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Just thought I would share an update on my progress...

I have been recovering from an EBV infection since October 2017 (or possibly longer).

The last couple of weeks I have really started to feel better!

The biggest test so far was spending the day in Gatlinburg with my family last week- lots and LOTS of walking and driving. Way more than I intended to do, but I was thinking if I don't have a relapse after today, I must be doing pretty good.

I felt really achy and wiped out for a couple of days, but I never had a full-on relapse (it's been about a week and a half since that day).

While my rib glands still bother me frequently and I still experience other mono symptoms off and on (headaches, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, breathlessness, occasional queasiness), they are at a much lesser degree.

I've read several people on this forum describe that you start having good moments throughout the day. It's like the clouds parting and a ray of sunshine hitting you. Those moments turn into hours. And then those hours turn into days. It is so true!

I am still far from full recovery, don't get me wrong! I would say I am at about 50-60% of my full physical capacity.

Here are some tips that have helped me out:

* Keep a journal. Seriously, this has been a life saver. Record your daily feelings and symptoms. It can be difficult to tell day to day whether you are improving, but if you go back and read over older entries you can see your progress. 

*Find a relaxing hobby. Once I felt well enough to sit up at a table, I began working puzzles. This helped curb my anxiety, by giving me something to focus on, without being too mentally taxing. Once I started feeling well enough to get up and move around more, I started getting into orchids again (I had a nice collection that I lost a decade ago). It's nice and rewarding to take care of growing things when you are stuck at the house so much. (I like to garden but it's too early to plant outdoors, and I doubt I will feel up to digging in the dirt anytime soon.)

*Soak in the tub. I have done this almost nightly when I felt my worst, and the occasional soak still helps me feel better. I like to add 2 cups of epsom salt to the tub. The magnesium helps relax your muscles and nerves and can help you relax. Find music that you find relaxing and uplifting, or even meditative. (I like to listen to a young composer on Youtube named Adrian von Ziegler.)

*Take supplements. I take vitamin C, B complex, iron, and Ashwagahnda. The Ashwagahnda I take for the anxiety, and it seems to help me. In the early stages of the illness I took astragalus root and elderberry (they stimulate the immune system).

*Get outside. Even if all you do is sit in the sun for a few minutes, it helps. Even when I felt horrible I would go out (as along as it wasn't miserably cold and windy) and take a brief walk in the yard. It always made me feel better.

*Read the forum! It's easy to let those anxious thoughts take over - "what if it's this?" or "what if it's that?" It is always reassuring to read other's experiences on here.

I hope this helps some of you. Recovery is coming! smile 

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    Hi, thanks for sharing your recovery progress and tips! It would be lovely if we can post positive recovery progress on this thread (I know there’s an old thread like that somewhere on this forum but why not do a more recent version??)

    I am recovering from a nasty virus (possibly CMV or EBV.. past infections positive but who knows maybe the timing of the tests wasn’t right). I got sick in November (but was constantly coming down with colds and sore throats since September) so I am about 4.5 months in to recovery. 

    At my worst I was bedbound for several weeks. Had one bad relapse. Then slowly getting better. Slooooowly. Today, I feel about 75% recovered. 

    My only persistent symptoms are sore throat and ear aches, and occasional shortness of breath and chest pain. Sometimes my neck hurts too. And I have flank pain on my right side. Okay, so obviously I’m still recovering but I can drive again, do groceries, walk the dog, clean the house, and visit with people for short amounts of time. I am also starting very very gradual return to work with 1/2 day to start (I work with children, my job is very high energy).

    The most difficult part is staying optimistic and not freaking out how long recovery takes. It’s been especially difficult because my diagnosis was “post viral fatigue” or an “atypical presentsion of a virus”. Coming to this forum and making friends with people from here has helped when I’m anxious of feeling down or worried.

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      That's great that you are doing so well! I think it's good to share any positive progress, because this illness is so atypical and drawn out. I tell people that I am finally getting better after over 4 months of symptoms, and they can't believe I've been sick that long! I tell them, it really isn't a long time in Mono terms!

      My diagnosis was kind of vague as well - the titer showed I had had EBV within the last 6 months. 

      I try to focus on the positive. It gets me down a bit that we have nice spring weather and I can't get out and hike the trails or do yard work like I want to. But just feeling better is a huge step forward!!


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    Thank you so much for sharing your recovery, I find hope more helpful than optimism right now. I'm at the 8 week mark so I'm 4 weeks out of being mostly bed ridden. It is very hard to communicate with people who have not experienced this ie: managers at work. I've accepted this will be a new experience and healing will take time. I'm so grateful for this forum. So wonderful to hear the things you can now do.

    Karen xx

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      Don't you just love it when people look at you in disbelief and go, "You're still sick??!!" rolleyes

      Hang in there, Karen! We're all rooting for ya! smile 


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    Thank you for sharing...this is really reassuring. It is the seventh month for my daughter.Most people find it heard to believe that she has been suffering for a virus for so long and that worries me a lot. But this group has been a huge support.
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      Yes..We are in India..Her exams are going on..3 more weeks to go.She is ok not too good...like most people here..a few days good and a few days bad. Yesterday she started bleeding from her mouth..had to rush her to emergency..thankfully it was just a capillary burst. In her case I have seen any little problem becomes big..like last week had a skin allergy ..allegra helped a little but didn't go away..thankfully homoepathy is helping her.

      She is trying to do best she can under the circumstances..we keep reassuring her that health is much more important and she should take them as any other exams.but she does go through bouts of anxiety low self confidence and mom I used to be so smart..why is my brain so slow..memory bad.

      As I mother it breaks my heart. But all I can do is support her..keep reassuring her that this will be over soon..but she is 17..looking her patience now..keeps saying I will believe you when it happens..hoping and praying it happens soon..

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      Maneka I am 25 and my mom was also so worried about me!! This is not an easy thing to go through. Maybe someone should start a moms support group? Ha!

      I’m thinking about you and your daughter.. all the way from canada <3 

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    I am in Gatlinburg right now trying the same thing. Lots of walking and driving . So far I am hanging in there. Will see what happens next couple of days.
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