuss.

    This latest anxiety attack might just be the result of a stressful, noisy weekend and has left you reeling and on the back foot. I get anxious, tearful and desperate too! The best thing to do is to try to leave those feelings behind - they happened and today is another day. Keep looking forward. I know that's easier said than done but you know as well as I do that the more you worry about the worry the worse it gets.

    Be kind to yourself. The hardest thing to do when you are in an anxiety state is to think of anything positive. Sometimes I have to start by just suggesting the possibility to myself - instead of  catastrophising with all the negative 'what ifs' I try to ask myself: 'What if I feel better tomorrow? What if all these awful feelings and symptoms pass?' I try to imagine myself at a point of wellness in the future when I'm looking back on it all and feeling so much better. I know it's not easy bit it's worth a try. You will get through this and you will not always feel like this.

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      Thanks Ruthie.

      I know what youre saying is right and I would be saying the same things to you if the boot was on the other foot but its amazing when you're in it how hard it is to be positive. I was feeling great last week, so positive. Its as if someone flicked a switch. I have so many rich blessings and so much to be thankful for. I am trying to focus on that but it doesnt take away the black cloud that is pervading my being today. Why did no one warn me about this??

      Anita x

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      Hi Anita

      I know, it's so hard. I'm struggling myself right now. Sometimes all there is to do is wait for it to pas but even waiting is hard when you feel so anxious. At least we are not alone. Hugs x

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    I can understand how you feel. It may just be a blip. I wonder what your new specialist might think, have you phoned her to see if maybe this is to be expected or do you need an adjustment?

    Funny, I got really antsy this weekend, simply by staying home. Usually I do better out of the house then home, but who knows any more. Really hate the unpredictable nature of this. And like you, even my relaxation tapes are not knocking the anxiety down for the moment. Not sure what triggered this bout. My guess it the hormones are really bouncing around severe.

    I read a real good article about some of us (defintely) me, that previously suffered with intense PMS, have a more challenging time now. Seeing as depression and anxiety were my symptoms back then, I'm not surprised that now it's the most troubling symptons to get rid of now. I can go months without a hitch and then bam-it comes on fierce for a few days. I am not on HRTs right now, I do have the progesterone cream, but not sure this would help, so I'm sticking to my regular supplements for now.

    I don't think it would hurt you to take the menopace and vits along with the HRTs, it may help you.

    Hope you feel better soon as I know how frustrating this can be.

    Annie xx


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    Hi Anita 

    sorry you are feeling bad. Since I have been in post menopausal there are times I'm so low and down I just want to cry. I have had a lot of anxieties like you have and yes that is not good. 

    I would talk to your doctor about the menopace and HRT because they could be making you feel more depressed and anxious. 

    This is my opinion about HRT I feel that HRT can add more problems to the body because you are putting more hormones into your body that you do not need. 

    Just because our hormones are low doesn't mean we have to add more hormones to our body. 

    Menopause is natural and our ancesters from the past never used hormones to go through their menopause. 

    The best thing for you to do is talk to your doctor and see what he recomends 

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    Hi anita know how u feel i am fine on my dayz off but when i at work my anxiety kicks off. One day i work in busy office n im stress sumthing goin to happen in front of people the other days i on my own n still stress . Only thing i can do is to tell myself it will pass and i dont have any of the serious illnesses i fhink i do . It is hard i know but it will pass x hope u feel better soon x
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