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aveline aveline

One hand is itchy - Varicose Vein?

Hi, please bear with me!  I have noticeable veins on my legs, always have. I also have Raynaud's, a circulation disorder. But, my veins never felt itchy before...

My right hand, the top/back of it & not the palm, is itchy with a small amount of pain.  The sensation is hot and itchy like something under the skin, but it's not hot to the touch and there is no rash.  I'm fighting the urge to scratch at it for hours every day, even trying to apply ice to soothe it, which doesn't really help (and with my Raynaud's it's not a wise move, anyway, haha).

I've had a few IVs for surgery, childbirth, etc. and although I beg the nurses to use my arm, they always say they need the vein in my right hand. The IV feels cold and far more painful than a needle in my arm, so could that have caused damage?  One vein looks like the problem, but I have dark, raised veins on the top of the other hand with absolutely no discomfort.

Could this be varicose? Who should I see if this continues?

Thanks in advance!

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  • ptolemy ptolemy aveline

    Varicose veins can occur in hands. A vascular surgeon or someone specialising in varicose veins can diagnose them using ultrascan. Out of interest do you smoke?

    • aveline aveline ptolemy

      Thank you, Ptolemy. No, I don't smoke...back when my paediatrician diagnosed my Raynuds, he warned me that friends may start smoking, it would be too dangerous for me. I'm fairly healthy, overall.

    • ptolemy ptolemy aveline

      If they are not worrying you, there should be no problem. It is quite difficult to get varicose veins done on the NHS anyway. Private insurance might pay though. 

    • aveline aveline ptolemy

      The appearance of the veins is not bothering me...the skin-crawling itch, tenderness and hot painful feelings are what's bothering me. I have veins that show on the backs of both hands but I'm wondering what could make my right hand itch in such a way??  No rash or skin condition, it seems to be coming from under the skin. My leg veins and left hand veins don't feel anything like this. It makes me want to rip at my flesh, but I'm afraid scratching will only damage the skin and won't help the problem go away.

    • ptolemy ptolemy aveline

      Sorry I thought it was varicose veins you were worried about. I take long term steroids which have a sort of Raynauds type side effect. My hands can itch like mad mainly by the thumb area and on the back. It feels like I have been bitten by mosquitoes. I have found Emu Oil helps. Also putting them under cold running water.

    • aveline aveline ptolemy

      Thank you so much - is your itchy from varicose veins??  I'll have to see a doctor to be sure, but I didn't quite know where to start. 

      I'm so sorry you have this, too!  Doesn't sound like steroids are the way for me to go (or ice/cold water) but at least in the heat of summer, it's some relief!  I hope yours improves!

    • ptolemy ptolemy aveline

      No don't take steroids I take them for PMR and they are lethal.  It is just they have Raynaud type symptom side effects and itchy hands. It is very unlikely that varicose veins would be itchy, they are just painful. You could try Emu Oil though. 

  • june75616 june75616 aveline

    I'm very interested in this discussion as this happened to me last night! One hand was so itchy that I got no sleep at all and I have actually broken the skin all over the back of my right hand. Yes it does feel like the mad itch of mosquito or sand fly bites. I've had many of those. I covered my hand in sudocrem which helped a lot

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