On/ off fast heart beats and palpitations for at least 6 months.

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Approx 1 year ago i woke up in the middle of the night with an extremely high heart beat for approx 5 mins. I put this down to stress as i was extremely busy at the time. However this January i started with the sinking/ fluttering sensations followed by a fast heart rate which has had me in hospital at least 4 times and numerous ecgs all normal as are blood tests etc. Im currently waiting for my echo test results and 7 day heart monitor results. The only other symptoms can be a sensation of a full stomach and occasionally diarrhoea and also a tight chest sensation on 1 side. I do also suffer from occasional dizziness. The episodes last at the most 20 minutes just wondering if anyone else experiences such symptoms, im a 28yr old otherwise fit and healthy.

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    What did the doctors say? It's anxiety ?

    If the doctors said your tests are normal I'm sure it's just stress and worry. That has happened to me aswell in the past.. I woke up to racing heart but mine lasts for hours.. Heart fluttering.. Palpitations ect. It's just anxiety.

    When you get racing heart from anxiety it's from adrenaline so it can't hurt you. When it happens just think of it as a workout.. Sometimes it can get bad and it turns into an intense workout .. You heart can handle it your young. Some people aim for a heart rate of 160-175BPM while exercising. When I'm anxious it can go to 110-120-130. I remember at the hospital it went to 180.., All you can really do is work to reduce your stress.. Start meditating twice a day.. It seriously helps. Start eating right and stay away from all sugar / stimulants / big meals / coffee / alchohol / drugs as it can cause anxiety. Exercise is the biggest stress relief out their.. If exercise makes you anxious just start off slow.

    I notice when I eat big meals I can get racing heart because Blood pressure increases to digest the food.. So if you get anxious when your heart rate is high.. That can cause anxiety. But besides that I do notice fluttering and palpitations after big meals.. They say it can be gas.

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      Thanks for reply, my docs havent found anything out of the ordinary as of yet the highest its been that im aware of is 160, that 1 felt like it came totally out of the blue i was fine before it began. Other times ive noticed it starts with a feeling of like a nervous tummy/ chest if that makes sense. Ive seen at least 4/5 different docs and had 1 chest xray, multiple ecgs and blood tests all fine at the time and im currently waiting for echo test results, had a 24hr monitor also fime just a few ectopic beats and im waiting for a 7 day monitor results. I think im constantly waiting for my heart to speed up or to flutter and it creates an uncomfortable awareness of every beat almost. I do walk nearly everyday and have an active job, i agree with eating correctly i think that can have a massive effect on everything. I find it does start to take over your life without you realising im at the point now where i think theres something thats been missed by all the docs.
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      Yes I truely do believe your issue is the over worrying And fear. That was my problem for awhile and I just had to learn to trust the doctors. Fear and worry just feeds anxiety and it will just literally get worse and worse. Trust me I had the worst of the worst symptoms possibly from anxiety.. It kept me isolated and I couldn't function.. I had every symptom of a heart attack / stroke / brain failure / liver failure / cancer.. Anxiety will do anything. If you can't get relief by lifestyle changes like I said I would get on medication (diet/exercise/sleep/Supplements like magnesium/b complex / multivitamin / cutting out stimulants like caffein or alchohol/drugs / sugar / going out having fun/ cutting out what stresses you/ adding therapy / meditation)

      If these don't work then I would go on medication.. Just see a good psychiatrist that deals with anxiety and express your concerns and they will help you. I had to use medication in 2011 because it was bad.. It worked for me and all my symptoms like you mentioned left and never came back untill my lifestyle fell off again. You have to find your root cause .. Some people it's coffee causing anxiety..

      Some it's drugs

      Some it's just over worrying and fear

      Some it's just a job

      Some it's all of that ^

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      But seriously for the Palpitations and chest pain / racing heart. Magnesium is great! It stops my palpitations almost within 20 minutes. Just get a high quality magnesium supplement. Aim for 400MG daily it's hard to get that through diet. You will notice a dramatic difference. I've read in some studies... People go up to 1000-1200mg untill they feel better.. It just depends how depleted you are. Ask your doctors about it and see what your magnesium levels are at and is it safe. But the daily minimum magnesium requirement won't be a problem.

      Also rescue remedy is great for severe stress and panic situations. Google it

      and make sure to cut out all processed foods / fast foods / sugar / caffein / high sodium meals as these all can make racing heart and palpitations worse. Just try to eat smaller meals with lots of veggies and lean meat and moderate carbs. Chew very slow as it is a stress relief and it helps with digestion and food processing.. When the body is stressed the digestive system doesn't work at tip top shape so the heart beats harder and that can make you anxious.

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      Yeh i do believe it is an awareness of my own heartbeat that causes the anxiety. I really cant think of a root cause other than being really tired and busy last summer, which is when i 1st noticed anything. Maybe its just continued from that feeling and gradually got worse i have started walking more and watching what i eat just hope it can be controlled without any medication. Thanks for the advise.
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