One month no alcohol (benefits)

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I just read an article about what benefits I wreak when I don't drink...since i need some positive thoughts....I am sharing....of (what else to do besides sit here feeling sorry for myself...) smile

This is a quote from an alcohol abuse page:

Giving up alcohol for one month may significantly improve your health, though more research is required.

The only real downside: Those involved in the study felt less social.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to binge watch Netflix while possibly losing weight, lowering your cholesterol, and sleeping better, try going dry. Then share your results in the comments section below.

After Dr. today (I think it has been a month)...I have lost 3 pounds..but I attribute that to eating cottage cheese at night vs. bagels...and lessening bread intake.

I also have to admit...I am sleeping better...2.5 hours at a time vs. 1 hour at a time.



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    oops - "then share your results in the comments section below", copied that sentence by accident...but yea...comment....

    Most recent folks that have tried stopping that come to mind are I7...and tre....and paper..

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    Missy I have to agree with you the benefits not drinking even after two weeks are awesome. My skin looks amazing and has a glow back about it. I sleep like a baby and always feel rested. I am much more articulate in my conversations. Keep up the good work I am two weeks behind you. And yes that three pound weight loss is awesome. I love not feeling bloated or looking like I am five months pregnant.
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      i really don't know if I have a just popped up...I might have almost a month....I cant think about it...its too late...but I know I have more than 2 weeks.

      I'm SO happy for both of us....BED is now my friend...I used to go in there...afraid...

      Afraid of what i did to my body...afraid of how I was going to get my alcohol for the next day...afraid something would happen to someone in my family and I would be knocked out..and unable to be of any use.

      Your right...we are just different...a better different....

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      Yesterday was my 2 week mark and I feel great and sleep the whole night through smile Let's keep going yo!

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      Thank you. All you guys helped me get through it.
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      Thank you Misssy. Great job yourself! I love hearing good thing's happening to good people.

    • Posted sound so much what I used to do...look back at your posts from a week ago......what a relief it is....

      Sweet MUCH better than the alternatives.


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    I knew that...yes becoming healthy and I could do with lowering cholesterol since I eat cakes, , crisps etc after stopping the drinking..Robin
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      Robin...didn't you quit a while ago?  3 years or something?

      I think for have to join the gym? smile smile

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      I am 28 days AF tommorow.I have lost 10 pounds but have been actively slimming.

      Bit concerned about some online blood tests I had about 2 weeks ago so going to do them again

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      Congrats on 28 days, Nicole! How are you feeling?

      Keeping my fingers crossed that the blood tests come out in range...

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      Well done, keep it up, I've just hit 10 months! Alcohol free, it's a different life but a much better one, keep going x

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      28 days!

      I think I have that too...I'm just waking I have to figure it out later...that will give me a reason to start another

      Don't worry about your blood work (easier said than done)...but mine is all off all the time and I've researched ALOT about it....

      I have problems with White Blood Count....Platelets....Red Blood Counts....

      Im just telling you because maybe these are the culprits for your blood....and I read about them and alcohol can raise and lower...espeially the platelets...when drinking they are low or within normal range...but when we stop...they can spike really high.

      I blood test is more normal for you.

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      10 months!   You are going to be ok...Don't EVER think you can pick up a matter how long you get.

      I was 8 years sober and picked up a drink...and the last 2 years have been h*ll...trying to NOT drink.

      Life IS so much better sober...hold on to it!

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      I'm going to, thanks for the advice, appreciate it, you keep it up to x

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      HI Missy, yes I did quite 3 1/2 yrs ago. Not looking bad and feeling better. Do not quite understand other comments...simply drank too much for SO MANY YEARS and the small children I was blessed to have saved me...will I die or live longer to see them grow up? yes that simply and I stopped. best of luck to you again! Robin
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      The other comments? About cholesterol and gym?


      You were replying to this thread about what happens after 1 month sober and you mentioned something about having to focus on your cholesterol...I was teasing you saying....that you have way more than 1 month your cholesterol is not just going to bounce back without some hard work from you...the

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      Since we seem to have drifted on to songs, here's one just for Robin :

      'If I'd known you were comin' I'd have baked a cake.'

      My daughter was always singing it to her fiance. Now they're married she probably still sings it.

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